A Comprehensive Overview Of Nan Ya PCB For Circuit Board Production

NanYa printed circuit board, a Taiwanese company, specializes in the production and sale of PCBs & embedded system materials. These materials are primarily used in computers, laptops, gaming devicestabletshome appliances, and mobile phone motherboards.

In addition to these products, the company also makes microprocessor interposers, chip-size materials, and graphical MCU ball grids for use in the Taiwanese and Chinese markets.

Values and Vision of Nan Ya PCB

Printed Circuit Board Corporation is a supplementary of Plastics Corporation, which is part of Formosa Plastics Corporation. The company was established in 1997 with the goal of manufacturing PCBs and IC (integrated circuit) Substrates.

The company’s PCB material is dedicated to providing top-notch services to customers through technological advancements and continuing innovation. To streamline its corporate processes, they are implementing vertical integration to eliminate excess duplication and increase profitability.

 In addition, they believe in giving back to the community by supporting disadvantaged groups and participating in communal proceedings. With a solid foundation and industry experience, the company takes full responsibility for earning the loyalty of our customers and maximizing benefits for our shareholders.

Principles of NanYa Printed Circuit Board Company

The focus of the Nan Ya printed circuit board is on providing our customers with the most advantageous and efficient experience during the subsequent qualities:

1. Product Designs:

A Nan Ya PCB could potentially be transformed into an incorporated circuit using a specific design approach, which involves the integration of IC resins or active or passive elements.

There are three main types of PCBs: Rigid-Flex, HDI, and Conventional Printed Circuit Board.

2. Company Profile

Nan Ya PCB is a corporation based in Taiwan that specializes in the production and sale of PCBs. Some of their products include printed circuit boards and integrated circuit carrier board bases, which are often used in a variety of electronic devices such as wireless charging, mobile phone accessories, LED screens, high-capacity memory cards, cable boxes, gaming consoles, cars, servers, routers, and laptops.

 IC carriers, another product offered by the company, can be found in a wide range of devices, including 5G cellular modems, machine intelligence chips, AI chips, 8K television chips, cloud computing chips, and optical sensors. Nan Ya Printed Circuit Board Corp exports its products to the US, the US, Taiwan, and other regions of world.

3. Details of Company

Glass woven fabrics offer products with low fiber content and superior CAF tolerance, making them suitable for use in IC substrates such as MLB and HDI in PWB designs. These goods are commonly used in IC (integrated circuit) automotive contact applications for NB customers.

Nan-Ya PCBs offer a wide variety of brands, which include # 1080, # 2116, and # 7628. In response to the trend towards lighter and thinner electronic products, they have developed ultra-thin cloth types # 1037,#1017, and # 1027 to meet consumer demand.

All NAN-YA fiberglass locations have obtained certifications for OHSAS-18001 and ISO-9001. The company strives for top-notch performance, to benefit society, and to safeguard the environment.

Noteworthy Features of Company Nan Ya Circuit Board

  1. Over the past century, the Nan Ya Printed Circuit Boards’ density has been greatly enhanced through advancements in integrated circuitry and implementation technology.
  2. To ensure the PCB’s long-term reliability (typically 20 years), a series of aging tests, evaluations, and checks are conducted.
  3. By standardizing the design, the PCB can meet various specifications (mechanical, chemical, physical, electrical, etc.) on time, resulting in high performance.
  4. Effective modern management practices often involve standardizing processes, optimizing size, utilizing automation, and maintaining consistent product quality through various production methods.
  5. A comprehensive research process was employed to test and evaluate the service life and Nan Ya Circuit Board product certification. This process included the use of various test standards and testing instruments and equipment.
  6. PCB devices are designed to facilitate the mechanism of various parts, as well as allow for streamlined mass production. These PCBs and modules can be incorporated into larger structures, components, and even entire devices all at once.
  7. Printed circuit board materials and devices are typically standardized, as they are formed in standardized pieces that can be easily assembled. This standardization also allows for convenient and flexible substitution in the event of breakdown of device, enabling a quick restoration of the system.

Features of Multi-layered Circuit Boards of Nan Ya

  1. An incorporated circuit can be used to miniaturize the entire system, reducing the overall influence of the unit.
  2. The use of a PCB can increase cable density, reduce spacing of component, and decrease the propagation of signals path.
  3. The use of a PCB can decrease the number of welding points on a part, leading to a lower failure rate.
  4. The coating on a PCB helps to minimize signal distortion in the circuit.
  5. A thermal preparation plane is used to prevent overheating & improve the overall steadiness of the system.



Ensuring the use of standard-compliant components is key to producing a reliable PCB. At Electro, strict procedures are followed and continuously monitored to guarantee the quality and safety of the material of company Nan Ya PCB.

Testing for strength, material consistency, and overall formation is essential for meeting requirements and producing PCBs that are consistently strong and secure. When it comes to protection and consistency, Electro is the go-to source for highly dependable PCBs that consistently meet these standards.

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