Benefits of 8 OZ PCB Circuit

The Printed Circuit Board is an essential component found in several electrical gadgets. It is also present in hefty types of machinery used in numerous industries. Designing a faultless circuit board for devices requires understanding the roles copper plays.

Modern PCBs have power devices that operate on high current intensity and a strong ion flow. Their electrical conductivities are from copper. Copper is an electricity and heat conductor. It produces little heat that cannot cause damage to the board. Its thermal conductivity strength regulates the heat pressure.

Thermal conductivity enhances the transfer of pressure caused by excessive heat. Other components in the electrical gadgets share the extreme heat within themselves. It also boosts the PCBs capability by transferring signals without loss of electricity.

Furthermore, it is vital to note that copper has various weights/thicknesses. The choice of copper density hinges on the end product in mind. Another factor to consider is the amount of current that would pass through the PCB. The standard copper density for the internal layers of the board ranges between 1.4mm to 2.8mm. The external layers have a copper density of 2oz to 3oz.

A thick copper PCB is a board with a copper weight greater than 3oz per sq/ft both in its internal and external layers. The thick plating in the 8oz PCB design affirms it as one of the heavy copper PCBs. The thickness increases via plated holes and sidewall during production.

However, this article will concentrate on a higher copper density of 8oz PCB. The 8oz PCB is present in power electronic gadgets and power supply systems. This thickness is perfect for devices that are at risk of damage.

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What Does 8Oz PCB Mean?

The more the electronic industry evolves, heavy copper PCB demand increases. It is the latest trend in the Printed circuit board industry. The PCBs are the hub of the electronic industry. Thus, the roles played in the production process remain crucial.

Heavy coppers such as the 8oz PCB is the type of copper fabricated with more ounces on each layer of the PCB. 8oz copper PCB is often present in commercial gadgets. Its concentration of copper is in high ounces per square foot. The 8oz PCBs are popular in high-power transmitting electrical devices and appliances.

Electronic gadgets like inverters, DC-DC converters with high electronic circuits conduct heavy currents. The heat dispersed is dangerous to the PCB. Its continuous discharge through the PCB tracks could cause damages over time. However, the 8oz PCB copper design is a double-layered copper. It allows the carriage of a higher current.

In addition, the thermal strength offered by 8oz PCB is impeccable. Electronic components are responsive to harmful temperatures. It could impact the circuit performance negatively. Thus, the thermal range provided in 8oz PCB is beneficial to various applications. It includes electronic devices designed with high currents.

Furthermore, heavy copper PCBs have higher heat sinking capability. It is higher as compared to the normal PCBs. This capacity is very crucial to the development of a long-lasting circuit. The effect caused by poor heat handling is not limited to poor electronic performance. It could also shorten the circuitry life span.

The 8oz PCB copper type offers many features and advantages. The properties of heavy copper PCB make it useful in various applications. The 8oz PCB possesses a superior mechanical power. It is for the connecting points and also the plated through holes on the PCB.

Benefits of 8Oz PCBs

The heavy copper PCBs have distinctive features. It produces some benefits to high-end applications. These are as detailed below

Excessive Heat Wastage: 8oz PCB is a perfect fit for devices that lose power at a higher level. It protects the electrical system from overheating by dissipating excessive heat. It also enhances the durability and functionality of the PCB.

Excellent Electrical Conductor: The heavy copper PCBs aids the linkage of various boards together. They also transfer electrical currents due to their high conductivity. This distinctive feature makes 8oz PCB a preferred option in the production process.

Mechanical Durability: The choice of a heavy copper PCB ensures that the electrical system in the PCB is long-lasting. The superior mechanical strength is a feature that distinguishes heavy copper PCBs.

Supports Exotic Material: PCBs with heavy copper eliminate circuit failures. More so, it enhances exotic materials. Exotic materials are for the design of electronic elements.

Excellent Thermal Distribution: This is a feature associated with heavy copper PCBs. This type of PCB offers high thermal resistance due to copper-plated vias in the design. Heavy copper PCB is suitable for applications that demand high frequency and speed.

Onboard Heat Sink: Effective heat sink is achievable on photosensitive surfaces. It is possible on a 8oz PCB being a heavy copper design.

Features of 8 Oz PCB

The 8oz PCB possesses specific features that differentiate it from other PCBs. They include:

Copper Density: This refers to the copper weight used in the square foot area of the PCB. It is a distinctive feature measured in ounces. It specifies the thickness of the copper on the layer of the board.

Internal Layers: Copper density and thickness in the inner layer of 8oz PCB could be suitably modified. The modification is as required by the end product.

External Layers: This involves the outer layer of the PCB. The outer layer comprises the board’s bonded elements. It starts with the coated copper foil that adds up to its thickness. The weight and thickness for heavy copper PCBs such as 8oz PCB are alterable. The alteration is to suit the end product requirements.

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8Oz PCB Applications

The exceptional features of 8oz PCB make it an ideal copper choice for applications. Its increased demand over the years is due to its usage by several applications such as;

  • Industrial Equipment such as Inverter, Battery chargers, Power supplies, UPS, and SMPS.
  • Automotive Industries
  • Military equipment
  • Safety and Signal systems
  • Solar power converters
  • Protection relays
  • Rail traction system


As a result of the rare attributes and benefits of heavy copper PCB, its demand increases. The 8oz PCB can match the requirements of current electronic gadgets. It dissipates heat produced by high current conductors. It also enhances the carriage of high currents with no effect on the functionality of the board.

Furthermore, the unwavering thermal stress control of the heavy copper PCB raises its stake in the production process. Manufacturers are comfortable with its choice for production. It helps meet the changing demands of the end-users.

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