Best Flexible Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers

Regarding flexible printed circuit board manufacturers, there is a need to work with one that meets your requirements. In addition, the flexible circuit boards that work well for telecommunications won’t serve the medical industry. Therefore the manufacturer you decide to work with has to understand your requirements and also create your desired flex printed circuit boards.

In order to satisfy the huge demands that surround flexible printed circuits, the flexible circuit manufacturers have to do their work effectively. However, due to the large number of flexible printed circuit board manufacturers globally, choosing one to work with may become very difficult for you.

However, because it is important for you to work with the most appropriate partner for your flex pcbs, then you just must comprehend how to achieve this. This is why we have come up with this article. We will review some of the top flexible printed circuit board manufacturers. However, before that, let us quickly consider the features of some of them.

Features of the Best Flexible PCB Manufacturers

Below are some of the important features of the best flexible circuits manufacturers.

They understand the requirements of the customer

It is important to design the flexible printed circuit boards adhering strictly to industry requirements. Your flex PCB manufacturer has to understand your needs and requirements and then designed the flexible circuits accordingly.

Provide products that adheres to the industry’s requirements

The flexible printed circuit board has to meet the standard requirements for fire accreditation. The product provides thermal dissipation, therefore the manufacturers of the flex circuit board has to comply with the IPC, UL, and ISO standards. This ensures that you find the best flexible PCBs on the market.

They help in evaluating your requirements

You may be an expert in your own field; however, during the circuit development, leave it to the experts. The manufacturing company has to have a technician in flexible PCB, who will understand all requirements and also explain the ideal circuit board for you.

In this process, there are some steps and only expert technicians will be able to explain it to you in an easy way.

Discusses the various technologies that you’ll be using for the circuit development

There are some steps you must follow and also carry out some quality assurance tests during the flexible PCB development. First, there’s a need to comprehend the tests conducted and technologies used to understand your required PCB quality.

Therefore, there are some things you have to take note of when hiring your PCB manufacturer. First, this manufacturer has to have the necessary expertise in evaluating and understanding the best circuit that works for your industry. The manufacturer has to meet this requirement because not all circuits works for all industries.

10 Best Flexible PCB Manufacturers


Unimicron is a well known manufacturer of the flex PCBs. This company is also known as one of the world-leading PCB companies. In addition, this company is well-known for its commitment to delivering high-quality flex PCBs to its customers. Also, customers will get to enjoy the company’s focus on making the manufacturing process faster.

Unimicron’s headquarters is in Taiwan and has been offering great services, especially flexible printed circuit boards since its establishment in 1990. This company has a global presence and offers world-class machinery, workforce, and facilities to ensure that their international clients are well taken care of.

Furthermore, this company doesn’t just fabricate flexible circuits, it also provides rigid flex PCBs, IC carrier, burn-in services, testing, and high density interconnections (HDI). In addition, the company is multi-certified, is efficient, and offers quick turnover flex PCB fabrication regardless of the thickness of the flex PCB.

Some of the product applications and services of this manufacturer include LCB monitors, personal computers, peripheral products, notebook computers, scanners, and more.

RayMing PCB & Assembly

This company is a great choice when you want flex circuits manufacturing. In contrast to other manufacturers, RayMing PCB offers full turnkey services. In addition, if you want your flex PCB customized, RayMing will always deliver.

This company has multiple certifications with respect to quality and many other considerations. These include IPC and UL certifications. Furthermore, Rayming offers PCB fabrication as well as assembly for both full turnkey and partial flex circuits. Also, the number of layers for their flex PCB falls between one and twelve and they offer different board thickness and material choices.

Furthermore, the company has a collaborative approach during the manufacturing process and assembly of flexible PCBs. The company also has more than 15 years industry experience in the fabrication of flex pcb, hardboard PCB, and rigid flex PCB.

In addition, RayMing has a very skilled workforce, working with modern technologies and the latest equipment to conduct their manufacturing, as well as assembly.

Aside from other high-quality services, Rayming offers prototyping, IC programming, PCB testing, SMT stencil, short-run assembly, Multilayer PCB design, one-off printed circuit board design and more.

Tripod Technology

Tripod Technology is based in Taiwan and is known to be a top manufacturer of the flex PCB. This company specializes in the design, fabrication, as well as assembly of the rigid PCBs. Also, the company works with world class processes of manufacturing to make sure of high quality printed circuit boards.

