Why 7Oz PCB is Best for your Electronic Devices

Often, electronic devices find it difficult to carry high current. This is where 7oz PCB comes in because it provides the best solution to this. The thickness of the copper in 7 oz copper PCB helps in serving PCB applications having a great current capacity.

Let’s go into more details of what 7oz PCB is all about.

What does 7Oz PCB Mean?

7 oz copper PCB has to do with the thickness of a PCB, having a copper of 198.4 gm or 7 oz in a square foot area per surface layer. Regarding this, this equates to about 9.59 mils of thickness.

This is very worthwhile for carrying loads of higher current. Its dielectric constant is low, while the decomposition temperature is high. Coupled with its effective cost, you can be sure of its usefulness in different PCB projects.

The copper’s thickness promotes the device’s functionality via a surface that is flatter. What this means is that 7oz PCB is a great option for PCB assembly, as well as in high-volume applications.

Applications of 7 Oz Copper PCB

With 7 Oz copper PCB, expect great benefits even to electric circuits that are complex. It has a superior performance which transforms it into wide use as a PCB solution today. Let’s consider their most significant uses.

Industrial Sector

The thickness of the 7 oz copper PCB is very relevant in many industrial sectors. It offers great robustness to your electronic devices.

Furthermore, this property plays a big role in raising its use in the industrial sector. These sectors include solar system, railway equipment, power adapters, welding equipment, aerospace technology, and automotive devices.

Military Applications

All military equipment usually requires a very high durability. This is to ensure it can stand against extreme mechanical and electrical forces. This is why the 7 oz copper PCB is necessary because it offers enough robustness to many electronic applications.

Communication System

When it comes to data transmission for communication systems, 7oz PCB offers great performance. They serve well in transmitter printed circuit boards. Besides, it is also useful in achieving the most effective function of antennas, power amplifiers, etc.

Benefits of 7Oz PCB

With 7Oz PCB used in your project, you can be sure of a great performance. Below are some of the benefits of this unique copper thickness. These include:

  • Thermal management
  • Current carrying capacity
  • It is cost-effective
  • Nature Friendly
  • Great functionality
  • It is very durable

Assembly Process for 7 Oz Copper PCB

The assembly of 7 Oz copper printed circuit boards serves as the major factor influencing the performance. The process below must be followed closely to ensure that the PCB assembly is well designed

  • First of all, laminate your copper foil, to have a copper thickness that is uniform
  • Next, drill the surface of your PCB
  • Then, on the drilled hole, plate copper on them. This step is necessary to join the copper PCBsdefinite portions. In this case, you can also use gold and nickel.
  • The next step is to conduct the etching of your PCB
  • Finally, place your components to work in line with the proper soldering design

Vias Present in 7Oz PCB

Now, vias play a huge role in connecting the layers of your PCB. Their placement is done in the drilled holes of the surface of the printed circuit board. The components make sure that electricity flow and heat conduction takes place between the layers of the 7 oz copper PCB.

The following vias are present in 7Oz PCB.

Buried Via

This links two internal layers. Furthermore, they make sure that electricity and heat is properly conducted in the PCB’s inner sections

Blind Via

Blind vias help in connecting the internal layer to an outer layer. This is why it is referred to as “blind”. Blind vias enhance thermal management in the layers of your printed circuit board. Note that you must maintain the right ratio (1.1:1), with respect to the diameter as well as the hole depth for blind vias.

Thermal Via

This type of via is very effective in heat distribution. To achieve the best results, you must place this thermal vias in a proper way.

7 Oz Copper PCB: Dielectric Materials

The7oz PCB features some dielectric materials, which are very effective. These dielectric materials help in bringing some flexibility to any devices you use it in. Let us consider these materials.


This is a blend of fiberglass and resin. With resin, your 7 oz copper pcb will make impedance stability possible. This also serves to maintain its halogen free nature.


7 Oz PCB is usually found in any fire retardant material like FR4. Usually, FR4 is seen in glass-based epoxy materials. It plays a big role in the thermal management of applications of printed circuit boards.

Also, PCB materials feature low harmful halogens and they are lead-free as well.

Composite Epoxy Materials (CEM)

This has to do with the joining of epoxy, glass, and phenol. CEM is used in THT and SMT of 7 Oz PCB.

Testing the Performance of the 7 Oz Copper PCB

Testing the performance of your 7oz PCB helps you confirm its performance. Below are some reliable inspection methods to use.

AOI Test (Automated Optical Inspection)

This draws a comparison between the 7oz PCB images with any perfect PCB. Therefore, this inspector recognizes and locates the PCB’s faults.

Here, the machine for automated optical inspection is used when conducting this test. This test is expensive, and this cost is attributed to the machinery’s high price.

In-circuit Test

The test is performed by the use of probes on the components of the printed circuit board. For inspection purposes, you may have to separate these components. This test checks the power, current rating, wrong placement, solder connections, and more.


With 7oz PCB, you can be sure of enjoying a great performance for your device. This is because you will get the best possible output of your electric circuits. We advise that you work with the best possible manufacturing service for your 7 Oz copper PCB. If you have further queries, feel free to reach out to us.

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