What are the Properties and Applications of a High Tg PCB?

The electronic technology keeps developing. This is one reason why there is huge demand and requests for high PCB Tg circuit boards. Also, PCB Tg has becomes a very significant property for epoxies. You can describe this as that part of temperature which its base material (either polymer or glass) alters its state from its rigid or strong, solid, as well as glassy state to a rubber-like state.

Furthermore, all circuit boards feature their own Tg value. This is usually based on a substrate. The circuit board will start altering or changing its state, and could result in a very bad effect whenever PCB fabrication is done as the temperature goes higher than the value of the pcb tg.

In addition, high PCB tg board have greater stability when they at high temperatures. Why is this so? This is due to the fact that the substrate offers a greater resistance to heat, mechanical stability, as well as chemical stability for circuit boards.

The PCB Tg value must be between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius more than the device’s standard temperature for operation.

What Does it Mean to Have a High PCB Tg?

As already discussed, the base materials (either polymer or glass) shifts from its glassy, solid, as well as rigid state into a rubber like state when it recognizes a rise in its temperature into a particular area. This particular temperature designates glass transition temperature (Tg).

In addition, what this indicates is that, Tg is an important mechanical property that indicates the temperature of glass transition. This temperature is the highest possible whereby the substrate remains rigid and strong.

Moreover, an extremely sharp decline or drop in their mechanical and electrical properties, which ends up having a huge effect on the lifespan of that product. Moreso, high FR4-Tg is known to feature a greater mechanical and chemical resistance to heat as well as moisture, in contrast to the FR4.

With a higher PCB Tg value, the temperature resistance of a specific PCB material is better. This is why the high tg has gained more recognition, most especially during lead-free processes.

What Properties Do High Tg PCBs Offer?

As a result of the fast development in our electronic industry, you will be able to see the great use of high Tg material in computer, communication equipment, instrument, etc. Due to the great functionality, as well as high development of multilayers, the substrate material needs a greater resistance to heat as a strong prerequisite.

In addition, these circuit boards are becoming more inseparable. Now, this is happening as a result of the great or high heat resistance for situations like thinning, small aperture, and fine wiring. Therefore, the major difference between standard FR-4 and a high FR4-Tg, has to do with the water absorption, dimensional stability, mechanical strength, as well as thermal decomposition

In addition, it is obvious that high Tg circuit boards are better in contrast to the normal PCB materials. This is why there is an increase in high PCB Tg demand. Moreover, they are costlier than the normal circuit boards.

Furthermore, high Tg materials are known and useful in LED lighting. Why is this? LED dissipation of heat is higher in contrast to the normal electronic components. Moreover, the same structure of that FR4 circuit board is less expensive in contrast to metal core circuit boards.

These properties are usually seen in materials having high glass transition temperature (Tg).

  • Resistance of high temperatures
  • PTH reliability
  • The delamination durability is lengthy
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • The thermal expansion is usually
  • The durability of temperature is high

What Benefits Do High Tg PCBs Offer?

Below are some of the advantages of working with high PCB Tg.

Great stability: High Tg PCBs help in improving the stability of the device, heat resistance, resistance to moisture, as well as chemical resistance immediately the Tg of your PCB substrate is increased.

It usually bears density designs of high power:

High Tg circuit boards usually provides the best possible solution for great management of heat. Moreover, this can only be possible whenever the device comes with a power density that is high coupled with great heat generation. In addition, high Tg circuit boards achieve this through the use of a higher circuit board for the changing design as well as power requirements of the device.

Perfect for the HDI as well as multilayer Printed Circuit Boards

This creates great heat dissipation. This is happening due to the fact that the multilayer and HDI circuit boards usually have very dense circuits that are very compact.

When is it Important to use High Tg PCB?

There is a need to utilize high Tg PCBs whenever the circuit board fails to take charge of a specific thermal load that is over 25 degrees Celsius much below the temperature of glass transition. In addition, whenever you are operating in a specific centigrade range that falls within 130 degrees, then making use of high Tg circuit boards ensures safety.

What Areas are High Tg PCBs Applicable?

The high Tg circuit boards are known as the most-effective solution for any high-power density found in different electronic products. This is where the generation of heat disturbs heat sinks coupled with other different parts of that product. Furthermore, the high Tg PCB is applicable in the electronic industry having the ability to function in temperatures that are very high. This is because high glass transition temperature Tg circuit boards have now become very popular of late.

Below are some applications of high Tg circuit boards:

  • Antenna
  • Rfid
  • Computer systems that are embedded
  • Gateway
  • Inverter
  • Power supplies for AC
  • Contract manufacturing services
  • Wifi Booster


The High Tg PCB are applicable in different areas. Also, they are very useful in enhancing the whole lifespan of the circuit board. Furthermore, they play an important role in high Tg circuit board manufacturing. The use of a high PCB Tg is great, but it is necessary to choose the best circuit boards to work with.

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