XA6SLX25T-2CSG324I -Internet of Things -Wireless Technology

XA6SLX25T-2CSG324I ApplicationField

-5G Technology
-Medical Equipment
-Artificial Intelligence
-Industrial Control
-Cloud Computing
-Wireless Technology
-Consumer Electronics
-Internet of Things

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XA6SLX25T-2CSG324I FAQ Chips 

Q: What should I do if I did not receive the technical support for XA6SLX25T2CSG324I in time?
A: Depending on the time difference between your location and our location, it may take several hours for us to reply, please be patient, our FPGA technical engineer will help you with the XA6SLX25T-2CSG324I pinout information, replacement, datasheet in pdf, programming tools, starter kit, etc.

Q: Does the price of XA6SLX25T-2CSG324I devices fluctuate frequently?
A: The RAYPCB search engine monitors the XA6SLX25T-2CSG324I inventory quantity and price of global electronic component suppliers in real time, and regularly records historical price data. You can view the historical price trends of electronic components to provide a basis for your purchasing decisions.

Q: How to obtain XA6SLX25T-2CSG324I technical support documents?
A: Enter the “XA6SLX25T-2CSG324I” keyword in the search box of the website, or find these through the Download Channel or FPGA Forum .

Q: Where can I purchase Xilinx XA6SLX25T Development Boards, Evaluation Boards, or XA Spartan 6 Automotive FPGA Starter Kit? also provide technical information?
A: RAYPCB does not provide development board purchase services for the time being, but customers often consult about ZedBoard, Basys 3 board, TinyFPGA BX, Nexys4-DDR, Terasic DE10-Nano, Digilent Arty S7, etc. If you need relevant technical information, you can submit feedback information, our technicians will contact you soon.

Q: How can I obtain software development tools related to the Xilinx FPGA platform?
A: In FPGA/CPLD design tools, Xilinx’s Vivado Design Suite is easy to use, it is very user-friendly in synthesis and implementation, and it is easier to use than ISE design tools; The specific choice depends on personal habits and functional requirements to specifically select a more suitable match. You can search and download through the FPGA resource channel.

Q: Do I have to sign up on the website to make an inquiry for XA6SLX25T-2CSG324I?
A: No, only submit the quantity, email address and other contact information required for the inquiry of XA6SLX25T-2CSG324I, but you need to sign up for the post comments and resource downloads.

ICs XA6SLX25T-2CSG324I Features

• Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) documentation
• 18 Kb blocks that can be optionally programmed as two independent 9 Kb block RAMs
• Xilinx is ISO-TS16949 compliant
• Efficient 6-input LUTs improve performance and minimize power
• Designed for low cost
• Multi-port bus structure with independent FIFO to reduce design timing issues
• Fast 18 x 18 multiplier and 48-bit accumulator
• Hibernate power-down mode for zero power
• Hot swap compliance
• LUT with dual flip-flops for pipeline centric applications
• Simplified configuration, supports low-cost standards
• Digital Clock Managers (DCMs) eliminate clock skew and duty cycle distortion
• Up to 3.2 Gb/s
• High performance 1.2V core voltage (LX and LXT FPGAs, -2 and -3 speed grades)
• 45 nm process optimized for cost and low power
• Frequency synthesis with simultaneous multiplication, division, and phase shifting
• Optional shift register or distributed RAM support
• Faster embedded processing with enhanced, low cost, MicroBlaze 32-bit soft processor
• Selectable output drive, up to 24 mA per pin
• Staggered pads
• Q-Grade: Tj = –40°C to +125°C
• Optimized selection of I/O standards
• 3.3V to 1.2V I/O standards and protocols
• Strong automotive-specific third-party ecosystem with IP, development boards, and design services
• Pre-adder to assist filter applications
• Low-cost PCI technology support compatible with the 33 MHz, 32- and 64-bit specification.
• Abundant logic resources with increased logic capacity
• Low static and dynamic power
• Automotive Temperatures:
• Phase-Locked Loops (PLLs) for low-jitter clocking
• Suspend mode maintains state and configuration with multipin wake-up, control enhancement
• Integrated Memory Controller blocks
• XA Spartan-6 Family:
• Efficient DSP48A1 slices
• AEC-Q100 qualification
• MultiBoot support for remote upgrade with multiple
• Multi-voltage, multi-standard SelectIO interface banks
• Adjustable I/O slew rates to improve signal integrity
• Industry-leading IP and reference designs
• I-Grade: Tj = –40°C to +100°C
• XA Spartan-6 LX FPGA: Logic optimized
• Beyond AEC-Q100 qualification is available upon request
• Automotive Standards:
• High-performance arithmetic and signal processing
• Up to 1,080 Mb/s data transfer rate per differential I/O
• DDR, DDR2, DDR3, and LPDDR support
• Low noise, flexible clocking
• High-volume plastic wire-bonded packages
• Multiple efficient integrated blocks
• High-speed interfaces including: Serial ATA and PCI Express
• Data rates up to 800 Mb/s
• Clock Management Tile (CMT) for enhanced performance
• Broad third-party SPI (up to x4) and NOR flash support
• Sixteen low-skew global clock networks
• Low-cost HSTL and SSTL memory interfaces
• Fast block RAM with byte write enable
• Pipelining and cascading capability
• High-speed GTP serial transceivers in the LXT FPGAs
• XA Spartan-6 LXT FPGA: High-speed serial connectivity
• 2-pin auto-detect configuration
• Block RAM with a wide range of granularity

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Xilinx XA6SLX25T-2CSG324I Overview

The Xilinx Automotive (XA) Spartan-6 family of XA6SLX25T-2CSG324I FPGAs provides leading system integration capabilities with the lowest total cost for highvolume automotive applications. The ten-member family delivers expanded densities ranging from 3,840 to 101,261 logic cells and faster, more comprehensive connectivity. Built on a mature 45 nm low-power copper process technology that delivers the optimal balance of cost, power, and performance, the XA6SLX25T-2CSG324I offers a new, more efficient, dual-register 6-input look-up table (LUT) logic and a rich selection of built-in system-level blocks. These include 18 Kb (2 x 9 Kb) block RAMs, second generation DSP48A1 slices, SDRAM memory controllers, enhanced mixed-mode clock management blocks, SelectIO technology, power-optimized high-speed serial transceiver blocks, PCI Express compatible Endpoint blocks, advanced system-level power management modes, auto-detect configuration options, and enhanced IP security with AES and Device DNA protection. These features provide a low-cost programmable alternative to custom ASIC products with unprecedented ease of use. XA6SLX25T-2CSG324I FPGAs offer the best solution for flexible and scalable high-volume logic designs, high-bandwidth parallel DSP processing designs, and cost-sensitive applications where multiple interfacing standards are required. XA SpartanXA6SLX25T-2CSG324I are the programmable silicon foundation for Targeted Design Platforms that deliver integrated software and hardware components that enable designers to focus on innovation as soon as their development cycle begins

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1. XA Spartan-6 Automotive FPGA evaluation kit
2. XA Spartan-6 Automotive FPGA XA6SLX25T
3. XA Spartan-6 Automotive FPGA starter kit
4. Xilinx XA6SLX25T
5. XA6SLX25T reference design
6. Xilinx XA Spartan-6 Automotive FPGA development board
7. XA6SLX25T-2CSG324I Datasheet PDF
8. XA6SLX25T development board
9. Xilinx XA6SLX25T

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