Top 16 Printed Circuit Board Assembly Companies in World

Printed Circuit Boards are now commonly produced for the application of different sectors. These offer an adjustable amount of connectivity. This nature of connectivity is essential for resistors and other forms of circuits like integrated circuits. The domain of electronic components cannot serve without the attachment of printed circuits in the entire configuration.

The expectations and needs of electronics are increasing at a rapid pace. So the quality and performance of the circuits need to be at par for the sake of the consumers. This is why the manufacturing will be executed at a larger scale. We are going to discuss the aspects of printed circuit board assembly and the companies that offer this service in detail. 

Different Types Of PCB assembly services companies 

Everyone wants a reliable company that helps them with accurate printed circuit assembly. So they can avoid complications. Also, the assembly would last longer with professional assistance. They can also produce printed circuit designs as well.

In this section, we are going to shortlist some major types of printed circuit assembly companies that can serve you well in this regard. 

·  One-Stop PCB Assembly Process Company

The One-Stop P.C.B. Assembly Company will deal with all of their client’s problems. It means it’s a one-stop solution for you. Also, such companies would help you save your budget and other expenses as well.

Their clients don’t have to consult with multiple companies for individual services. Instead, these would get you everything from designs to printed circuit assembly. Also, additional services like the assembly of P.C.B. orders. Also, shipping and bulk production are a part of their offered services. 

· Partial turnkey PCB Manufacturing Company

Another type of company in this regard is the partial turnkey company. The objective of the company is to emphasize the trends in this domain. Are their services really reliable for their customers? Also, these would provide you with outsourcing projects as well, if needed in some cases. 

The Best Printed Circuit Board PCB Assembly Companies in the World

Now we are going to weigh down different companies in this regard. They are experts in professional assembly. Also, their features and what set them apart from other rivals. You will get a vivid idea about these companies below. These companies are operational in different regions of the world. These don’t have any orders. So let’s start checking out these companies for you. 

1. Ray PCB Industry

It is a huge contributor to the overall success of this sector. The company runs its business from China. The main focus of the company is the multi-layer printed circuit board types. However, that’s not it. You will get impressed with other brilliant attributes of the company as well. From one-layer to multi-layer circuit boards, the company handles it all. Their designs and prototypes of printed circuits are remarkable in their performance.

Also, the production of rigid and flex circuits from this company has many vast applications in different electronics. The company has been offering its services for many years. Also the company can also produce the S.M.T. assembly for S.M.D. devices as well. Active customer support is another feature. The delivery is quick and flawless products would make your digital life a lot easier. 

2.  Advanced Circuits PCB companies

The company is important to consider for its designs of printed circuits. The company has secured its firm position in the market due to its astonishing style of offering services. It’s among the top three producers of printed circuits. The company focuses on the feasibility of its consumer base. The services include modification of the models.

Also, the company offers different electrical solutions that can be used to prove ease to the users. The concepts of the company are beneficial to use in the production of micro vias, microwaves, and R.F. boards. The company leverages its advanced technology in the bulk production of its products. Also, the designs of the printed circuits of the company can be used in the domains of aerospace, defense, and other fields. 

3.  RedBoard Circuits for advanced PCB manufacturing

RedBoard Circuits is an American assembly company that is operational in Taiwan and china. Due to its persistent performance and client satisfaction, the company has made its place in the hearts of several users. It’s another one-stop company that deals with all the services related to printed circuits. 

 The company also offers you different types of products that can be used as components in electronics. Also, these can be used individually in some cases. 

  • Produces Microwave and Radio Frequency products
  • Single Sided Printed Circuit Boards for vast applications
  • Manufactures Aluminum and Metal Cores used in the commercial sector
  • Offers Double Sided P.C.B.s that are important for different electronics
  • Deal with the manufacturing of Epoxy Plugging
  • Produces Castellated Holes and Countersink remarkably

4. PCBWay

PCBWay is a complete package when you need printed circuit services. The company likes to make the users of printed circuits a lot easier with their products. From designs to the whole production, the company has it all for its customers. The prototypes of the printed circuits are also reliable.

Additional services include the production of S.M.D. stencils and using modern techniques for the latest printed circuit production. So there can be no better option for you than this company. Complete customer satisfaction is their sole motive. Also, feasible shipment and product accuracy matter to the company as well. Also, the company uses pick and palace machines for the precise and fast production of the printed circuits and parts of the S.M.D. devices. 

5. J.Y. Circuit

J.Y. Circuit is another American producer. Also, the portfolio of the company is impressive that reflects the remarkable printed circuit services from the company. Due to this reason, the company has been successful in fetching a large consumer base.

