Top Features and Benefits of Eagle PCB Manufacturing Software

PCB is the backbone of all electronics out there. Neither are they flashy as microprocessors, nor are they abundant like resistors, but they are necessary for connecting all circuit components correctly.

At RayMing, we love PCB design, so making this public is one of our main goals. All electronics enthusiasts can benefit from this skill. You will learn about Eagle PCB design with the help of this tutorial and many others.

Before anything else, we would like to elaborate on all reasons why you need to use Eagle for your PCB design. Read thoroughly to understand better.

Amazing Features of the Eagle PCB Manufacturing Software

Your electronic inventions can be brought to life with Eagle PCB design software’s editing tools, community features, and library content.

1. Schematic Editor

SPICE simulator, electronic rule checking, and design blocks are equipped with the schematic editor. Using the SPICE calculator, you can test out ideas. You can also check how well circuits function with SPICE simulation methods.

Modular design blocks can be transferred between projects via drag-and-drop and combined with PCB circuitry and schematics later. To make sure the accuracy of schematics, different electronic rule checks can be done to validate particular designs.

2. PCB Layout editor

With real-time design synchronization, all changes remain in sync automatically between your schematic and layout. There are some alignment tools. You can arrange and order the objects of your printed circuit board design with different tools. In addition, push routing follows all design guidelines. There are some new routing engines, design-rule checking, and obstacle avoidance routing.

3. PCB Library Content

Online libraries are established and planned by PCB for the upcoming designs. Moreover, we have precise 3D-printed circuit board models that guarantee a perfect fit in one go. Additionally, our components include parametric, 3D models, footprints, and symbols.

4. Online PCB Community

PCB community involves some user-language programs that improve usability and capabilities. The online PCB community also includes fusion-360 integration and one-click make.

Benefits of Choosing Eagle PCB Manufacturing Software

EAGLE software is also named PCB CAD software. Now we need to find out what makes this software so unique or special. Why is the Eagle PCB Software best for you? The reasons are here:

· Lightweight

EAGLE needs a disk space of around 50-200 MB, as compared to above ten gigs which may be needed for some advanced tools. Moreover, the installer has 25 MB of space. Hence, you are able to download or install it within minutes.

· Cross-platform

EAGLE has cross-platform, which is a big benefit of this software. We can use it on Mac, Linux, and even Windows. This characteristic is only found in this software among all PCB design tools.

· Community help

EAGLE is the preferable tool across all PCB communities to design PCBs. If you need to learn how an Arduino circuit board is made or incorporate a well-known sensor into layout or circuit design, you need to be sure that someone has already done and send it with EAGLE.

· Low or complimentary cost

There is a freeware version of EAGLE that provides all the necessary tools for designing nearly all PCBs. However, this tool is about two orders cheaper than other high-end tools if you want to upgrade to a higher plan or to make more profit on your design. 

Limitations and Challenges using Eagle PCB Manufacturing Software

The EAGLE printed circuit board design software certainly has some disadvantages. A better auto-router and handy tools such as 3D viewers, programmers, and stimulators may have characteristics of stronger design tools. We need to believe that EAGLE software has all the necessary features to design any intermediate or simple PCB. EAGLE is also a great place to start if you are new to PCB design.

Control System or Panel of the Eagle PCB Manufacturing Design Tool

EAGLE also installs just like other programs. We can run this download file easily. You only need to open this file and follow the installation instructions. EAGLE is free to use; this is one of the best features. This is a learning license that can be used for personal or non-commercial use.

The Control Panel view will appear first when you open EAGLE. This is the main control panel of EAGLE. All other software modules are connected by this.

Let’s explore six different trees on this control panel. Each software highlights distinct features.

Design Rules

The design board must follow the guidelines before sending it off for fabrication. DRU files are present in the tree; these are established guidelines.

· Libraries

This section has some portions. These are the combination of schematic symbols and PCB footprint. These libraries are made up of parts that are related to each other.

· Scripts (SCR)

You can use these files to modify the user interface. You adjust your preferred scheme of colors and key bindings with just a single click.

· Projects

In this section, you can manage all your projects in a single folder. Gerber files, design of board, and schematics all are involved in these projects.

· CAM Jobs

By using a CAM processor, you can open up these CAM jobs. It will help in making the Gerber files.

· ULPs 

The scripts known as ULPs are written in EAGLE’s User Language. Whether it is graphic importation or the creation of BOM (bill of materials), you can use it in both automation procedures.


You have learned a lot by now about why EAGLE’s PCB design is ideal for your PCB requirements. It is good for new users of PCB design because it has a number of ideal features.

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