What are the Top PCB Manufacturers Near Me?

PCB manufacturing involves a complex process which has to be handled by a professional. You can refer to these professionals as the printed circuit board manufacturers. Furthermore, PCB manufacturers help in handling all the stages of the whole production process. Thus there is a need for the manufacturers to have great skills and expertise regarding PCB manufacturing. Also, as we already know, the process of PCB manufacturing is not child’s play. This is because every stage needs serious attention.

There was a time whereby the job of PCB manufacturing was left for few manufacturers to handle. However, things have changed these days, with some PCB companies offering services including large volume and prototype PCB manufacturing.

Furthermore, you will find these manufacturers in countries such a India, China, US, etc. Before selecting your manufacturer, t5here is a need to make an important inquiry regarding their services and products. Why? It is because not all PCB manufacturers out there deliver quality.

10 Best PCB Manufacturers

Custom Circuit Boards

This company fabricates high volume and prototype PCBs. This company is one of the leading companies in the United States. Furthermore deal in quickturn PCB services. This is one reason why Custom Circuit Boards is a reliable option or rapid and fast prototyping.

In addition, you will be able to rely on this company to provide high-quality boards and at very competitive prices. The company fabricates different prototype printed circuit boards including multilayer PCBs with reliability, functionality, and quality in mind. Furthermore, this manufacturer offers advanced circuits useful in different high performance applications such as medical, aerospace, and military.

Zhen Ding Tech

This company is one of the well-known PCB manufacturers present in Taiwan. Its headquarters is in the Taoyuan area of Taiwan. Having over 15 years experience, the manufacturer keeps on delivering high quality PCB services and products.

In addition, Zhen Ding Tech deals with the fabrication of high density interconnection, flexible PCBs, rigid PCBs, as well as integrated circuit substrate. The products of the company are usually applied in areas such as computer information, networking products, and consumer electronics.

This company has its main manufacturing facilities situated around Taiwan, India, and China. This manufacturer incorporates IoT, AI, and 5G Technology in offering many customized solutions. In addition, Zhen Ding Tech provides PCB assembly and large scale production services.

RayMing PCB & Assembly

RayMing PCB & Assembly offers full and partial and turnkey PCB assembly. This PCB manufacturer also works with a very professional and highly skilled team that devotes most of their time for fabricating top-quality printed circuit boards. Microwave and RF boards are usually used in 5G designs, and this is why RayMing provides high-quality materials to help in the fabrication of high-frequency boards.

RayMing PCB & Assembly really loves quality and this is why it doesn’t compromise on quality as well as reliability of the production printed circuit boards they manufacture. With its great emphasis on high quality, Rayming incorporates the most effective methods for testing. They offer services including PCB prototyping, IC programming, PCB fabrication, PCB assemblies, low-volume PCB assembly, one-off PCB design, PCB testing, DFT and DFM consulting services, and more.

Epec Engineered Technologies

This company has emerged as one of the well-known printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturers. It is because of their quality products and services. Furthermore, the company provides one-stop assembly services such as component sourcing, full PCB assembly, as well as PCB fabrication.

Also, the company works with modern technology and modern procedures in catering for its customer’s needs globally. A great quality to search for is certification. This company possesses the right certifications and works with industry standards. Furthermore, the employees make sure that all specifications are checked. These include BOMs and Gerber Files. With this, all problems linked to pre-production designs will be detected.

Asides from its headquarters located in the U.S, this company also has facilities in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Advanced Circuitry International

This is one of the very reliable PCB manufacturers all over the world. Its manufacturing facilities can be found in the United States, India, and Brazil. In addition, this manufacturer usually focuses it time on the fabrication of high-quality printed circuit boards. It also works with the PCB industry standard and this is why it continues to improve its system of quality management so as to improve the product that it delivers.

Furthermore, the products from this company are all well verified. Furthermore, this manufacturer teams up with well-trained assembly personnel that comply with the IPC standards. This company is mainly dedicated to achieve great customer satisfaction by ensuring they deliver zero-defect PCBs.