The company is among the top American producer of printed circuits. Their designs, prototypes, and assembly all stood excellently with the help of professional technicians. The company offers a wide range of printed circuits, including flex circuits, rigid circuits, and many more. 

6. PCBGoGo

It is a good choice to consider for services related to printed circuits. The company successfully beats its rivalry with the support of its products and services. The employees of the company deal with all the client problems effectively. The company has been running for ten years. Also, it has gained a stellar portfolio of products, services, and client reviews as well.

Mass value fabrication is a highlight of this firm. So that they can produce your orders in bulk production. Customization of the prototypes and the assembly of printed circuits are the main services of the company. The printed circuits produced by the company are helpful for the domains of defense, aerospace, education, and many others. 

7. Epec Engineered Technologies

It’s among the leading American companies that are into offering different printed circuit services. The consumer base of the company is divided into different regions. The company offers professional and expert designing for printed citrus.

Also, the products of the company would be reliable for the domains of medical and aerospace. The solutions proposed by the company are reliable in terms of longevity and premium performance. 

8. ChinaPCBOne

If you are looking for a trustworthy company, then this one should be on your list. The company has gained much reputation for its printed circuit board services. The company operates from china and also outsources to other competing firms. The designs and the prototypes are also dependable in terms of quality and performance. The company takes great pride in its portfolio. The consumer base is impressive as well. 

Below are some important highlights of the company: 

  • Premium designs of printed circuits
  • Turnkey P.C.B. Assembly by efficient professionals
  • Usage of reliable parts of the printed circuits
  • Production of printed circuits that are multi-layer
  • Mid-range effective production of printed circuit boards
  • Manufacturing of prototypes of printed circuit boards

9. A-Tech Circuits

A-Tech Circuits will outperform its rivals on all counts. The firm offers excellent assembly for printed circuits. Therefore the company boasts an impressive consumer base. The company generates revenue with the help of its prototypes. The bulk production would leverage the firm’s professional expertise in a workable manner. The prototypes are also efficient for the later production of the printed circuits.

The firm executes an extensive quality control method for the prototypes. So that the most efficient prototypes would get shortlisted for the consumers. Also, the same method applies to the production of P.C.B.s.The additional services offered by the company are an impressive assembly of printed circuits. Production of low to mid-range production of printed circuits is also of premium quality. 

10. Shenzhen Mincom Technic

The company is exceptional in addressing major client problems. Also, the active customer support would be its one impressive highlight. The firm is a Chinese one for printed circuit board production and assembly as well. The portfolio of the firm offers a wide range of services and products. There is a huge workforce of professionals that are associated with the company. So that they can promote the services of the company across Europe and other regions.

The company has its ties in different regions. Due to this reason, it can execute its solutions for its clients, partners, and consumers. Thus don’t forget to learn more about this firm on a deeper level to get more information about their style of work as well. 

11.  A.C.T. International L.L.C.

The company deals remarkably with the designs and assembly of printed circuit boards. The company is an American firm and deals with a large network of consumer bases for their problems. The company steps up in the sector by keeping itself to the trend. The company is exceptional in offering its services and products. They never compromise on the perfection and quality of their products.

Plus, the services are planned as per the needs and problems of the clients. The company relies on the latest technology for the execution of services like those mentioned above. From designs to the entire production of the printed circuit board, you can trust the company on all counts. Also, the firm stringently follows its guidelines for the assurance of the quality of its products and services. 


SUNGHOM is another firm that offers printed circuit board assembly. The main objective of the company is to satisfy the customers by all means possible. Also, it’s a leading firm and works incredibly to tackle the complaints of the clients. A complete package for users who are looking for full P.C.B. services.

The company is a large firm and conducts all the possible services for printed circuits. No matter if it comes to assembly or production, the company covers it all impressively. Never disappoints you as well. Also, the products of the company can be effectively used in the production of several types of printed circuits. 

13. NexLogic

The company is considering its affordable services. For users who need something in a budget-oriented range, then the firm would be your choice. The company is a Californian firm. Also, the company stands firm on its motto of providing its products that are reliable. The major domains that cannot survive without the products offered by these products are defense, medical, military, and more. 

14. Hitech Circuits Company Limited

Hitech Circuits is a well-established Chinese firm that has been paving a successful road for itself for many years. The assembly of printed circuits service offered by the company has been celebrated by many consumers. The additional services like designing and production of the printed circuit boards are also precise. The company is expanding itself gradually to meet the expectation of its consumer base. The company will also deal with the flex printed circuit boards at large for the users. The company also focuses on the fine manufacturing of printed circuit boards as well. 

