Advantages of PCBway Flexible PCB

If you have been wondering about the advantages of pcbway, you have come to the right place. Here you will learn everything you need to know about the flexible PCB. This is an excellent option for those who want to build flexible circuits but don’t have the budget for a rigid one. It will help you create circuit boards with smaller traces and more layers. It also offers minimum plated hole sizes of 0.6 mm.

PCBWay Review

PCBWay is the only manufacturer in the world with an on-time delivery rate of 99%. They are committed to providing their customers with high-quality PCBs in the fastest possible time. They can make up to 14 layers of PCBs and use various materials. Their process and equipment specifications make it easy for you to see how your PCB will look before it leaves their factory. The following are just a few features you can expect from a PCBWay order.

PCBWay’s website is easy to navigate and clearly describes its different services. It also offers a variety of payment methods and makes it easy to see the status of your order. In addition, the PCBWay website offers a price chart based on volume and other parameters in a clear and easy-to-understand format. As a result, you can choose the most convenient payment method depending on your budget.

PCBWay’s fast turnaround and competitive pricing mean that they will review your design within 48 hours. Once approved, they will move your PCB to a “Production Status,” where fabrication can begin. Finally, they will ship your order within 24 hours, which is an excellent benefit if you work on a high-volume R&D project. PCBWay makes high-quality PCBs using the highest precision and accuracy, which is why it is so popular with electronics companies and R&D labs.

Benefits of using PCBWay

The flexibility of a flexible PCB makes it ideal for many applications, including military, medical, and aerospace. They have fewer chances of circuit failures, require less maintenance, and are much cheaper than rigid PCBs. This versatile circuit board comprises a flexible rectangular flex-PCB with twelve delta-connected coils. They can also modify the design to meet the specific requirements of your project.


PCBWay’s technology combines the advantages of rigid and flexible PCBs, eliminating extra connections. This makes manufacturing more efficient and less costly. In addition, a PCBWay enables a designer to create innovative and useful boards. Whether designing a custom circuit board or developing a flexible PCB for an electronic device, PCBWay can help you achieve your design goals.

The manufacturing process of a flexible PCB is similar to that of a traditional circuit board. The two main differences are in the materials they use. The first step is to transfer circuit graphics to a plate. The second step is to apply a chemical or electroplating solution that removes the part that is not useful. The second step is to apply the protective coating. When this is complete, the printed circuit board is ready for assembly.

PCB assembly

PCBWay provides complete turnkey assembly services. With their online pricing system, you can easily receive a quote for PCB assembly. The company has a large network of reliable, competitive parts suppliers, making it easy to handle all your jobs under one roof. This makes the process seamless, fast, and convenient. You don’t have to be an electrical or hardware engineer to get a customized PCB.

The assembly process is an essential component of the PCBWay process. This service involves placing components, soldering, and stenciling. Unlike other PCB services, this service requires a high level of labor. This is because it places hundreds of SMT components on a PCB surface. In some cases, a PCBWay assembly service performs the entire assembly process. If the component you need to use is expensive or rare, you may want to consider outsourcing the assembly process.


A PCBONLINE is another company that offers quality products at reasonable prices. For example, they can deliver a flexible PCB sample within three days or a batch within five. In addition to flexible PCB assembly, PCBWay offers SMT stencils, PCB layout, and PCB design. All of these services are available at affordable prices. You can even get discounts for bulk PCB orders. In addition, they offer free quotes, and they have a fast turnaround time.


In terms of thickness, flex PCB can have several different layers. The thickness selection process is similar to rigid PCB, but some additional options exist. Thickness and the number of layers can affect the cost of a flex PCB. There are also color options, including solder mask/coverlay and silkscreen. You can also choose whether to plate the edge terminals with gold. These options will increase the flexibility of your flexible PCB and make it more flexible.


PCBWay also provides a complete service for electronic prototyping. The company employs over 70 engineers and technicians to ensure quality and delivery. It is an ISO 9001-certified company and sources materials from trusted companies. Customers can also select base materials, the number of layers, silkscreen colors, and surface finishes.


PCBWay accepts a variety of payment methods. The company also offers various shipping options based on your country of residence. You can also pay using PayPal and VISA. You can get a non-complex PCB prototype for under $5. One can also order a PCB assembly without parts for $30. Besides offering excellent service, PCBWay has CNC machining facilities that perform turning and milling. These facilities can produce multiple parts quickly and easily.

User friendly

PCBWay’s website is simple to navigate. Its main ordering page provides links to all of the company’s services. In addition, you can request a formal quote from their website or fill out an instant quote calculator to get an idea of the cost of your project. In addition to English, the site is also available in Russian, Spanish, French, Japanese, and Russian. Its community is huge and active.

PCBWay’s website is easy to use and well designed. It offers a directory of common PCBs and pricing by volume. Pricing is straightforward to understand. There is also a fast quote calculator and a formal ordering form. You can easily order PCBs through the PCBWay website. And, if you aren’t convinced yet, visit their website for more information.


Flexible PCBs are ideal for various applications, and PCBWay offers a wide range of flexible PCBs. You can find high-quality flexible PCBs at an affordable price at PCBWay. The price is right, and the quality is unbeatable. Its versatility makes flexible PCBs the perfect choice for many different industries. A flexible PCB will allow you to design more innovative products, and the flexibility of these boards will help you reach your goals.

When designing a Flexible Circuits PCB, you should start with a schematic. If you don’t start with a schematic, it will be difficult to change or rework. You should only move onto the layout if your circuit is simple and well-defined. A linked schematic will help you verify circuit nodes and design rules. A robust PCB consists of curved traces and large clearances.

If you plan to make a flexible LED strip light, you should consider using a double-layer PCB. This circuit board has high stability and can handle a high current. The thickness of a flexible LED strip PCB is 1.6+0.14mm. It is made of FR4 Shengyi and PI, with a minimum aperture and line width/distance of 0.3mm.

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