Top 8 Companies for Printed Wiring Board (PWB

Printed wiring boards (PWB) are everywhere. Many of us don’t even realize when we’re using one. Everything from your phone to the microwave oven in your kitchen has a Printed Wiring Board as its most vital out of all electrical components.

The growing uses and demand of Printed Wiring Boards have given birth to an entirely new and rapidly growing industry for the manufacturing and assembly PWBs.

What is a Printed Wiring Board?

A printed wiring board is a circuit board that connects and supports electronic components in a machine or device. A printed wiring boards are very similar to printed circuit boards, and they are both essential for the smooth operation and efficient functionality of an electric device.

More recently, large manufacturing plants that are automated and digitized have also incorporated printed wiring boards. Printed wiring boards are customizable and built according to the specific needs of the machine they are to be a part of.

What is the Difference Between PWBs and PCBs?

While printed wiring boards and printed circuit boards have become interchangeable terms all over the world today, there is a slight distinction between the two. A PCB contains the entire circuitry of an electric system with complex functions.

On the other hand, a printed wiring board is a board without any electronic components. Both types of boards are made from conductive tracks and one or more layers that are copper laminated and attached to a nonconductive plastic panel. A PWC is a smaller, less complete version of a PCB.

Where Can I Get A Printed Circuit Board Assembly Service for My Business?

Because of the high competition in the PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly market, choosing which business to buy from can seem daunting. With so many reputable names, the list of companies to choose from is never-ending. We have compiled a list of the top 8 printed circuit board assembly and manufacturing companies to make your decision easier.

Top 8 Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers Acing PCB Fabrication

  1. Unimicron

A self-proclaimed leader in the printed circuit board manufacturing market, Unimicron is as consistent as it is efficient. The company focuses on providing the highest quality PCBs with fast processing. The customers can get their printed circuit boards customized and perfected in real-time. This ensures that their requirements are fulfilled to the dot. The company offers a wide variety of different types of PCBs as well as other innovative products and PCB assembly.

  • Rayming Technology

One of the industry’s pioneers, Rayming Technology operates with unparalleled customer service. The entire process of making a circuit board is completed in-house, almost in front of the customers.

They do this to incorporate customer feedback and involve them in the production process as much as possible. This gives Rayming a clear edge over its competitors because it improves the customer retention rate.

  • DSJB

All sectors of the economy have varying demands and uses for PCBs. Therefore, it is doubtful that any manufacturer or assembly service can satisfy a big chunk of the market. However, DSJB is a company out of the ordinary.

They have explored multiple avenues to diversify their product offerings and stay relevant in the industry. The company has over 32 years of experience and has continued to grow and innovate to remain among the top in the printed circuit board manufacturing and PCB assembly industry.

  • Shennan Circuits

While all other PCB companies take customers’ orders and deliver one that meets the exact requirements, Shenna Circuits goes the extra mile. They continually evolve and have successfully introduced innovative trends into their products and production processes.

They use a 3-in-1 production process, including designing the circuit board, assembly, and substrate packaging. They also perform micro-assembly of circuit boards and rigorous testing to deliver the highest quality product.

  • Kinwong

Kinwong is one of those companies that thrive on the relationships they develop with their customers. The circuit board designers at Kinwong work closely with their customers to listen to and fulfill their specific demands.

They manufacture telecommunication, medical, industry, and consumer electronics circuit boards. Their manufacturing facilities house the latest technology-backed-up engineering expertise that allows them to produce modern and conventional circuit boards.

  • Tripod Technology

Tripod Technology has gained popularity for its emphasis on the quality of board design. Their state-of-the-art technology and machinery used for assembling circuit boards give them a competitive edge over their competitors. Additionally, Tripod Technology has been wildly praised for its business model.

Unlike most competitors, Tripod Technology has prioritized the environment and included sustainable practices and processes in its production. They have managed to take the lead on including sustainability in the business model in this industry. This is because of their ongoing research and development.

  • Suntak PCB

One of the less popular names, but it is excellent, nonetheless. Sunak PCB was founded in 1995 and has since invested in a facility costing more than 3 million. Sunak PCB also manufactures electronic devices that are used in cars as well as for medical and industrial.

Sunak PCB provides its circuit production service to over 4500 people. However, each individual is given a guarantee to have their requirements fulfilled. Their PCB assembly services are also world-class.

  • China Fast Print

One of the company’s primary goals is to innovate using the right technology. China Fast Print provides world-class hardware in their circuit boards and has played a significant role in the growth and success of the printed circuit board industry in China.

It places special emphasis on customer service and takes customer feedback into consideration religiously. They also offer PCB assembly services that are ranked by customers as being one of the best in the industry.


Being confused about which company to trust with your printed circuit board needs is normal. However, it is always a good idea to research to tell apart the good ones from the ones that will scam you.

Make sure to ask friends, family, and colleagues for reviews on any of the companies mentioned in the list to gain further insight before making the final decision. Start small, then move towards more significant, complex printed circuit boards with advanced circuits.

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