 Let’s have a look at the services offered by Hitech circuits:

  • Offers Full Turnkey P.C.B. Assembly to the users
  • Manufacturing of High-Density Circuit Boards for installation in the electronics
  • Component Sourcing for feasibility
  • High-Density Interconnection (HDI) production 
  • Manufactures Rigid P.C.B.
  • The use of High-Frequency P.C.B. Materials, such as Polyimide, and Taconic that can be used in different electrical products

15. TechnoTronix

TechnoTronix is another firm that expertly specializes in the services of printed circuit boards. The major services of the company are: 

  • production of printed circuit boards
  • generating prototypes for the printed circuits
  • offering assembly for printed circuit boards
  • customized production of printed circuits

These services relate directly to the needs and expectations of the customers. The form can easily adjust to the requirements of their clients to customize these services for them. The company has always been a hot demand in the market for users. The products manufactured by the company have applications in the fields of telecommunication, medicine, solar energy, and many more. 

16. OnBoard Circuits

OnBoard Circuit is a leading firm in the P.C.B. sector. It has been functional for several years. Completely specializes in the design and production of printed circuits. The company is also reliable for its precise printed circuit assembly. Also, the company tackles bulk production expertly. The prototypes of printed circuits of this company are also reliable for different purposes. 

Things to Consider While Choosing Printed Circuit Board Assembly Companies 

There are different factors to keep in mind while short listing a firm for the assembly of printed circuits. These factors directly relate to your upcoming experience with the company. So that you will get a vivid idea of weighing down the best possible features of the company. In this section, we will learn about all these important actors down below: 

·       Cost

The cost plans offered by the company should match your budget to avoid complications later. In this case, completely discuss their plans and your budget with them. Proper negotiation of the price would be helpful in coming to an affordable price. The expensive products and services have more quality than the cheaper ones. 

·       Component Sourcing

Some companies don’t have important production materials. Therefore trusted wholesalers are important for you to consider. These would provide the companies with all the important production materials to complete their orders. So it’s better to completely research the suppliers before hiring them. It can create either a positive or negative impact on the designs and products of the printed circuits. 

·       Customer Service

The customer support of the company should be active customer support. Some companies lack in this area. Leaving the customers with unaddressed problems. So the company you are hiring must be able to respond to you professionally. 

·       Full-Service or partial turn-key services

The full service and peril-turn key services are two important factors. You should check if the company has to offer additional services or not. The full-service company would be beneficial to get hired only once. The partial turn key companies are for outsourcing their projects with others. So make your choice vigilant to avoid problems. 

5 Tips to Find the Best PCB Assembly Company

There are some factors that would help you find the best companies for P.C.B. assembly. Your quest will get much easier in this way. Here we are going to give some important factors that are going to be helpful in the process of shortlisting. Make sure to follow these to keep the complications and problems in this pursuit at bay. Let’s dive deeper into these factors.

·       Identify Unique Needs

A company must be able to meet your needs. Their products and services will be in vain if they don’t address your problems or project requirements. So discuss with the company about your requirements in detail so that they can offer you befitting services in this aspect. 

·       Reasonable Timeline 

Give them a reasonable timeframe. Don’t make them rush your projects. In this case, there can be more chances that the company will complete your projects in a hurry. Making it more prone to undergo mechanical faults and other errors. So always discuss with them a workable deadline. There are many cases where the clients gave unworkable deadlines that the companies were unable to meet. It resulted in project failure in the end. 

·       Weigh Experience

Always rely on companies that are seasoned professionals. A company having an experience of 10-20 years of experience is more likely to serve you well. Their products, equipment, and services would be reliable enough in the long run instead of going with a firm that is budding. Having an experience of 2-3 years is not enough to manage bulk orders and client requirements and maintain the standard of services and products for the clients. 

·       Quality Control

Quality control is a factor that you cannot ignore. Make sure the company doesn’t compromise on the quality of its products. Defected P.C.B.s cannot serve you longer. Instead, they would show poor performance quite early. Companies that would not take care of quality control cannot provide you with reliable products at all. 

·       Synergistic Relationships

Make sure you debate with the professionals and associates of the company. Look for synergistic relationships. Their behavior and conduct with their subordinates. How do they leverage their skills? What are their objectives? What are other clients saying about them? The overall vision of the company also matters when you want to hire a company for the assembly of printed circuits. 

Final Thoughts

Here we go! We have discussed different aspects related to P.C.B. assembly for you. So that you can have a complete guide in this aspect. The best companies for P.C.B. assembly are for relying on them in the longer run. Make sure you stick to these guidelines for the safer side. Pcb assembly is a critical matter. Always hire quality and competent companies for this purpose. There have been incidents where users got trapped with false companies. So due to this reason, make sure you don’t face any such situation. It’s better to follow these factors to weigh down the best companies in a short period of time. This will keep you from the fuss that can hit you later in this whole process. 

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