How to Order PCB Online

The process of ordering PCBs has always been a challenge, whether they are PCBs for your next project or PCBs to run your business. Most of us go through the same pain of trying to find a PCB manufacturer that has what we need and the price we want, only to still end up with an incomplete order.

Many companies are now offering the option of ordering “Pick-and-Place” services. In other words, the manufacturer who makes it from raw material instead of sending you a CAD file will fulfill the PCB order. It has been a big help to many PCB designers because they do not have to find a PCB manufacturer to make their boards from scratch. The problem still exists that many companies that offer this service require you to place a large order for them to pay for the extra material and time needed for assembly.

Why ordering PCB is a good option

Have you ever thought to order PCB online for your project? Many people go to the store, find the circuit board they need and buy it without thinking about which one they are getting. They then realize that the board is not what they wanted or isn’t compatible with their project.

To prevent this from happening, it is essential to order custom circuit boards online. There are many advantages to doing this, including:

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Having a wider selection available to you

order pcb online

Many websites that offer circuit boards have a wide range of boards available for you to choose from. With the selection they provide, you can be sure to find the perfect one for your project.

It is also possible to design your circuit board online and get it shipped out within a few days. It is perfect for students who are working on projects with tight timelines.

Avoiding mistakes

One of the most significant drawbacks to ordering circuit boards in person is that people often make mistakes. It can lead to damaged boards or other problems with your project which are not your fault. If you buy PCB online, you have a guarantee that anything you need is there and ready for you.

Picking the right type of board

When looking for a circuit board, it is essential to think about what type of project you are working on. Categorizing the type of board you need will help determine the size and shape you need for your project.

As with any product, manufacturers do not create all circuit boards equally. The quality of the circuit board can significantly impact your project. So, it is essential to choose a cost-effective and high-quality one.

The price and availability of components

One of the biggest benefits making a printed circuit board order online, is that you can find just about any component you need for a lower price than buying it locally. It is because online stores buy in bulk and can pass those savings on to their customers.

Online stores also have various components available, so you can be sure to find the part you need to finish your project. Since online stores are more accessible, they are easier to shop at. It means that if you need to order PCB with components for your project, it is more likely that you will find them online.

PCB ordering

To make sure your PCB gets made from the proper materials, you need to work with a few PCB assembly facilities. When a PCB manufacturer receives a PCB design for manufacturing, they quickly solder the components onto a board without checking for errors currently. Errors can happen during soldering or be a cause of bad PCB materials the manufacturer is using. Other errors may occur during testing once they complete the boards at an assembly facility.

What you need to do is find a manufacturer that has an assembly line. Not only will they have you place your order here, but they will also accept other companies’ orders. You should review the assembly companies, so you are sure to get the best price. A good tip for finding an excellent company to work with is asking if they have any videos on YouTube that show what their facilities are like. It will give you a good idea of what you can expect from their company.

How do I order PCBs?

If you need a PCB manufacturer that can turn your file into working PCBs, you must contact the proper PCB manufacturer. You can search for a PCB manufacturer using the website “Findsemi.” The best way to choose a PCB manufacturer is to find a PCB Manufacturing Company online and see if they have an active website and contacts. Then contact the company and ask for a quote.

If you do not like what they offer, tell them why you don’t like it and ask if they can change their services. You also need to know that they will send the boards to you and that you need to pay them for this service. You can sometimes find PCB manufacturers that offer PCB assembly and test service for a small fee. It is another good way to save money on your PCBs. Now you understand why it is essential to work with the proper PCB manufacturer.

Want to Order PCB, Pls send PCB Files to Now

Is my design good enough?

The first step in making sure your design is good enough is looking at the board’s layout. A common problem with PCB designs is that most manufacturers place the components very close to each other. The closer components are to each other, the more likely they will cause problems. The other issue that happens often is that they place parts of the design inside of vias, which causes shorts inside the board.

When checking for shorts, you need to use a multi-meter, but you need to know how to use it properly. You should turn off the auto-ranging function on your multi-meter, so it’s easier for you to pinpoint errors. If you are checking for shorts inside your PCB, you need to check all the layers of the PCB. You must be very careful when using a multi-meter because you can damage some components if you are not careful.

