Why you need to Outsource Flexible PCB Board to JLCPCB

Getting a flexible PCB board for your next project can be time-consuming. You can either manually design the board layout or outsource the task. When outsourcing your PCB design, you should compare the different methods. You must find a service that will work with your needs. You should also consider the cost involved in outsourcing your project.


EasyEDA is a tool that allows users to create flexible PCB boards. After uploading Gerber files, users can select PCB thickness, copper weight, color, and other features. Users can also upload a BoM or CPL file to the service, which can be helpful if the design is complicated. When finished, the user can review and edit the order to make changes or place the order as is.

EasyEDA supports direct links to LCSC’s component catalog. This feature makes it easy for designers to check for component availability and prices and order them. The software also supports ATTINY-based design and mold making. The service provides a wide range of high-quality components for flexible PCB boards at an affordable price. EasyEDA is available on multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Gerber files

Outsourcing a flexible PCB board to JLCPCB requires you to submit Gerber files. JLCPCB will accept Gerber files if you provide them with the correct dimensions. If you cannot supply the Gerber files, you can still send them to the company. In addition, JLCPCB will email you if they encounter any problems with your design. In most cases, you should leave the settings on the website as they are. There are several ways to check the quality of your Gerber files before you send them.

To receive the highest quality, the PCB manufacturer must have Gerber files. These files are essential for PCB fabrication and assembly. However, using the correct format for PCB design and layout is necessary. A Gerber file contains information about the layout, components, and traces. Having the proper Gerber file will make your board more accurate and durable. Therefore, you should check their requirements when outsourcing a flexible PCB board to a PCB manufacturer or a flexible electronics manufacturer.

The Gerber file format is an open ASCII vector file containing information about the physical layers of the board. It includes flash and draws code that represents the circuit board objects. A series of vector coordinates represent each object. These files are essential for PCB manufacturers because they provide an accurate and clear representation of the design. It is also the standard for PCB manufacturing.

The Gerber file format is one of the most important things to consider when outsourcing flexible PCB board to JLCPCRB. It is important to note that the format you use will directly affect the quality of the finished board.


Outsourcing flexible PCB board design to JLCPCB is straightforward and cost-effective. JLCPCB’s flexible PCB services include Gerber files. In addition, they offer a variety of PCB design options to meet your specifications. It consists of an integrated PCB fabrication option and PCB design tools.

The process starts with a circuit idea and research. Next, a circuit concept is sketched or simulated, depending on the project’s requirements. GrabCAD is a community library of over 5,280,000 CAD files if you’ve never designed a circuit. Once you’ve uploaded your schematics, the CAM processor will import them into a single job file with a ‘.cam’ suffix.

You can also import a schematic into EasyEDA to help you draw the PCB. Then, you must register for a free account or sign in with a Google Account. Once you’ve created an account, you’ll need to start a new project. Then, use the “wire” tool to place components on the board. Once you’ve finished, click “Save.”

Once you’ve uploaded your schematics, the next step is the PCB layout. A PCB design schematic represents the electrical connections between the various components of the board. Having an error-free design schematic is crucial, as this will significantly improve your PCB layout. After creating the schematic, JLCPCB’s skilled designers will begin the actual PCB layout. This process takes a day to complete, but the finished product will look great and perform well.


flex PCB stiffener

Making your flexible PCB board by a specialist PCB house is a great way to cut costs. JLCPCB has an efficient logistical system, which makes it a breeze to process your order. As a result, it will streamline the entire process from order to shipment. In addition to that, you can expect to receive your board faster. For further information on costs, contact JLCPCB.

JLCPCB is a high-tech company in China that specializes in small-batch and rapid prototype PCB manufacturing. The completely automated pricing tool is straightforward. Prices start as low as $8 for five PCBs.

The price of a flexible PCB board will depend on the thickness, material, and design. You will also need to consider shipping costs and the amount of your PCB. A large PCB will require multiple packages. If you need a sample order, it will cost $15.2. For batch orders, it will cost 30$ per square meter.

You can save money on materials when outsourcing a flexible PCB board to JLCPCB. The company’s SMT assembly and solder paste printing services are cost-effective. JLCPCB also offers optical inspection and SMT assembly services. The result is an affordable and reliable flexible PCB board. Moreover, JLCPCB’s flexible payment options make it easy for you to make the best choice of PCB manufacturing company.

Other benefits

Outsourcing a flexible PCB board to JLCPCB has its benefits. The company’s website can help you design your PCB board and offers a preview that you can view before placing an order. The JLCPCB company’s Gerber file viewer will also help you determine the number of boards and components you need. You can also upload a Gerber file using their website. Once you have uploaded your Gerber file, you can see the design preview. You can also make changes or check your design.

Outsourcing PCB board to JLCPCB allows you to save money using stock components from JLCPCB. The company offers 350,000 in-stock parts and a 24-hour build time. In addition, customers get free DFM file checks, SMT stencil, and a 24-hour turnaround time. Moreover, JLCPCB offers free DFM file checking and can deliver PCB boards to their Customers within 3 to 7 days.

JLCPCB offers quick PCB prototyping and small batch production services to companies worldwide. They have been in the PCB production industry for over fifteen years and serve over 800,000 Customers. Their production capacity is large, and they have excellent manufacturing & production facilities. This is why they can produce high-quality PCBs in a fast and timely manner. JLCPCB also offers SMT assembly services.

Outsourcing the PCB board layout is an excellent way to reduce financial risk. Outsourcing PCB layout can help you switch from hourly rates to fixed-price pricing. In addition, outsourcing PCB board design to a specialized company can help you meet advanced deadlines while getting advanced design capabilities. This service can benefit companies looking to meet strict deadlines and budget constraints. The JLCPCB design team will give you an estimate in no time.

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