Industry Applications and Benefits of LED Metal Core PCB

LED technologies are increasingly used for lighting devices across various industries.  With the rapid development in electronic technology, LED metal core PCB have laid a good foundation for a wide range of electronics products. The development of LED PCB gave room for the development of some devices. This PCB features a LED soldered to the board. Metal is a good material for LED PCB manufacturing.

Also, LED PCBs find it hard to cool down when traditional methods are incorporated in their production. This is because these PCBs create a high volume of heat. Therefore, metal core PCB is often used for LED application.

What is LED Metal Core PCB?

LED metal core PCB is a type of circuit that features LED and a chip that produces the light as electrically connected. The fabrication of this type of PCB often integrates aluminum. Also, this PCB comprises a thin layer of dielectric material that dissipates and transfers heat within much better efficiency. Also, this PCB serves as the building block of LED lighting. LED simply means light emitting diode.

LED metal core PCB has the ability to dissipate heat at a faster rate. This PCB features several properties that contribute to their performance in applications. Also, LED metal core PCB comprises aluminum already alloyed with some metals. Aluminum is a crucial material in LEDs. Also, this material is great for applications that offer great electrical insulation and thermal conductivity.

There are other metals used for this PCB. However, aluminum is the most common material used for LED metal core PCB. This is because of its ability to transfer heat.  Also, the LED metal core PCB comprises several layers which are the base layer, thermal insulation layer, and the circuit layer.

The base layer comprises an aluminum alloy sheet or any other metal. The thermal insulation layer comprises a ceramic polymer and shields the PCB from mechanical and thermal damage. Furthermore, the last layer comprises the copper circuits. LED metal core PCB always comprises a different number of these layers based on the design of the board.

LED metal core PCBs are available in different types which could be flexible and hybrid. Also, these PCBs are available in different layers.

Benefits of LED Metal Core PCB

LED metal core PCB offers several benefits which make them suitable in several applications:

Low power consumption

LEDs consume less energy than incandescent bulbs. The use of LEDs saves about 348 terawatt hours of electricity. Also, the integration of metal in this circuit board contributes to its low power consumption.

Environmental friendliness

Generally, LEDs consume less energy than other bulb types. Therefore, this minimizes emissions produced in electricity production. Also, aluminum is non-toxic and recyclable. Therefore, it reduces the carbon footprint of manufacturing a LED PCB. Also, LED metal core PCB is safe and easy to dispose of.

Improved durability

LED metal core PCBs are usually more durable than ceramic or fiberglass PCBs. Therefore, these boards resist damage during the production process. Therefore, this durability makes them ideal for use in very harsh environments.

Low cost

Aluminum and copper are available in mines around the world. These metals are very easy to refine, therefore, this makes them a less expensive option. Furthermore, metal core PCBs are a better alternative for heat transfer. Integrating LED metal core PCB is a great way to minimize overall costs of producing LED devices.

Applications of LED Metal Core PCB

LED metal core PCBs are commonly used in several applications across various industries. Also, these PCBs keep gaining popularity. Below are some industries where LED PCBs have proved to be very useful:

Consumer electronics

LED metal core PCB is commonly integrated in the production of consumer electronics. Also, consumer electronics like smartphones, computers, and televisions always feature LED displays. Furthermore, consumer electronics are sensitive to heat. Therefore, LED metal core PCBs are an ideal option due to their capability to transfer heat.


LED PCBs play a crucial role in the manufacturing of lighting tools integrated for medical examinations and surgeries. Also, hospital lighting features LED boards. LED metal core PCB is an ideal option for these devices since it can transfer heat.


Also, the telecommunication industry utilizes this PCB because of its durability. Telecommunication devices need PCBs that can dissipate heat. LED PCBs are an ideal alternative for these devices.


Metal core LED PCBs are widely used in the automotive sector for brake light, head light, and indicator. Also, the durability and heat transfer capability of these PCBs make them suitable for use in the automotive industry. LED metal core PCB plays a crucial role in transportation and traffic.

Assembly Methods for LED Metal Core PCB

There are two main methods of attaching electronic components in this PCB. This two assembly methods include surface mount and through hole assembly.

Surface mount

This method involves the attachment of components directly on the surface of the board. Surface mount technology is a highly automated process that provides great flexibility. Also, this assembly method enables high connection densities which make it ideal in LED applications. Furthermore, this assembly technique involves the application of solder paste on the PCB.

A pick and place machine places component on the surface of the circuit board. Also, this process involves heating the circuit board to form solder joints. Surface mount circuit boards play a crucial role in several applications, particularly those that demand complex circuitry.

Through hole

This assembly method involves the drilling of holes in the circuit board. After this, components known as leads run through these holes. The assembler can then apply solder to ensure the pieces are in place. Through hole assembly offers stronger connections. Also, it is ideal for devices that will work under extreme environments.

These two assembly methods are often integrated for LED metal core PCB assembly. It is important to consider the application of the LED PCB, before opting for any of these methods.


LED metal core PCB is ideal for use in a wide range of applications due to the benefits it offers. This PCB offers thermally efficient properties for several applications. The use of metal as the base material of this circuit board makes it offer great capabilities.

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