When checking your design, another thing to look for is placing the components on the wrong layer. Another common problem is that manufacturers may place some components on the solder side of the board instead of the component side. It causes problems for several reasons, including damaged capacitors.

Do I need to redesign my PCB?

If you are currently working with a PCB manufacturer, you will meet the normal PCB design standards. However, the best way to make sure your design is good enough is to test your design on a prototype board. You can do it with any old motherboard or custom board you have lying around. Once you have confirmed that your design is good enough, you can go about ordering the boards for your products.

One way to test your design is to get a multi-meter and measure the resistance of all the components on your board. To do this, you will need to test each component by hand. Usually, when testing these things, you should turn off auto-ranging. Once you have done this, you can go ahead and order boards if needed.

Another alternative is to send in your design for an EAGLE layout check before ordering boards. This option may be available at some PCB manufacturers free of charge. It is best to ensure your design is good enough but may not be free of charge at all PCB manufacturers. These services are usually available with larger orders.

What do I need to order the boards?

The first thing you will need is an order form. You can find it on most PCB manufacturers’ websites, or you can give them a call. The next step is ordering parts for your product. One can do it in many ways, but the usual way is to look on your favorite electronics website.

An excellent place to start looking for parts is the internet. You can search for electronic components by part number, or you can search by name. The next step is ordering the board design itself. You can find it on many PCB manufacturers’ websites. Usually, all you need to do is fill out a simple form, and you are good to go.

Using the Pick-and-Place strategy

A Pick and Place service provider will get your PCB order. They will put it into a machine that assembles the fabrications and wrap the finished boards for shipment. It means that you do not have to worry about getting a workable board and instead focus on creativity and functionality. Once the boards are ready, they will ship them to you.

Should I go with Pick and Place? The answer to this question is dependent on your needs. Pick-and-place services fit this requirement if you do not have the time to hunt for the right PCB manufacturer. Also, if you need someone who can save time by assembling everything for you, RayMing PCB and Assembly is the company to look to.

Tips for working with a PickandPlace provider

You can use the following tips when working with professional pick and place services. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Choose a reliable service provider. You can do this by checking out their website, testimonials, and researching the internet.
  • Create an order form to give your service provider details about your order. It will save you time communicating details over the phone or by email.
  • Work with a service provider that charges only for the parts you need and not the entire board. Also, they should be able to give you a price quote before processing your order.
  • Try to work with services that offer delivery and pick-up services as well as shipment options. You can also try working with small companies or private individuals who can communicate directly via email.
  • Try using email rather than phone calls when communicating details about your order with the pick and place provider.

Common problems when ordering PCB

Some common problems that emerge when ordering a PCB include:

The use of the wrong type of silkscreen font

The silkscreen font can make or break a PCB. If the font size is too small, the writing will not be legible, and on a digital product, it may even erase all the text on a chip. Too big a font can look messy and ruin an otherwise perfect board, so be sure to choose your silkscreen font carefully.

The use of the wrong type of silkscreen ink

There are different types of silkscreen inks used to make printed circuit boards. For example, we use PEC (polyester etchable cast) and PVD (polyvinylidene difluoride) to create silkscreens. The right ink can also affect the way that the chip stays on the board.

Most PCB manufacturers use PEC, but it is essential to know how they work and properly clean them without damaging the board.

The use of the incorrect size of the hole on a D-SUB Connector

Connectors are a common feature of a PCB. You can find these features on a variety of devices, and each connector has its size requirements. For example, a 3.5mm audio jack requires a 2mm hole, while an RJ45 connector requires an 8mm hole. When the size of the hole is incorrect, it can lead to damage to the device.

The use of sub-standard copper traces

You can find the copper traces on PCBs that are high definition. These tend to cost more but also last longer. However, several different grades of copper are beneficial on PCBs for different applications. Most PCB manufacturers have their method for specifying these different grades of copper and what types to use where.

Using sub-standard PCB components

As mentioned above, we often use PCBs for high-definition applications. It means that the number of components on the PCB is high, with each component having its function. However, some companies sell sub-standard components, which can make your board unusable.

When choosing a company to make your product, it is essential to find one that will provide quality products and services at competitive prices. Ensure that the company has experience in your industry or has similar product types to ensure that they can handle your order. Once you have found a few companies that meet your requirements, compare their various features before deciding.

