Why You Should Choose the Best SMT PCB Assembly Manufacturers

Surface mount PCB assembly has helped electronic manufacturers to design modern devices. The surface mount PCB assembly is a type of mounting technique. Its process involves the use of an automated machine to pick and place components on a circuit board. Also, SMT assembly plays a significant role in the miniaturization of electronic devices.

This highly automated assembly process is highly preferred among PCB manufacturers due to the benefits it offers. There are several manufacturers that specialize in SMT assembly.

What is Surface Mount PCB Assembly?

SMT PCB assembly is simply a process that involves the mounting of electronic components on a PCB surface. Surface mount technology (SMT) has helped to achieve the miniaturization of electronic devices. This process is a highly automated one that enables manufacturers to fabricate different types of circuit boards within a short time. Also, the use of the automated pick and place machine contributes to the speed of this process.

There are many advantages of integrating surface mount technology in PCB assembly. One of the most crucial benefits of SMT assembly is that it enables the production of smaller products. Also, SMT printed circuit boards are easier and faster to assemble compared to through-hole technology.

The automated SMT assembly process involves the use pick and place machine to mount components directly on a PCB surface.  Also, surface mount technology is a common assembly method integrated by most PCB manufacturers. Surface mount assembly plays a vital role in the production of modern electronic devices. The integration of SMT helps to support BGA component assembly.

Steps Involved in SMT PCB Assembly Process

Solder paste application

The application of solder paste on the bare PCB is the first step in this process. Here, the PCB assembler will add solder paste to some areas in the board that need soldering. The solder paste is a mixture of solder and flux. Also, the flux makes soldering possible. In this step, the assembler will place a solder screen on the PCB and squeezes solder paste via the holes. A runner squeezes a good amount of solder paste via the hole.

Component placement

This step involves careful placement of components on the circuit. Also,  these components are carefully picked and placed on the circuit board with the help of an automated machine. Also, this machine utilizes gripper nozzle or vacuum to pick the components and then place them on the circuit board. Printed circuit board comprises a wide range of different SMT components. The diodes and transistors are usually in small packages while ICs are in different kinds of packages.

Reflow soldering

Even though solder paste holds the electronic components, these components are not completely attached to the PCB. Therefore, there are no electrical connections yet. The printed circuit board needs to undergo reflow soldering. Also, the circuit board passes through a reflow oven and heats up till the solder paste gets to an extreme temperature enough to form the solder joints.

Assemblers need to control this process to avoid too much temperature. After the circuit board has passed through the oven, it passes through coolers. This helps to solidify the molten solder. In addition, this creates a solder joint that connects the components to the PCB.


Quality assurance is crucial in SMT assembly. This step involves evaluating the printed circuit boards to detect any defect.

Best SMT PCB Assembly Services

SMT PCB assembly service providers are available across the world. Here, we will review some of the best SMT PCB assemblers.


This SMT printed circuit board assembler has more than 40 years experience in PCB assembly. Technotronix offers a wide range of SMT PCB assembly services like prototype PCB assembly, turnkey SMT assembly, and large volume production. One of their competitive advantages is the state-of-the-art technology that helps to manufacture quality SMT printed circuit boards.

Another advantage of this PCB assembler is that it works with a team of competent engineers who have exceptional expertise in SMT assembly. Also, their PCB engineers keep upgrading their skills to ensure advanced methods are used in the printed circuit board assembly process. In addition, Technotronix integrates robust quality control measures to assure quality. Their adherence to PCB standards will give you peace of mind.

Technotronix offers short lead times which is a competitive advantage for their customers. Regardless of your SMT assembly demands, Technotronix has got you covered. Also, this PCB assembler offers its products and services at competitive prices.


Over the past years, RayMing has been integrating SMT assembly for most projects across several industries. The SMT assembly service has provided a lot of benefits for clients. RayMing is an experienced SMT PCB assembler that integrates state-of-the-art process and technologies. Therefore, this SMT assembler provides excellent manufacturing capabilities.

RayMing complies with ISO and RoHS standards. Therefore, it has been able to gain the trust of its customers. Also, this PCB assembler offers full-service manufacturing. All of its products undergo stringent testing and inspection. It incorporates automatic optical inspection, functional testing and in-circuit testing.

