How PCB West Conference and Exhibition is Re-shaping the PCB Industry

The PCB industry is a vast one. Therefore, several conferences and exhibitions are held. Also, it is important that PCB manufacturers keep evaluating the standards of the industry. Some events take place so as to ensure quality is still maintained in the industry.

What is PCB West?

PCB West is the biggest conference for PCB fabrication, design, and assembly. This conference has been existing for years. Also, PCB West offers PCB training to engineers, assemblers, and designers. For 30 years, this conference has trained PCB assemblers and designers on how to manufacture printed circuit boards.

Furthermore, PCB west is a four-day conference and a day exhibition. In this conference and exhibition, PCB designers and assemblers are specifically trained on everything related to circuit boards. Over 2,50o fabricators, engineers, and assemblers register for this conference. Registration must take place before attending this conference.

PCB West exhibition is something you wouldn’t want to miss. At the exhibition, there is a display of a wide range of electronic devices. Everyone in the electronics supply chain can get something. PCB West gives opportunities to connect with colleagues, experts, and peers in the PCB world. Also, you can connect with engineers, fabricators, and assemblers across the world.

It is an open conference attended by assemblers and engineers from all parts of the world. This conference is an opportunity for people to gain more knowledge about PCB. Furthermore, you can get practical and in-depth training from leaders and experts in the industry. You can improve your skills and knowledge by learning from experts and the best.

This conference can help you to discover the most recent innovations in the PCB and electronics industry. Also, PCB West helps you to widen your knowledge and skill as regards PCB design, assembly, and fabrication. The PCB industry keeps evolving. Therefore, it is crucial to learn more and get up-to-date information.

What does PCB West Offer?

PCB West is a conference and exhibition for PCB design, assembly, and fabrication. The three major visions of this conference include connect, learn, and explore.


Connecting with your peers and colleagues in the PCB industry is a great opportunity. PCB West offers this opportunity. Also, you can connect with assemblers, engineers, and fabricators from several places in the world. Therefore, this exposes you to diverse skills and knowledge in the industry. Furthermore this conference offers opportunities for partnership among industry leaders.


Learning is an integral part of life, so is the PCB industry. Also, learning is a continuous process. No one is an island of knowledge. PCB West helps you to get practical and real information from experts. Also, this conference helps you to increase your knowledge and improve your skills. With the constant advancement in the PCB industry, learning new skills is crucial.


PCB West helps you to discover the most recent innovations. This conference has an electronics supply chain where there are leading suppliers. These suppliers share knowledge about the most recent services, products, and softwares. The PCB industry demands innovation and digital transformation. Therefore, newer processes and technologies are being introduced.

More Facts about PCB West 2022

PCB west 2022 will be discussing major topics and challenges in the PCB industry. Some of these topics are:

How to make intelligent material decisions

In this conference, Michael Creeden will be discussing how to make intelligent decisions on PCB materials.  With the increasing needs in the hybrid circuitry of today, it is now common to find all types on a circuit board. PCB West will discuss how hybrid materials can help to solve the problems of most hybrid circuits.

With this topic of discussion, there will be several illustrations on how to construct and find solution to most of the concern of 5G performance challenges. Also, this conference will address the solvability of HDI and signal integrity.

Furthermore, attendees will learn the basic EM theory with emphasis on the process and material solutions that aid routing application. This will begin with rules definition, data capture, and automation of tool. Also, there will be more emphasis on how EM fields manage circuit technologies in several market segments. Furthermore, there will be more concern on integration between manufacturing and design in the earliest stage of the development cycle.

PCB West will discuss different topic like:

  • EMI shielding, routing techniques, placement, and power delivery
  • Technological challenges in PCB design and manufacturing
  • Rationale for HDI consideration

Best-in-Class for PCB Design

Stephen Chavez, Siemens will be addressing this topic. . This topic will be focusing on how to integrate the horsepower of EDA tool.  Also, the speaker will share a success story as regards the reuse of hardware IP design.

PCB designers need to optimize the automation in EDA tools. It is not just about pushing that magic button. There is more to it. Also, PCB designers now design compact and complex circuits that feature physical packages much smaller than before. However, PCB designers are addressing mechanical, thermal, and electrical variables in a higher complexity level as a result of the industry evolution.

PCB designers are designing circuit board that feature faster edge rates and signal speeds. The mechanical and electrical design complexity is a challenge. Also, there are more challenges like the producibility and manufacturing complexity. These challenges all make PCB design a complex system.

Therefore, understanding and knowing what you are doing is crucial to achieving success in PCB design. The tools provided by EDA can help to harness the horsepower and capitalize on the full ability.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is PCB West 2022 hold?

PCB West 2022 conference will be holding on the 4th of October to 7th of October, 2022. The exhibition will be holding on the 5th of October, 2022.

Where will PCB West 2022 hold?

PCB West 2022 will be held in Santa Clara Convention Center, in California, United States.

Which organizations sponsored PCB West 2022?

Several organizations sponsored PCB West 2022. Such organizations include Sierra Circuits, EMA Design Automation, Ultra librarian, and more.


PCB West is a well attended conference and exhibition that seeks to bring assemblers, engineers, and fabricators across the world together. In this conference, there are several information and skills to learn. Also, this conference is an incredible opportunity for you to meet with industry leaders in the PCB and electronics world.

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