Printed Circuit Corp, a Force to Reckon

When discussing technology and electronics, you will almost always hear the term PCB pop up. That is because PCBs have grown to become crucial elements in the electronics industry. Right now, you can find PCB in many electronics, from smartphones to smartwatches and Televisions. However, the manufacturing process of a PCB is super complex. Hence finding an excellent manufacturer to handle such a task tends to take time and effort. As a result, most randomly pick PCB manufacturers and regret their choice later. However, multiple PCB manufacturers are great at their job. One of the most sophisticated PCB manufacturing companies is known as Printed Circuit Corp. PCC has been in the market for a while now, and they have a lot of experience when it comes to handling PCB manufacturing.

Moreover, over time this company has grown to offer a wide variety of services ranging from system and box build integration and NPI services. But are these the only services and features that make PCC a force to reckon? Or does this company have much more to offer?

Some History about PCC

PCC was established back in 1961. Back then, this company used to manufacture PCBs for clients via contracts, and they were located solely in Woburn. The founder of PCC was known as Peter Sarmanian, and his contribution to the PCB industry has been a phenomenon.

PCC sold its good to businesses in the following industries:

  • Telecommunication sector
  • Medical center
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Instrumentations sector

Moreover, most of the PCBs produced used to be multilayer, and their layering range used to be between 4 to 10 layers.

However, PCC has grown to become a leading company in the PCB industry. Moreover, over time, the company has, of course, made some adjustments to some policies to make their services much better. For example, now the company handles production in a more environmentally friendly manner. Additionally, they now offer lead-free manufacturing for PCBs.

Printed Circuits Corp, the Present

As of the 21st century, PCC delivers quality EMS (electronics manufacturing services) and solutions to multiple clients worldwide. They liberate their clients from the complexity of mechatronics, helping them focus on pushing their businesses forward.

Current services that you will find in PCC

PCC now offers the following services to clients from across the globe:

Printed Circuit Boards Assembly Services

PCC focuses on high, low volume, and high mix PCB assembly at their manufacturing facilities. Under these categories, PCC offers the following services:

Surface Mount Technology (SMT)

  • Double and single-sided BGA
  • Double and single-sided BGA
  • Lead-free and Lead Assembly
  • Mixed Technology
  • Thru-hole Tech (THT)

If you seek any of these services, then PCC might help you.

System Integration and Box Build

Using years of experience, PCC can deliver a detailed, high-quality assembly to every frame integration or box-build project. Some of the services that you can find in this category include:

  • Burn-in, environmental and functional Testing
  • Complete system integration
  • Mechatronics electro-mechanical assembly
  • System-level assembly
  • Sub-level assembly
  • Product assembly

NPI and Prototyping Services

PCC offers quick-turn PCB product implementation, from quotation down to mass circuit board production. Therefore, if you want to produce your Printed circuit boards in bulk or small batches, this is the company to contact. The services that you can find in this category include:

  • ECM, delivery, and transition plan
  • Quality production and compliance
  • BOM analysis and review
  • Verification and Testing
  • Rapid Printed Circuit Board Prototype Development
  • Requirement and Quote gathering

Wire Harness and Cable

PCC offers large, medium, and small cable and wire assembly production run for multiple industry verticals. Under this section, PCC provides the following services:

  • Braiding
  • Testing and installation
  • Sonic welding
  • Auto wire Processing
  • Wire Leads
  • Connector Tooling

Therefore, if your project requires any of these services, then PCC does it best.

Reverse Engineering

PCC delivers PCB re-engineering assemblies, preserving the original functionalities of the original PCB. Moreover, through some manipulation, they can also improve the initial design parameters to help you improve its functionalities. Under this category, you can enjoy the following services in PCC:

  • Reproduction of lost PCBs
  • Reversing complex Multilayer PCBs
  • Re-engineering old complex Printed Circuit Boards to the current market standards
  • Changing PCB layout
  • Replacement of obsolete PCBs
  • Re-engineering for obsolescence and cost production

Rework and Repair

PCC has the equipment and expertise for PCB manufacturing, upgrades, modifications, and repairs. Therefore, if your PCB stops functioning, you can contact them, and they will help you bring it back to life. Moreover, under this category, you can enjoy the following services:

  • Modification and ECO
  • Thru-hole component rework
  • SMT component rework
  • Lead-Free and Leaded Soldering Process
  • Replacement and repairing BGA
  • PCA repairing

Current Application Areas

Using 27 years of experience, PCC offers excellent services and products to multiple industries. These industries include security, lighting, medical, industrial, communication, automotive, army, air force, and commercial sectors.

Therefore, if your project falls under any of these categories, PCC might help you out.

 PCC Certifications

PCC is ISO 9001:2015, and AS9100D certified. Therefore their services are always top-notch, and their PCBs are always durable and optimized. Moreover, the company also specializes in quick-turn electronics manufacturing services to multiple clients from across the world.

PCC pays excellent attention to crucial details and responsiveness. Moreover, their customers care service is pretty efficient; hence you will never feel as if you are alone.

Printed Circuits Corporation constantly improves and adds manufacturing capabilities that help them meet various customers’ demands. Moreover, using highly skilled and experienced personnel, PCC can offer unmatched services in the industry.


Finding a PCB manufacturing company to handle your PCB assembling, fabrication and maintenance can be a real struggle for many people. However, PCC offers all these services and more. Moreover, their experience in the PCB market helps them provide services with unmatched finesse. Therefore, if you are looking for a PCB manufacturer, try out PCC. You will not regret it.

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