Top 6 Reasons To Choose LCSC PCB For Procurement Of Components

A PCB design’s quality predicates its circuit parts’ functioning and sourcing. The typical and local type of PCB sourcing is compelling for beginners. It does not cost much and is also time-saving. However, one major drawback is that these are more likely to fail in terms of functioning. In the other case, SMT circuit parts need special care.

Due to this reason, these don’t come with a guarantee from the manufacturers. If any circuit component fails to perform, you cannot get any refunds. The sourcing of PCB is an integral part of the E-commerce domain. These are important for online brands and manufacturers.

This post will shed light on the qualities of LCSC PCB and other aspects. 


JLCPCB is a globally renowned PCB prototype company. The brand has the ability to produce quality prototypes in less time for the clients. The company has been operational for 14 years.

It also has a large consumer base which predicates about 70,000-80,000 loyal customers. Some of the main attributes of the company are large-scale production, quality manufacturing of PCB components, and good-functioning PCBs. 

LCSC PCB Electronics

LCSC has operated in China under the supervision of Shenzhen since 2011. It has become a prominent distributor of electronics in China due to its excellent performance in the last eight years. It has served over 90,000 customers and works with about 300-310 employees and workers.

The company has the ability to make $140-$150 Million in terms of sales and conversions. The company has different products, which include semiconductors, resistors, capacitors, diodes, inductors, connectors, transistors, and sensors, and it also provides design-chain services with the EasyEDA design tool.

JLC PCB is considerable due to its premium services for its customers. The company is among the best servants in terms of the quality of the PCBs and their components. Also, the charges and price ranges are affordable, which makes it a good choice for buyers and high-ticket clients with tons of investment. The company is fast with many processes and saves precious time for its customers.

Why Choose LCSC PCB For Components Procurement?

1. Quality Assurance

JLCPCB has its own defined guidelines to ensure that the production of PCB components is without technical setbacks. There is a large sequence of difficult tests and trials for the components.

So that only the best and good-performing components can get shortlisted. These tests are AOI inspection, 3D X-ray, temperature as well as mechanical stress tests. Due to this reason, the company delivers spotless components to its customers. They are also open to technical consultations to help their customers with their queries and problems.

2. Cost-effective

Another reason to buy from JLC PCB is that its products are budget-oriented. Customers save much of their money when buying from the company. It has a huge experience and healthy ties with its partner LCSC electronics too.

The company is beneficial since it helps you with the right choice of PCB components. These components fall under your budget, and these are also not much of an investment. The technicians are not allowed to replace any important component without the customer’s consent. 

3. International Principles And Certifications

JLCPCB is a certified brand that complies with the International standards set for manufacturing, sourcing, and alteration of PCB and its components. The company is extremely reliable since it boasts different IPC certifications in this pursuit.

These validations are IPC-A-600 and IPC-A-630. Of this fact, the company is at bay to conduct any violation of the guidelines and these IPC certifications. 

4. 24/7 Customer Service Support

The customer support services offered by the company are uncanny. These professionals are available for customers 24/7. They keep the buyers updated in terms of the procurement process. It means you can also consult them in this regard on all counts.

The company also offers a refund if they have submitted a faulty PCB component by any mistake in 24 hours. These attributes make this brand a preferred one for customers who have complete trust in its professionals and services. 

5. Lead Time

You need to deliver accurate PCB files, including Gerber, CPL, BOM, and CAD, to JLC PCB if you need a perfect quotation that fits your ambitions and expectations. The company will deliver the components in 5 working days by consulting the inventory stock. If someone needs PCB components in bulk, then it will require almost two weeks for delivery. 

6. Online Community and Forums

JLCPCB is a transparent enterprise. They have a well-compiled website forum for discussions. It helps them develop a strong bond with the customers. The forum receives a bunch of questions on a regular basis which get answered in a couple of hours. The members can also leave their reviews and feedback as well. 

JLCPCB Ensures Stable Parts Supply

      The definition of an ideal PCB supplier includes a stable supply foundation. So that it can meet the supply-demand at the right time without any complications. The pre-made inventory helps with the goods when there is little or no demand. But different factors can influence the production and supply of SMT components.

In this case, it is important to keep in mind the type of components and their demand. PCB producers have to be careful with the needs of their customers on all counts. It will help to make decisions about the present and future. 

If there are desired components available on the company’s website, people will buy more. The customers also save the PCB components on their accounts so that they can order them later in case of a mishap or when they are in need of component replacement.

But this can make others miss out on the essential components when they need them in an emergency. Due to this one reason, the supply and sales both get affected. This is also a contributing factor behind the disruption of the global supply chain in the PCB domain in many regions. 

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