Why Choose POE PCB For Quick Turn Prototype?

Why Choose POE PCB For Quick Turn Prototype?

The POE Group Corporation Limited, of which POE Precision Electronics is a division, provides electronic manufacturing and services (world known as EMS).

Medium-sized businesses in the fields of electronics, such as consumer devices, digital products, radio telephony, industry planning and control, medical treatment, etc., make up the bulk of the company’s clientele. Their loyal clientele has provided invaluable momentum for the development of the business.

The entire team here at everlasting POE works tirelessly under the supervision of their upper management and industry professionals. Since its inception in 1996, POE has developed into a steady, healthy business.

Everyone in government agrees with them and backs their accomplishments 100%. POE, as the industry standard bearer, will take on a significant social duty and operation mission, compete aggressively on a global scale, and work tirelessly toward being the best PCB maker in the world.

POE PCB And Quick Turn Prototype 

The business specializes in producing 1-40layer products on short notice and in large quantities. Manufacturers design PCBs with precision and Top quality, low price, and the fastest delivery” as their guiding principle.

Why Choose POE PCB?

· Strong capabilities for original manufacturing equipment

They have spotless assembly halls and four state-of-the-art SMT lines. The company’s placement accuracy on integrated circuit parts is chip +0.1MM, which means they can handle practically any type of IC, such as SO and BGA. They can also assemble and fabricate final goods, as well as install 0201 chips and other through-hole components.

· Enhance the high quality of the products

They promise to always strive to enhance the quality of their offerings. Both their business and their wares are free of harmful substances as per the certification of ISO, CE, and RoHS markings. In addition, they are actively pursuing QS9000 and SA8000 accreditations.

Inviting domestic and international clients is something they encourage wholeheartedly.

· Fabrication of POE PCB

With an annual capacity of production of more than 15 million square feet, POE PCB was founded in Shenzhen in 1996 and is one of the top PCB manufacturers in China, providing High-tech PCB products such as FR4 PCBs, Multilayer PCBs, Aluminum PCBs, and Gold Finger PCBs, and Rogers PCBs.

POE PCB is a one-stop shop for solving all your technological problems. POE will do what it can to meet the needs of its customers and help them reduce their marketing time so that they can gain a competitive edge.

They remain dedicated to maximizing value for their clientele by responding to their specific needs while also meeting the needs of the market for PCBs.

· Express Delivery

  1. Turnaround time for double-sided PCBs such as in 24 hours or less
  2. For up to ten layers, it’s 2-4 days.
  3. For more than ten layers, it’s a week.
  4. To reduce the time it does different things, such as it takes to bring a new product to market, cutting expenses, and seize an early foothold in the market.

POE PCB Assembly

POE offers PCBA assembly for MASS manufacturing runs of low to medium volumes. The professional SMT factory employs cutting-edge tools like high-quality stencil printing, SMT chip pick & place, soldering reflows, in-line testing, and steel mesh production. They ensure Quality control by different things such as the use of an X-ray machine and AOI testing machines.

With prototype numbers or low- to medium-volume production runs, POE provides turn-key PCB assembly solutions OEM. Everything from ordering parts to producing PCBs to assembly to testing to shipping is their responsibility of them. They are skilled in leadless package assembly, namely, BGA, Micro-BGA, QFN, and others.

· Surface Mount Technology

POE ensures that all its products are compliant with IPC2 requirements. With 18 years of experience, POE provides a cost-effective, high-yield solution for any SMT application, including the placement of BGAs, UBGAs, CSPs, and thin pattern passives down to 0201.

· Pin Through Hole

The ability to store radial component sizes on tape and reel. A 40″ by 40″ PCB is the largest allowable. Component loss should be a minimum at 99% while placement speeds approach 15000 pieces per hour.

· RoHS Regulations

There are two distinct approaches to dealing with POE, such as Soldering without lead and with lead, both exist. Each room with a solution should be in half to avoid any confusion.

· Selective Wave Solder

Boards with wave solder, such as multiple grounds and power planes, high-current connectors, or an A-typical distribution of components, are no problem for POE’s Selective Wave soldering equipment. There were no unchecked AOIs before the QC. IPQC.

· Conformal coating

There is the option to either spray the coating vertically or dip the item. The electronic assembly is protectable against things such as contaminants, salt spray, moisture, fungi, dust, and corrosion by a non-conductive dielectric layer applied to the printed circuit board. After being coated, the material can be seen in all its transparent, reflective glory.

· Complete Box Build

Materials management for all parts, electromechanical parts, plastics, print, and packaging material is part of the complete “Box Build” solutions.

Quick Turn Prototype

· Assembly of Prototype PCB in One Day.

The company offers a comprehensive service for printed circuit board design, fabrication, and assembly. They make them the go-to choice for PCB and assembly in China. They focus on short and medium production runs and have flexible order minimums and quick turnaround times.

· Undisturbed Transition for PCB Assembly

You won’t have to deal with multiple vendors. Because POE manufactures and controls the entire process of assembling printed circuit boards. When you go with POE, you can rest assured that your PCBs will go straight to their in-house Assembly Department.

· TRUSTED Accuracy State-of-the-Art Capabilities

Single-sided and double-sided PCB placement is possible with Surface Mount Technology (SMT), Thru-hole, and combined technology (SMT with Thru-hole). Ball Grid Arrays (BGA) as small as.4mm pitch with X-Ray examined placements, Fine Pitch components as small as 15 mil pitch, and a lot more are all supported.

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