How to Choose the Perfect Electronics Assembly Company for Your Project

The manufacturing of electronics is a complex process handled by electronics assembly companies. These companies manufacture and test an electronic product. Also, these companies have huge inventories. There are several electronic assembly companies out there.

Therefore, it is important to know more about the operations of these companies before opting for one. Keep reading this article to learn more.

What is an Electronic Assembly Company?

An electronic assembly company deals with the manufacturing and testing of PCB assemblies. Also, this company manufactures and tests printed wiring boards and cable assemblies. Electronic assembly companies provide flexibility and help to ease human resources for smaller companies. Furthermore, electronic assembly companies specialize in large scale manufacturing.

These companies also offer value-added services like functional testing, engineering design, and manufacturing analyses.

How to Choose the Ideal Electronic Assembly Company

rayming box building assembly

Choosing the appropriate electronic assembly company for your electronic project is very crucial. The performance of your electronic device will depend on the type of electronics Assembly Company you are working with.  You should look out for these factors when making this decision.


Circuit boards are now becoming complex due to the miniaturization of devices. Therefore, you need a manufacturer with vast experience. Also, such manufacturers comply with the best standards in the industry. You need to inquire about the production volumes and kind of products your manufacturer has handled in the past years.

Also, you can inquire about the type of assembly technique your manufacturer adopts. Is it through-hole manufacturing or surface mount technology? The expertise of the manufacturer also matters.


The quality of your PCB assembly speaks a volume about the manufacturer. When you choose a manufacturer that prioritizes quality, then your PCB assembly is in safe hands. Also, ensure the electronic assembly company has standard certifications. A good electronic assembly company will integrate state-of-the art equipment and processes.

Customer support

Customer support is one of the factors you should consider. Prompt customer support makes thing easy for customers. You definitely want an electronic assembly manufacturer who considers the interest of its customers.

Testing protocols

Reliable testing protocols enhance the quality of a PCB assembly. Therefore, you need to verify the testing procedures of the company. Some testing procedures like AOI testing, in-circuit verification and component level checks are what you need to consider.


Cost determines if you can employ the service of an electronic assembly company. This factor is the sole determinant of your decision. However, ensure you don’t compromise the quality of your PCB assembly.

What you should do when working with a PCB Assembly Company

IPC 6012 class 3 PCB

The PCB assembly company you plan to work with will also expect some commitments from you. Therefore, you should expect the following:

Project discussion

After selecting the appropriate PCB assembly company, you will need to discuss the details of the project. Here, you will be able to identify the units, processes, and techniques that work best for a project. Also, this will help to sort out other details that need attention.

Provision of resources

You will need to provide the PCB assembly company with PCB components, PCB files, and other resources. Therefore, the company can commence work on your project.

Stay in contact

You need to stay in contact with your PCB assembly company. This company will give you regular updates on your project.

Receive final product

Once you’re the company completes your PCB assembly project based on your specifications, get ready to receive your product.

Customer Support and Check-Ins

A good PCB assembly will always offer check-ins when a project is completed. This means the company will check in to ensure you get the satisfaction you want.

Top Electronic Assembly Companies

There are several electronic companies across the world. These electronic assembly companies provide electronic manufacturing services at different costs.


Technotronix is a Californian-based company with vast experience in PCB manufacturing, testing services, and more. This company works with a team of experienced engineers and designers that devote their resources to providing quality services and products. This company offers good customer support.


RayMing is one of the most reliable electronic assembly companies in China. This electronic company integrates state-of-the-art techniques and equipment. RayMing prioritizes the interest of its customers. Therefore, it offers premium customer services. Also, this electronic company provides PCB manufacturing services, electronic components sourcing, and testing services. Rayming offers top-motch electronics manufacturing services.

OnBoard Circuits

OnBoard Circuits is an American-based company. It is one of the leading electronic assembly companies in the United Sates. Due to the quality of their products, their PCBs are widely used in aerospace, military, and consumer electronics. Also, OnBoard Circuits integrates efficient testing methods like automated optical inspections for assessing PCB assembly quality.

Advanced Circuitry International

This is an electronic company with long-standing experience in electronics manufacturing. Advanced Circuitry International specializes in the manufacturing, development, and distribution of PCB assemblies. This company takes pride in its certifications and innovative capacity to manufacturer quality products.  Also, this company offers RF/microwave,  cable assemblies, PCB assembly services, and rapid prototyping.


Keytronics is one of the leading electronic assembly companies in China. This electronic company offer great skills and capabilities required at any stage of the product development cycle. Also, this company offers printed circuit board assembly services. Keytronics specializes in cost-effective PCB assembly, PCB design, and PCB testing. Furthermore, this company provides one-stop solution for PCB assembly services.

Challenges Faced by Electronic Assembly Companies

Electronic assembly companies face a lot of challenges.  Some of these challenges include:

Short product lifecycles

It is quite challenging to meet the demands of customers. However, it is more difficult to meet the needs of consumers as their needs change. The needs of consumers change with time and weather.

Quality control

As more electronic assembly companies emerge, keeping quality standards in manufacturing and product delivery becomes challenging. Therefore, electronics companies adopt consistent control measures to verify the quality of an electronic product.

Eco-accommodating procedures

Environmental safety is a consideration in electronics manufacturing. However, businesses now investigate more eco-friendly assembling solutions in the industry.


Electronic assembly companies provide huge inventories which help smaller companies. Also, these companies offer printed circuit board assemblies. Choosing the appropriate electronic company will help your PCB or electronics project.

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