Want to Order PCB, Pls send PCB Files to Now

Things to consider when choosing a PCB manufacturer

Choosing a PCB manufacturer is a crucial step in the production process of your product. Selecting the right manufacturer will save you time and money and provide good customer services and quality products. We need to consider the many steps and considerations before stepping into a PCB manufacturing plant.


When choosing a manufacturer, consider the overall cost. A cheap board may not look as good or function as one that is more expensive; however, they may still provide all the functionality for your product. For example, a $20 PCB is not likely to be as good as a $10 PCB, but it will still get the job done. You can save money by ordering fewer boards at once or by placing orders on different days. In addition, consider the cost of shipping and manufacturing before you order custom PCB. The shipping cost may be high if the manufacturer is far away, but you can reduce that cost if they are local.


Some companies may not have the necessary hardware and equipment needed for your product. They may say they do, but, likely, they will not be able to supply you with what you need. When choosing a manufacturer, make sure to give them all the details about your project so that they can provide accurate quotes about prices and deadlines. Working with someone who does not fully understand what you are looking for will lead to problems during production.

Quality of the Board

When choosing a board manufacturer, consider the quality of the components on your board. The fewer components, the less attention you will need to pay to fit the parts together. However, if you do not have enough components, then your product may not function correctly. If possible, have someone look through the boards you are considering before placing an order. It will help them determine whether they will work with your project.

Quality of Service

When choosing a PCB manufacturer, consider the manufacturer’s customer service and support. They should be able to answer any questions you may have about your order. If it is not possible to get an immediate response, they should be able to get back to you quickly. Another thing to consider is how quickly they will respond if there is a problem or issue with your order.

Turn-around Time

The turn-around time for your board depends on the company you choose and how complex your project is. The more complex the product, the longer your board will take to manufacture. You can expect a turn-around time of between 8 and 12 weeks. If you are short on time, try to select a company that has quick turn-around times. They should also have excellent customer service so that you can still get your products out on time.

Packaging and Shipping

When choosing a PCB manufacturer, consider how much it will cost to ship your products before placing an order with them. Most manufacturers will ship products in the US and Canada for free. But if you need to have your boards shipped elsewhere, consider how much it will cost to ship them to your location. Packaging could also be an affordable option. Your boards could arrive in a plain box or cushion it with padding and bubble wrap for extra protection. Remember that packaging does not affect the board itself. So, purchasing padded packaging is unnecessary unless you want to ensure that it arrives in perfect condition.

Design Considerations

When choosing a manufacturer, try to find one with experience with your product or a similar product type. It will ensure that they make the board you need exactly right the first time around. In addition, you may want to consider companies that offer free design services as well as pick and place services. It will save you a lot of money on both sides of production and improve overall results.


When considering a manufacturer, consider their reputation. It will give you a good idea of the company’s capabilities and what they have done in the past for other customers. Look through their social media accounts and review sites to get a feel for their customer service and support, as well as their attention to detail.


When considering a pick and place service provider, think about their location from your point of view. If the company is in your area, it is easier for you to communicate with them. However, if they are far away, then that could cause problems with communication. Ordering more PCBs on different days will also help to reduce shipping costs and make communication more manageable.

Future of online PCB ordering

The popularity of ordering circuit boards online has grown dramatically in recent years. Many companies offer online PCB ordering services to help make the process easier for their customers.

As technology continues to advance, more people are becoming interested in projects that they complete. The availability of this type of technology has created a new way for people to design and build new things on their own. Many surveys estimate that manufacturing PCBs online has increased by 30 percent each year since this trend began. It means it will only continue growing.

Online ordering makes it possible to complete all your projects from the comfort of your own home. There is no need to walk around the city looking for different components and waiting in line at the store. This method can save you a lot of time and energy, which you can use toward other important things such as completing your project.

Online PCB ordering is quickly becoming a popular trend that is here to stay.


If you are looking to complete your project, using the most efficient methods is essential. Online ordering of circuit boards is the most affordable and efficient way to get what you need when you need it.

Each time you place a PCB board order online, you have a guarantee that they will deliver everything you need once the board is complete. There is no longer a need to find a store that sells what you want, only to find out that they are out of your specific component.

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