30 Oz Heavy Copper PCB – The Extreme Effective Solution to Thermal Management

Heavy copper PCB provide solutions to circuit problems in PCB manufacturing. You will find these PCBs in high-end and high-performance applications. Boards with more copper are more expensive. 30 oz copper PCB is an extreme heavy copper circuit board. We will be discussing 30 oz copper PCBs in this article.

What is 30 Oz Copper PCB?

30Oz Copper PCB is a type of heavy copper PCB with 30 ounces of copper. The copper thickness of this board is 41.1 mils. 30 oz PCB copper can be distributed on a square foot. If a circuit board features more than 5 ounces per square foot, it is an extreme heavy copper PCB.

Manufacturers pay more attention to the width and thickness of the copper in this PCB. This is because the current-carrying capacity of the PCB will depend on these factors.  30 oz copper PCB features 30 ounces of copper on the internal and external layers.

Benefits of 30 Oz Copper PCB

Heavy copper PCB offer better performance than thin copper PCBs. Higher copper thickness guarantees better current-carrying capacity. 30 oz copper PCBs offer a lot of benefits like:

Better thermal distribution

Due to its copper-plated vias, this board provides high thermal resistance. Also, 30 oz copper PCBs are well-suited in applications with high temperature-fluctuations. Due to the copper thickness of this board, it can survive varying temperatures. For instance, the PTH of this board increases at high ambient temperature.

Great mechanical strength

Basically, extreme heavy copper PCBs feature great mechanical strength. Therefore, 30 Oz copper PCBs enable a durable and robust electrical system.

High current

30 oz PCB conducts higher current. Therefore, this board is commonly used in the electrical industry. 30 Oz boards can connect various circuit boards to prevent any defects in currents. Without doubt, 30 oz PCBs feature great current carrying capacity.

Features on-board heat sinks

30 Oz copper PCB features heat sinks which help to achieve better performance. Heat transfers between layers through vias.

 Can withstand exotic material

Some electronic components may need exotic material. This type of material is prone to certain damages. However, the use of 30 oz copper PCB in such an application will protect the exotic material. This PCB can utilize exotic materials to the fullest without circuit failure.

Quick heat dissipation

30 oz copper PCB can dissipate heat at a faster rate. Overheating is a problem encountered in an electrical system. Also, this problem can lead to system failure. Therefore, 30 Oz copper PCBs are ideal in electronic devices that generate much heat. 30 oz PCB helps to dissipate excess heat and maintain overall temperature.

Applications of 30 Oz Copper PCB

You will find 30 Oz copper PCB in applications like:

  • Amplification systems
  • Planar transformers
  • Power converters
  • Power controllers
  • Inverters
  • Bus bars
  • Welding equipment
  • Rail traction systems
  • Military devices
  • UPS systems
  • Overload relays
  • Torque controls
  • HVAC systems
  • Position control systems
  • Fuse blocks
  • Nuclear power applications
  • High power rectifiers

Thermal Management in 3 Oz copper PCB

Thermal management is an important factor in PCBs.  Manufacturers always strive to achieve great thermal management due to PCBs’ complexity. Thermal management is important in extreme environmental conditions and high-performance requirements.

It is important that heat dissipates from its source. If not, overheating of components would occur and there might be a system failure. However, 30 Oz copper PCB can provide a solution to this problem. This PCB can minimize the I2R losses. It can dissipate heat away from components. Therefore, it will reduce failure rates in PCBs.

30 Oz copper PCB employs heat sinks to help achieve heat dissipation. Heatsinks transfer heat away from the heat source. Copper vias connect the heat source on one side of the PCB to a large copper area on another side of the board.

The manufacturer uses conductive adhesive to bond the heatsinks to the copper surface. Heatsinks are either made of aluminum or copper. On-board planar also help to accomplish secondary-to-secondary and primary-to-secondary dielectric isolation. Also, manufacturers can split primary windings. They can then sandwich secondary windings between the primary ones.

The copper plating in heat vias can minimize thermal resistance. Planar winding is conductive traces formed on copper laminate. They enhance the current density of the PCB compared to cylindrical wire conductors.

30 Oz Copper PCB Survivability and Strength

When fabricating 30 Oz copper PCB, there is a wide range of dielectric material to use. The strength of 30 Oz copper PCB also depends on the material used. Manufacturers use FR4, polyimide, and more in 30 Oz PCB fabrication.

In some cases, an extreme temperature may need an exotic material. However, will the plated vias and circuit traces survive the extreme temperature? A test method can help to evaluate the thermal integrity of a finished board. Thermal strains can result from different fabrication or assembly processes.

The thermal cycle testing examines the increase in a circuit’s resistance as it goes through air-to-air thermal cycling. When the resistance increases, there is a breakdown in electrical integrity. This can be a result of cracks in the copper circuit.

The use of extreme heavy copper PCBs will help to reduce or prevent these failures. Generally, the current carrying capacity of PCB depends on the amount of heat  a project can tolerate. This is because there is a relationship between current flow and heat rise.

The flow of current along a trace indicates a power loss that leads to localized heating. By conduction and convection, the trace cools down. Therefore, determining the maximum current of a trace involves estimating the heat rise related to the applied current. The best solution is to get a stable operating temperature. Here, the heating rate will be equal to the cooling rate.


30 Oz copper PCB is dealing with increasing demand for power and performance. This extreme heavy copper PCB offers great benefits. 30 Oz PCB dissipates heat faster. Thermal management is the driving force behind reliable performance of 30 Oz PCB. This PCB is specifically designed to transmit heavy currents.

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