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All electrical gadgets have a PCB at their core. Because of this, premium PCBs are given special consideration by all producers of electrical devices. Low-volume Circuit board assembly is the manufacturing of less than 5000 circuit boards in a given time period. Thus, our company is your best choice if you’re searching for a low-volume Printed Circuit Board assembly firm.

Whenever the production of low-volume PCBs comes, most businesses don’t pay adequate attention. For tiny PCB hobbyists and small businesses, this is bad. We consistently give both high-volume and low-volume PCB hobbyists consideration. Several businesses also don’t provide any discounts for the assembly of low-volume PCB. Yet, we continue to offer our clients the finest rates. 

You don’t need to search far and deep for businesses that can supply PCB that meet your needs. We may thus handle you equally whether you are medium- or large-scale manufacturers.

Depending on the quantity of PCBs, the lead time for the assembly of low-volume PCBs in China might change. Nevertheless, We can design about 1000 PCBs in a single day. Hence, the lead time for assembly is between 1 and 5 days. The lead time for a turnkey PCB solution might range from 10 to 16 days.

Benefits Of Low-volume PCB Manufacturer

Low-volume PCBs are really advantageous financially. You may obtain all the PCBs you need when using the PCB testing procedure. As a result, it will save money. Considering that you won’t need to pay for all of those PCBs you would not ever use!

Moreover, some businesses provide discounts on even PCBs like low-volume PCBs. For instance, our company. This perk is also available to you! Also, you still have the opportunity to alter the PCB design if it doesn’t work for you.

Types Of Low-volume PCB Manufacturer

The manufacturing material affects the kinds of PCBs. The fundamental component of all circuit boards is the conductive substance. The most well-known conductive substance is core copper or copper foil, despite the fact that both materials use the same operating mechanism. Nevertheless, both the size and the length of time for production might differ. We are the finest choice if you’re seeking any kind of circuit board. You may purchase anything between the range of 25 – 5000 PCBs and still get a discount from us.

Our Low-Volume PCB Assembly Capabilities

Following are the capabilities of our assembly and manufacturing of turnkey PCBs.

  1. Our cutting-edge facility, equipped with cutting-edge equipment and machines, skilled teams, and a budget that can support low-volume prototype assembly, allows us to produce low-volume PCBs that meet the necessary criteria. By budgets, our company meant that we could need tooling for just a single board or just a prototype, but it is still worth the money and work since it will be used as a guide for many Manufacturers’ future PCB assembly.
  2. We follow thorough testing and inspection protocols. In addition to automated optical inspection, other testing methods include microscopic examination, x-ray examination, visual examination, and FPT.
  3. We provide flexible or rigid-flex single as well as double layered boards for the assembly of the low-volume PCB, which may only contain 200–250 PCBs or maybe less.
  4. Several component mounting techniques, including surface-mount and through-hole technology, are used for our low-volume PCB assembly and prototypes. Moreover, we provide chip-scale packaging (CSP), Micro BGA, ball grid arrays, and more.
  5. We employ sophisticated soldering methods such as selective wave, pb88, high melting point, and au80 solder techniques, along with leaded and RoHS-compliant types of solder. 
  6. Eagle, Gerber RS-274X, AutoCAD’s DXF, 274D, and file formats like DWG are all acceptable for PCB designs. This may be distributed with the Bill of Materials (BoM).

Advantages of Low-volume PCB Manufacturer

There are various benefits to opting for the assembly of Low-Volume PCB. Some of them are as follows:

  1. The best way to test a product is using a prototype or a low-volume Printed Circuit Board fabrication.
  2. There is a method or approach to placing electronic components on such boards. To examine or repair a specific circuit and component, for instance, we clear the area of any other components that can obstruct the test.
  3. In-depth testing of components allows you to determine whether they require any replacement or repair. Also, you may check for issues with compatibility with individual components.
  4. A design update may be made quickly and easily using bare boards.
  5. Low volumes allow for a more thorough investigation, which ultimately reduces costs and downtime of production. Fewer boards, layers, and components also contribute to this.
  6. A low-volume Printed Circuit Board assembly, particularly during prototype, allows the freedom even to rework the exact same board once you have a suitable design.

Benefits Of Partnering With RAYPCB As Your Low-volume PCB Manufacturer

In addition to the advantages of selecting low-volume PCB fabrication, working alongside us to meet these needs has benefits as well. These are a few examples.

  1. We possess all the necessary skills, experience, and technical knowledge to provide complete turnkey PCB production and assembly. All of the procedures have been simplified.
  2. We truly cater to everything when we claim we are indeed a complete service contract producer, including low-volume PCB fabrication. This includes system-level manufacturing integration, box building, trial runs of PCB fabrication, manufacturing, testing, packaging, delivery, and supply chain. This comprises any technical support you might need as a customer.
  3. Our clients may obtain the most effective and appropriate components and board materials thanks to our broad vendor network and supply chain experience. We can supply them on time, therefore shortening the time to market for the customers.
  4. Because we are quality-driven, we take especially small runs and prototypes extremely seriously. For manufacturing, testing, and vendor assessment, we employ DFT, LEAN, etc.
  5. Our outstanding after-sales staff specializes in after-sales assistance, installs, teething problems, maintenance, replacements, and other related tasks.
  6. Our excellent engineering teams provide a major emphasis on research and development (R&D), which results in continuous improvement, just as low-volume orders encourage further improvement, development, and benchmarking of Printed Circuit Boards for particular applications.
  7. Our low-volume Printed Circuit Boards, prototypes, and fabrication have been employed in the most important industries, including electronics, aircraft, heavy engineering, military, and healthcare.
  8. We provide the finest rates and quick turnaround.
  9. We are able to give our clients a high degree of customization to meet their unique requirements thanks to our expertise in working with clients from a variety of sectors and deploying our assemblies into their mission-critical activities.

Why Choose RayPCB To Build Your PCB Assembly?

· PCBA First Article:

For the turnkey customers, we offer a special first article service in which we deliver a small batch of your constructed PCBs which is perhaps 1-2 pieces, to customers for inspection before the major production run. If testing protocols are supplied to us, we will perform the very first item inspection (FAI) for you only if you wish to eliminate this time-consuming task and save precious time. BGA parcels and other complicated parcels may have their assembly quality checked using X-ray technology. Before the small batch of PCBAs is delivered, we can identify and fix any assembly errors thanks to the turnkey Printed Circuit Board Assembly methods.

· Cost-Down Consideration:

Cost is a major factor in low-volume PCB assembly projects for both customers as well as PCB assembly vendors. For repeat purchases, SMT stencil and NRE fees will be eliminated to save your expenses. BOM costs typically account for a sizable portion of low-volume assembly works. By locating each component amount with the main vendors and selecting quantities to acquire the best per-part pricing, we lower your per-part cost. In order to maintain part sourcing costs affordable without sacrificing our high-quality requirements, we have developed excellent partnerships with key suppliers in China and elsewhere throughout the course of our years of expertise, offering PCB assembly services internationally. We promise to provide you with the greatest PCB turnkey quality of service, pricing, and delivery time possible.

· Field We Served:

Owing to our dedication to quality assurance and continual improvement, we have amassed sizable customers from a variety of industries, including consumer electronics, security, telecommunication, vehicles, medicine, and semiconductors. To accommodate various quantity assembly requirements, we have specially constructed fast high- and low-volume production lines. As fast as the layout is finalized, we provide modest quantities, also for high-density Printed Circuit Board assembly. All PCBAs are subjected to strict quality tests and inspections before being sent to you.

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