In addition, with over two decades of research and experience, Advanced Circuitry International keeps incorporating procedures which contribute to PCB development.

Redboard Circuits

Redboard Circuits is based in the United States. This is another reliable manufacturer offering different advanced circuits to serve all industries and applications. In addition, the PCB Company also fabricates PCBs for low voltage system, audio processing system, and cell phone boosters.

Furthermore, they are RoHS compliant and lead-free. They help in fabricating double sided PCB, single sided PCB, as well as multilayer PCBs that can have 36 layers. In addition, they fabricate microwave, RF, rigid-flex, and flex PCB. They also deal with the fabrication of advanced printed circuit boards (PCBs) that are useful in advanced electronics.

In addition, this company incorporates the best procedures and technology in performing PCB fabrication. The Company also employs professional designers and engineers that help in delivering quality.

Shennan Circuits

This is a top-class provider of advanced electronics and printed circuit boards (PCBs). Shennan Circuits delivers high quality products and services to the OEM (original equipment manufacturer). Over the last decades, the company has evolved. With its research, the company has brought in new trends to the PCB design capabilities. In addition, this company has some Research & Development sites located in Europe.

Furthermore, the PCB manufacturing company is fully committed to offering top-quality PCB products globally. This company develops the complete PCB value chain. These include PCB testing, circuit boards, PCB manufacturing, and scheme design. In addition, the company develops a three in one PCB design process. The process has to do with electronics assembly, PCB design, and substrate packaging.


The printed circuit boards are required in many different sectors of our economy. There is an increasing demand for the use of circuit boards including Artificial intelligence and industries.

The fact is that not all the PCB manufacturers out there know other ways of diversifying and remaining relevant. However, DSBJ surely knows how. This is one good reason why it is ranked among the best manufacturers of printed circuit boards out there.

In the past 32 years, the PCB manufacturer has evolved continuously. It has brought in ideas and innovations to help in improving the way they manufacture, prototype, and design circuit boards.


This is known as a PCB manufacturer, which works with multi-PCB consumers till they meet their needs. You can trust Kinwong to deliver a perfect job for any circuit board design. This is because the company is focused on offering you high quality PCBs and an efficient service overall.

There are some areas where this company is interested in manufacturing circuit boards for. These include medical and industrial, telecommunication, consumer electronics, and more. It is nice working with this company because they promise quality assurance. In addition, the company has the engineering mastery and enterprise architecture to design both modern and conventional printed circuit boards.

Suntak PCB

You’ll be extremely lucky to have PCB manufacturers that are fully committed to ensuring success of the electronic products. One of these manufacturers is Suntak PCB. It was established back in 1995, and its factory is located on a very large land expanse. This land measures about 3 million meter square.

Suntak PCB boasts more than 4500 employees. Therefore you can be sure that your PCB design will be done with utmost care and precision. Another reason why Suntak PCB is well-known is as a result of its mantra as well as its commitment to offering high-quality PCBs to consumers.

What to Consider Before You Choose PCB Manufacturer

Choosing a manufacturer could be very confusing because of the several number of PCB manufacturers out there. Your manufacturer has to make sure that your board fabrication meets your requirements and demands.

Certifications and Quality

Top PCB manufacturers must have the right certifications such as the ISO certification. Another important factor is quality. Work with manufacturers that put quality in mind during circuit board fabrication and selecting the electronic components.


Expertise involves the combination of skills and knowledge during PCB fabrication. One thing to inquire is your manufacturer’s capability.


Cost is important because it determines your decision when choosing the PCB manufacturers you want to work with. Companies offering PCB manufacturing have varying prices. Some decide to charge more when handling PCB fabrication.

Quick Delivery

One important factor you must consider before choosing a manufacturer is meeting deadlines. Work with PCB manufacturers that already have a track record of timely delivery.


Printed circuit board manufacturers are found virtually everywhere. You will easily find one close to your location. However, ensure you consider the factors we have discussed above when choosing one to work with.

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