Top 5 Double Sided PCB Factories

Printed circuit boards are available in different number of layers. These included single-sided, double sided, and multilayer boards. Each of this type of boards offer specific functions and serve different purposes.  Double sided PCBs are mostly preferred among PCB manufacturers since they are not as complex as multilayer boards nor as simple as single layer boards.

Double sided circuit boards are in between these categories. These PCBs are suitable for use in different applications. To understand what these boards comprise and how they work, read further.

What is a Double Sided PCB?

A double sided PCB is a printed circuit board that features two layers with one on each side of the board. Also, this board has no inner layers. Therefore, the stack-up of this board is very simple. All electronic components are on both sides of the board. While a single sided PCB features only one conductive surface, double sided PCB features two conductive layers with each on the sides of the PCB.

PCB manufacturers integrate double sided PCBs due to their level of circuit complexity. However, this board isn’t as complex as multilayer PCBs. The electronic components and plated holes in this PCB help to regulate the conductivity of current. Also, these PCB holes enable proper circuit connection between the different sides of the board.

The layers in a double sided PCB are often regarded as the two conducting paths of current. Also, double sided PCBs serve as an affordable alternative in various applications. Copper laminations cover the conductive layers of these PCBs. After then, the PCB manufacturer uses solder mask to integrate the copper layers.

Furthermore, double sided PCBs have traces on the bottom and top layers of the circuit. These PCBs also allow the crossing of traces.  Also, double sided PCB is also referred to as a two layer PCB. While single sided PCBs have one layer, double sided PCB features two layers.

Top 5 Double Sided PCB Manufacturing Factories


RayMing is a well-known manufacturer of double sided PCBs. Also, this PCB company specializes in the production of double sided PCBs. They integrate the best tools and techniques in fabricating these boards. Also, this PCB manufacturing company adheres to PCB standards and rules. Also, it complies with certain standards like ISO, UL, and RoHS.

Furthermore, this double-sided PCB board company has a long term experience in double sided PCB production. RayMing has got the expertise needed for fabricating double sided PCB. Therefore, it is a first choice for most people who need to fabricate double sided circuit PCBs.


Venture has gained its ground in the PCB industry over the years. The giant PCB company produces double sided PCBs. Furthermore, Venture integrates advanced and technical equipment to fabricate high-quality double sided PCB. Also, Venture is one of the leading double sided PCB suppliers in China. This PCB company has gained enough popularity in the industry due to the quality of its printed circuits.

Venture is the best company to choose of you want your double sided PCB to offer current for other shields or slaves. Also, the double sided PCBs produced by Venture offer enough flexibility for any application. Furthermore, these boards offer an intermediate level of circuit density and complexity. As a reputable double sided PCB company, RayMing supplies various types of double sided PCBs which include metal core PCBs, high-frequency PCB, and Metal LED PCB among others.


PCBMay has more than 12 years experience in double sided PCB manufacturing. It is a company that has UL certifications. Asides from this certification, this PCB company has other standard PCB certifications. Furthermore, this double sided PCB company offers 24 hours quick turn service for double sided prototype PCB. Also, PCBMay ensures it carries out AOI inspection and E-test to evaluate the functionality of its double sided PCBs.

PCBMay offers high-quality double sided PCB assembly. One of the benefits you will enjoy from this company is its 24 hours engineering tech and sales support. Also, the double sided PCB provided by this company is very durable and can be widely used across different applications.


JHYPCB is a top leading double sided PCB factory with vast experience. Also, this company can handle small volume to large volume orders in its facility. Furthermore, this company’s management system adheres to international standards like RoHS, UL, and ISO.

JHYPCB deals with all types of double sided PCB including aluminum PCB, ceramic PCB, and LED PCB. Also, JHYPCB provides turnkey double sided PCB assembly services as well as quick prototypes. This company works with a team of professionals that have the required expertise for manufacturing a double sided PCB.

Millennium Circuits Limited (MCL)

MCL integrates several strategic processes to achieve the best quality double sided PCB board. Also, this double sided PCB assembly company ensures its double layer boards meet the specifications and needs of its customers. Furthermore, MCL produces environmentally friendly double sided Aluminum PCB boards. If you need a trusted double sided PCB assembly company, Millennium Circuits Limited is a perfect choice.

This company ensures that all its products pass through stringent testing. Also, MCL has more than 10 years experience in manufacturing double sided PCB boards. This company specializes in providing high-quality double sided PCB assembly. Furthermore, MCL offers a one stop solution for your PCB project.

 Double Sided PCB Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing of a double sided PCB is a process that involves several steps. It is similar to multilayer PCB manufacturing processes. This process is best carried out by a professional.

PCB design

PCB design is the first step here and this involves the creation of a schematic diagram. There are several PCB design software suites that can help you with your design.

PCB layout design

This involves printing the PCB layout with the use of a laser printer. The PCB layout is often printed on glossy paper.

DFM Check

This step involves going through the file sent by your customers. Also, the designers usually create these files based on their own needs. DFM check which simply means Design for Manufacturability helps to check the file and correct any issues or flaws. Also, DFM check evaluates the holes, pads, traces, and more to be sure the design is ready for manufacturing.