As an experienced PCB assembler, RayMing understands the importance of quality in PCB manufacturing.  This PCB assembler is a global supplier of SMT assemblies. It offers support and pieces of advice to its customers. The team of engineers at this company integrates advanced processes during SMT process. One of the great benefits of choosing this SMT assembler is that it provides turnkey PCB assembly.


This reliable and experienced SMT PCB assembler offers several  SMT assembly services for both small and large projects. KingFord owns a 4,000 Sq.m workshop and has 2 DIP assembly lines and 7 fully automated SMT placement lines. To ensure quality, this PCB assembler has integrates online SPI, X-ray testing equipment and AOI. The product delivery pass rate of KingFord can reach 99.5% according to IATF, UL, and ISO standards.

In addition, this PCB assembler offers pre-sales and after sales management system. Their customer service offers comprehensive and quick response to the needs of customers. Also, this PCB assembler provides customers with production operations, technical support, and 24 hours service. KingFord can offer SMT PCB assembly services to meet unique requirements of their customers.

Therefore, this PCB assembler is an ideal option for clients who need to customize their SMT printed circuit boards. KingFord requests for bill of material, gerber files, and component placement file from their customers.

Suntronic Inc.

Suntronic Inc. is one of the most reliable SMT PCB assembler you can hire for your SMT assembly projects. This assembler employs a cost saving process that helps to reduce labor costs. Also, Suntronic offers a variety of SMT PCBs like double sided SMT PCB, multilayer SMT PCB, and high frequency SMT PCB. Also, this PCB assembly service integrates superior quality materials for SMT PCB fabrication.

In addition, this SMT assembler strictly complies with PCB standards and guidelines like ISO 9001:2015. Suntronic carries out testing and inspection at every stage of PCB manufacturing. Some of the testing protocols it integrates includes in-circuit testing, AOI, and functional testing. Also, Suntronic has a well-equipped facility where it carries out automated SMT process.

However, SUntronic offers manual welding for low volume orders or prototypes. In this company, volume isn’t a problem as it takes orders from high volume batch runs and prototypes. Furthermore, Suntronic provides turnkey SMT assembly services. This PCB assembler works with a team of qualified engineers who have skills and knowledge in printed circuit board assembly.

Cirexx International Inc

Cirexx International is an American based PCB manufacturer that specializes in the fabrication of SMT boards. This SMT assembler offers a one-stop solution to all your assembly and fabrication services. The topmost priority of this SMT PCB assembler is their customer’s satisfaction. Cirexx International focuses on evolving PCB needs as well as offering a full spectrum of services.

Furthermore, this PCB company integrates solutions to reduce costs and minimize manufacturing time. Also, Cirexx International works with a team of professional engineers whose ultimate goal is to deliver superior value.  These engineers fabricate industry leading SMT boards at a fast turnaround time and at competitive pricing.

This reliable PCB company has continued to invest in advanced facilities and technology which include sophisticated testing and production equipment. Cirexx believes in innovation, therefore, it continues to invest in new processes. Also, this assembler provides SMT PCB prototypes. You can get your PCB SMT assembly order from Cirexx International within a short period.

Benefits of Choosing the Best SMT PCB Assembler

Surface mount technology is a process that involves several steps. Therefore, it is crucial to hire a professional surface mount assembler.

Quality products

The best surface mount assembly company offers quality products and services. You would be rest assured that your surface mount assembly project is in safe hands.

Fast turnaround time

Speed can be very crucial in some cases. A reliable SMT PCB company will deliver quality products within a very short time.

Great customer service

You will get to enjoy exceptional customer service when you choose right. Some companies offer after sale service, pre-sales service, and advice to their customers. Also, these companies prioritize the satisfaction of their customers.

Reduced manufacturing cost

Errors in surface mount assembly can increase the cost of manufacturing. Hiring a professional assembler for your SMT project helps to reduce manufacturing costs as these companies integrate stringent testing protocols to detect errors.


Surface mount technology has become very popular in the PCB industry. Since its advent, electronic manufacturers have been able to produce more compact and powerful devices. Also, surface mount technology as a PCB assembly technique offers a lot of benefits. Therefore, it is highly preferred among PCB manufacturers.

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