What is Xilinx XC4VSX35-10FF668I FPGA ?

The integrated circuit device XC4VSX35-10FF668I is a product of Xilinx Inc. It hails from the category of Field Programmable Gate Array thus also called the FPGA IC device. This device is a product from the series of Integrated Circuits from Xilinx and the series is called Virtex-4 family. The XC4VSX35-10FF668I is from SX family which give efficient, easy and cost effective solution to various day to day electronic applications such as Digital Signals Processing (DSP) applications. The other two family members of Virtex-4 series are LX and FX having altogether different attributes and application areas. On a whole, Virtex-4 family has found its way and proved its important on many modern fields of today such as WIFI, 5G Technologies, Industrial processing and control, small scale electronics, Medical field and appliances and Ethernet. The XC4VSX35-10FF668I is equipped with -10 speed grade. It is an industrial grade integrated circuit which can operate at optimum level in temperature ranges of -40 oC and 100 oC.

Xilinx does not offer this IC device in Lead (Pb) material. It comes with surface mounting having 2 types of mounting either SMD or SMT. The design of XC4VSX35-10FF668I contains 668 terminal pins. Configurable Logic Blocks also called CLBs is a major highlight of XC4VSX35-10FF668I. Configurable Logic Blocks in these devices are equipped with 40 columns and 96 rows. A total of 34,560 logic cells are present in the CLBs of these devices. In addition to logic cells, 15,360 slices are also given in the design of XC4VSX35-10FF668I. 4 slices are present in each CLB with each slice having speed of 64 bits. Maximum distributed RAM equivalent to 240 Kbit is also available in these ICs. Xtreme DSP slices which are present in these FPGA Integrated Circuits are composed of an adder, an accumulator and 18×18 dedicated multiplier. There is a total 192 DSP Xtreme Slices are present in this device. There is no provision for MACs, PowerPC processor block and Transceiver blocks in this Integrated Circuit of Virtex-4 family. While 8 Digital Clock Meters are available in the device along with a total of 4 PMCDs. I/O banks available in the device are 11 in number while maximum user I/O stands at 448.

The XC4VSX35-10FF668I device Package Combination and Max I/Os:

Xilinx Inc., offers XC4VSX35-10FF668I Integrated Circuits in default dimension design of 27 x 27 mm. along with dimensions, the device offers 320 I/Os.

XC4VSX35-10FF668I FPGA Overview:

One attribute that give XC4VSX35-10FF668I lead over other integrated circuit devices is availability of FPGA. These devices are offered with various FPGA features such as Categorizable IO Banks as single ended or differential operations IOBs furthermore, IOBs are easily programmable. Dual Distributed RAM (DDR) and Single Distributed RAM (SDR) in these devices is offered with optional input and output block. Availability of designated IO and bidirectional block is another FPGA feature present in XC4VSX35-10FF668I. Other FPGA features such as in-built serializer and de-serializer and regional clocking resources are also available. FPGA feature of boundary scan enables the SX series devices have a standard protocol for accessing the devices.

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