Before drilling, the PCB manufacturer needs to cut of copper clad laminate. After cutting the copper clad laminate, the PCB will undergo an automatic drilling machine. This machine creates holes in the board. These holes serve different purposes on the printed circuit.

Photo imaging and printing

This step involves the creation of a film. This film has the circuit design and then transfers the design on the board. After applying the film, the PCB will be exposed to UV light. Copper plating is necessary before photo imaging and printing.  


After the board has been cleaned with the use of a developing solution, the next step is etching. Here, the board goes through an etching solution. Also, the etching solution gets rid of the excess copper from the printed circuit. The hardening film removes by passing through different washing chambers.

More steps Involved in Double Sided PCB Manufacturing

Automatic optical inspection

Automatic optical inspection is an effective method of inspection of printed circuit boards. There are usually chances of short circuits or open circuits after etching. Therefore, it is crucial to inspect the PCB. Also, automatic optical inspection captures images of the PCB and then compares it with the original design. If there are any issues detected, the manufacturer will separate the PCB from the lot.

Solder mask

Solder mask acts as an insulator between conducting lines. This thin layer of polymer prevents short circuits. The manufacturer applies the solder mask all over the board and dries it up. Also, the manufacturer removes the excess solder from the circuit. Solder mask play a crucial role in PCB fabrication.


Printed circuits usually have labels on them. These labels are usually known as silkscreens. Also, silkscreens are labels that comprise information about the components and logo of a PCB. When silkscreening a board, the circuit goes through a giant printer where the label is printed on the board.

Surface finish

The copper on the printed circuit board will pass through oxidation. This process won’t last for a very long time. Therefore, it is essential to apply surface finish to prevent the board from any oxidation. There are different surface finish types.


There are several circuits on the board. Also, a cutting machine will divide the circuits and separate them in pieces.

Flying probe test

Testing is a crucial part of PCB manufacturing process. Also, it evaluates the functionality of the circuit board. The flying probe test involves several probes. Also, you can place these probes over the connections and pass the current through them. The flying probe test is the final step of double sided PCB manufacturing.

Advantages of a Double Sided PCB

A double sided board provides the benefits you wouldn’t get from a single sided PCBs.

Effective use of space

A double sided PCB offers more effective way of using space on a board. This board is has a similar size with that of a single sided PCB. Also, double sided PCBs feature conductive layers on the two sides. Therefore, it has more space for components than single sided PCBs.

Cost effective

Unlike single sided boards, double sided PCBs are a better alternative when considering circuit density. Also, these boards increase circuit complexity and density.

Used for a wide range of applications

These boards have the properties needed by various applications. Also, these boards are best used for some applications that may require circuit density.

Ideal for sinking and sourcing current

The bottom layer of these PCBs can serve as a ground copper pour for sourcing and sinking currents. Also, you can redirect the current of this PCB while freeing the top layer.

Factors that Determine the Price of Double Sided PCB

There are certain factors that influence the price of double layer boards. Some of these factors include:

PCB size

The size of a board varies based on the dimensions. Therefore, the size of the circuit will affect the price of a double sided PCB.

Type of surface finish

There are various surface finish types. Also, the cost of each surface finish varies. Double sided PCBs with high-quality finishes will be more expensive. This is because this finishes are more durable.

Type of material

There are different types of material used for manufacturing a circuit board. Also, the overall cost of a double sided circuit board will depend on the material used.

Hole size

It is very challenging to drill more holes during PCB manufacturing. Therefore, hole size in a double-sided PCB  will affect its price.

Minimum space and trace width

Double sided PCBs that feature enough trace width don’t easily overheat. Also, these kinds of PCBs are more expensive to fabricate. Therefore, the trace width of a double sided board will determine its price.


Custom double sided boards are always more expensive. This is because customization results in higher expenses. Furthermore, customization always requires more specialized tools and more time. Also, some custom circuits feature side plating and contoured edges among other specifications.

How to Choose the Best Double Sided PCB Manufacturer

There are several factors to consider when choosing a double sided PCB manufacturer. The factors below will guide you on how to choose the best manufacturer for your double sided PCB project.


When we talk about expertise, this entails the accumulation of knowledge and skill in a given field. Choose a PCB manufacturer that has acquired enough knowledge and skill for fabricating double sided PCBs. The fabrication of double sided PCBs is a process that requires great expertise and experience.

Quality control

Quality control is a factor you need to consider when choosing a double sided PCB assembly company. Also, quality control refers to the practices and methods integrated for testing and inspecting the functionality of a printed circuit. Also, quality control helps to keep a check on the quality of a double sided PCB.


There are different PCB certifications that ensure that manufacturers comply with set down rules and standards.  Also, there are several PCB certifications like ISO, RoHS, and UL.


Double sided PCBs are crucial in most applications. They offer several benefits when used in various applications. We have reviewed some of the top double sided PCB companies in this article. Also, we have outlined the factors to consider when choosing the best double sided PCB Company.

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