Types and Use Cases of Electronics PCB PCBA

Printed circuit boards are in most electronics we use. These boards serve as the underlying hardware that offers electrical connection and mechanical support to electronic devices.

What is Electronics PCB?

Electronics PCB are a crucial part of any electronic device that features various electronic components. These components are like capacitors, resistors, and more. These components are all embedded in a circuit board that offers mechanical support to them. There are several processes required to design a printed circuit board.

Furthermore, electronics PCB PCBA play a crucial role in our everyday lives. This is because most electronic devices we have around us comprise electronics PCB PCBA. Also, electronic devices need hundreds, thousands, or millions of electronic components to function. Therefore, PCBs make it possible to integrate these electronic components in devices.

These boards offer an electronic platform for the placement of several electronic components and as well offers connection between these components. Also, electronics PCB PCBA comprises copper conductors used to create electrical connections between the components.

An electronics PCB PCBA is an electronic assembly that comprises components and offers a packaging for the deployment of electronic circuits in an end product. Also, this sandwich-like board comprises conducting and insulating layers to help hold electronic components in place. There is electrical connection between these components is a result of the traces available in the PCB.

Also, these components are carefully soldered on the pads. Therefore, this creates a connection between the component and the track. Electronics PCB PCBA helps to place components and connect components with tracks in several layers. This PCBA features two primary layers which are the conducting layer and non-conducting layer.

Types of Electronics PCB

PCBs consist of several conducting copper layers. These layers are often stacked upon each other with a prepreg between them. The prepreg serves as an insulating material that creates a bond between copper layers. As regards the number of conducting layers, electronics PCB PCBA are in three different categories which are:

Single layer

A single layer or single sided PCBA is the most fundamental type of PCB that comprises a single copper layer. The tracks of this PCB are either printed or etched on the substrate layer. Also, this type of PCBA is commonly used in electronics such as LED driver circuits, toys, etc. These PCBs consume a lot of space since it is impossible to overlap the tracks. Therefore, double layer and multilayer PCBs were introduced to provide solutions to these problems.

Double layer

This type of electronics PCB PCBA features a copper layer available below and above the substrate. Having the two sides coated with copper helps to offer more space. With more space, it is easy to route traces. Also, a double layer PCB helps to make the circuit more compact. Vias help to connect the two layers. The PCB assembler places the vias through holes.


A multilayer PCB features over two conducting layers. This PCB comprises many double-sided boards carefully stacked upon each other with insulating layers between them. These layers are carefully sandwiched by the insulating layer known as prepreg. High temperature and pressure helps to sandwich these layers over each other.

Furthermore, multilayer electronics PCB PCBA is widely integrated in high-frequency electronic circuits such as microcontrollers, motherboards, etc. the several layers of the circuit board enable the isolation of low and high power lines from signal lines to prevent signal loss and interference.

Materials Used in Electronics PCB PCBA

PCBs comprise various materials and substrates. The type of material used depends on the application requirements and operating conditions. PCB designers often choose the material according to some factors like flame retardance, mechanical strength, and dielectric constant. Furthermore, the core substrate creates the middle layer in a circuit. Below are the materials integrated in electronics PCB manufacturing:


Laminates comprise sheets of prepreg bonded together with pressure and heat. Also, they feature sheets of copper foil. Once the resin becomes hard, the laminates look like plastic with copper foil.


This is a resin-coated glass fabric. They are usually made of different material types like teflon, FR4 epoxy resin, and others. Once you expose the resin in the prepreg to very high temperatures, it melts. The prepreg will then get to a thermosetting point where it re-hardens.

Solder mask

Solder mask is green color insulating layer. It is usually layered on the traces to avoid oxidation of the copper traces when you expose it to moisture. Also, they avoid any shorting of tracks when you place a conducting material on the live PCB. Furthermore, solder mask enhance the life span of a circuit and offers space for silkscreen application.


This is another common material used in PCB fabrication. Silkscreen is an ink trace that marks the names components. Also, silkscreen allows PCB users to read PCB. Silkscreen also helps with troubleshooting.

Applications of Electronics PCBA

Electronics boards are available in almost all electronic devices. You will find them in mobile phones, LED lamps, and even the smallest device. The application of PCB keeps increasing as there are more demands for electronic products. PCBs play crucial roles across industries.

Consumer electronics

Consumer electronics like kitchen appliances, smartphones, televisions, and more comprises electronic boards. These boards serve as the backbone of these devices. They are responsible for the functioning and performance of these devices.


The health care industry relies on printed circuit board for the manufacturing of medical devices. You will find electronics PCB PCBA in medical devices like electronic scanners, measuring, and monitoring equipment. These devices need to work with high accuracy and precision. Therefore, it is crucial to pay careful attention during the fabrication and assembly of medical electronic boards.


Military devices feature electronics PCB PCBA. These PCBAs play a crucial role in the functioning of military devices. Also, military devices often demand high frequency electronic PCBAs since they work under very harsh environmental conditions.


Electronics PCB PCBA is the foundation of most modern day electronic devices. Also, the electronic PCBA allows the integration of several electronics components. Without electronics PCB PCBA, our devices won’t function.

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