Why Panasonic PCB Materials are Among the Best

Panasonic Industry is a global leader in the electronics market. Known for the robust devices it manufactures, the company has in recent years, delved into other areas of interest. This is in line with the goal of being a “committed enabler” – a goal hinged on the mission of opening better ways for technology adoption in the society.

Panasonic Industry has now taken a shot at the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) market via the provision of circuit board solutions that solve the issues the target customers face. The core of these solutions is the development of a plethora of materials for PCB designs.

The Extensive Electronic Material Packages

Panasonic deals in different kinds of electronic materials. Top on the list are the circuit board and semiconductor materials. The company also manufactures materials for advanced films and plastic molding compound.

Panasonic PCB Material Divisions

Panasonic Industry streamlined the circuit board materials, as per the different use cases. There are one dedicated to appliance LED lightings and others dedicated to mobile products.

Here is a breakdown of the different divisions:

The XPEDION Series

These cover the different PCB materials intended for use with the multilayered boards designed for use with the RF communication equipment.

The MEGTRON Series

These are Panasonic PCB materials used with the ICT infrastructure equipment and applications. It mostly features the low transmission loss multilayered materials.

The Halogen-Free Series

These are descriptive as the name suggests – they do not contain halogens. They are ideal for use with the multilayered boards and often apply to automotive mobile devices.

The FELIOS Series

Primarily used for flexible circuit boards, the FELIOS Series of Panasonic PCB materials are mostly used with mobile products.

The HIPER Series

These Panasonic PCB materials offer higher heat resistance for the automotive applications.

Panasonic Industry’s “FELIOS” PCB Material Series

This is one of the top circuit board materials from Panasonic. The FELIOS Series cover both the individual mobile products and the automotive mobile products.

They are also designed to meet the different mounting or placement requirements of the mobile products, including digital appliances and smartphones.

The materials are further classified based on the different working mechanisms, thus:

  • FELIOS FRCC: these are the ideal materials for multilayered and thinner circuit boards. In addition to featuring resin coated copper foil, it is also halogen-free and reduces the manufacturing process. The core appliances of the FELIOS FRCC series of PCB materials are: HDI boards and smartphones.
  • FELIOS LCP: designed for use with double-sided copper-based boards, these materials are known for the following attributes: moisture resistance, low transmission loss and high-frequency. The ideal applications include antennas for automotive millimeter-wave radar and base station; smartphones (LCD module, Wi-Fi and LTE); and networking equipment.

The “XPEDION Series”

These series of Panasonic PCB materials are ideal for use with automotive antenna and the wireless/RF communication equipment.

They are one of the best multilayered board materials used for achieving low transmission losses in the Radio Frequency (RF) range.

The following are some of the product numbers in this series:

  • XPEDION 1: being halogen-free and working with an operating temperature of 200˚C, it is ideal for use with specific automotive antenna – base station and automotive millimeter-wave radar.
  • XPEDION T1: it has a thermal conductivity of 0.60W/mK and a Tg (DMA) of 245˚C. The typical applications include antenna (base station and automotive millimeter-wave radar), and power amplifier board (small cell, and base station for wireless communication).

The “MEGTRON” Panasonic PCB Series

These series of PCB materials are focused on low transmission loss and making these available for both large capacity and high-speed transmission of high-frequency signal.

The following are some of the circuit board products in this category:

  • MEGTRON7: the features include lead-free soldering, high-speed and ultra-low transmission loss, as well as high reliability. The applications include antenna, high-end servers, high-end routers, ICT infrastructure equipment and supercomputers.
  • MEGTRON2: these are halogen-free circuit board materials designed for use with the automotive components, networking equipment, such as servers and routers, as well as measuring instruments.
  • MEGTRON6: the core applications are antennas, networking equipment, high-frequency measuring device, mainframe and IC testers.
  • MEGTRON8: these are designed for use with the following applications: probe cards, routers, semiconductor test equipment, base stations, optical transmission equipment, AI servers and switches.
  • MEGTRON6: the following are some of the applications: high-layer count circuit boards, ICT infrastructure equipment, and high-speed networking applications – switch, high-end server/router and optical network.

The Halogen-Free Series of Panasonic PCB Materials

These circuit board materials are not only free of halogen, but also support the development of multilayered circuits.

They are also a line-up of environment-friendly materials optimized to correspond to the different applications of mobile products.

The following are some of the features:

  • High heat resistance capabilities
  • High voltage CAF resistance, up to 1000-volts
  • High reliability
  • Halogen-free
  • Low Dk
  • Low CTE
  • Tracking resistance of up to 600V
  • Dimensional stability
  • Multilayer molding processability
  • Excellent laminate processability

The applications include the following:

  • Amusement machine
  • Automotive component
  • Semiconductor memory board
  • Digital appliance
  • Semiconductor test equipment
  • Mobile devices, such as digital cameras and tablet PCs
  • On board charger
  • In-vehicle autonomous driving server
  • PV Module
  • Small and medium-sized computer
  • EV charging stand
  • Measuring instrument
  • In-wheel motor
  • Antennas
  • DC/DC Converters and;
  • HV Control Unit

Why You Should Choose Panasonic PCB Materials

No doubt, many companies are investing heavily in the production and fabrication of PCB materials. Why should you choose Panasonic Industry over the other “big names” in the market?

First, the company prioritizes the customers’ needs, as is evident in the commitment to make the customers a part of the design iterations and processes. With the customers’ proposals, Panasonic takes the time to explore creative angles to bring these ideas to reality in its PCB products.

Second, the company specializes in the production of the next-generation electronic components, by combining materials evaluation, resin design and compound material design process technologies. The outcome is the production of excellent materials for an onward production of the state-of-the-art electronics.

Wrapping Up

From this article, you can see that Panasonic PCB materials have a lot of impacts in the modern electronics we use. The wide applicational coverages for automotive, mobile devices and network antenna help to further the company’s domination in this field.

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