This company also deals with some other electronic equipment products despite its initial service focusing on the development and manufacturing of printed circuit boards. Tripod Technology boats of ensuring environmental protection, most especially during the process of production. It has a unique business model as it has been able to develop it around its research and development. This type of strategy usually takes it above other competitors in world PCB manufacturing.

Furthermore, this company boasts of having many certifications. It also offers lots of services, including fabricating and assembling of flexible pcbs and rigid flex PCBs. It also offers global manufacturing with many of its fabrication stations situated in China. Therefore ensuring better prices overall for the flex PCB products.


DSBJ is a top flex circuits manufacturer which comprehends what it means to diversify into the different sectors such as Artificial intelligence. It has over four decades of industry experience and has continued to evolve in the last few years. DSBJ has been able to achieve this via consistent concepts and innovations in the design, manufacture and prototyping of PCBs.

It has also been able to realize this due to its collaborations as well as acquisitions of some companies and franchises. Furthermore, it has helped in the expansion of the manufacturing services of the company in different areas.

DSBJ deals in the manufacturing of different electronic products, which includes flex PCB, as well as the fabrication and the assembly of rigid boards. Also, the company has a flexible receptivity and approach to the present innovation and idea that remains relevant presently and in future years. The company is multi-certified and deals in the manufacturing of different printed circuit boards. These include the flexible PCBs.

Shennan Circuits

Shennan Circuits may not be your usual PCB manufacturing company, but it deals majorly in designing, as well as evolving new trends in PCB design and then bringing them to fruition. This company was established in 1984, and with more than 37 years of professional experience, you can trust them to deliver high quality PCBs including flexible circuits (flexible printed circuit board).

This company is global and has its production sites in North America and China. In addition, its research and development sites are situated in Europe. In addition, Shennan Circuits focuses on research and innovation, asides manufacturing flex circuits or flex PCB and other types.

Also, it works with different approaches to offer top notch electronic circuit solutions. These include a three un one process of PCB design, substrate packaging, as well as assembly. In addition, this approach involves a complete PCB value chain, which includes micro assembly, scheme design, PCB manufacturing, PCB testing, etc.

Suntak PCB

Suntak PCB is the best for you if for flex PCB order is a large one. Also, Suntak PCB has a long history as well as pedigree of PCB manufacturing since 1995. In addition to its highly skilled staff of more than 4500, and a factory space of 3 million square meters, you will hardly get any disappointment. In addition, this company is committed to offering top-notch PCB to clients as well as customers.

Furthermore, this company mostly focuses on the information and electronic manufacturers section; although, it also targets other sectors. The application areas of this company’s products include automotive, medical, communications, and industrial control.

In addition, the services they offer are high volume production, prototyping, and assembling different PCBs.

China Fast Print

When it comes to innovation in PCB technology, China Fast Print is a leader in the industry. This belief involves making use of the right technology whenever there is a desire to get additional opportunities in the PCB industry. Due to this reason, this PCB manufacturer boasts on this throughout the twenty years of its existence so far. In addition, they take customer satisfaction seriously. This makes their commitment in order to ensure top quality delivery for PCB services.

Its features include research & development, pcb manufacturing, and partnership proves important for the business model of the company. Furthermore, China Fast Print targets and also supplies different industries. These include automotive electronics, medical electronics, rail transit, telecommunications, computers, industrial control, and semiconductors, asides other peripherals.


Kinwong features a unique collaborative approach to the development and the manufacturing of flex circuits. Also, Kinwong is an example of a manufacturer who won’t rest till all your flexible PCB needs are met.

In addition, it boasts of having great craft when attending to details during your PCB design. This offers an improved and true-to-type version of all your expectations. Also, Kinwong has more than 11 factories and five sites for production in China. Also, the company is certified and offers quality PCB services and products, including flexible PCBs.

Their main features include the following. They fabricate, design, as well as assemble the modern and conventional types of PCBs including flexible PCBs. They also focus on research & development.

Also, the company adheres to quality assurance certifications and measures of the industry ensuring high quality and reproducibility. The company is also focused to make customer’s design requirement of a thinner, lighter flex PCB a reality

It also targets different application areas like the industrial and medical sector, telecommunications, consumer electronics, etc.

Zhen Ding Tech

Zhen Ding Tech is situated in Taiwan and is well known for the manufacturing of high quality and incredible flexible PCBs or flex PCBs. This company strongly believes in investing in additional materials to ensure better flex PCB designs as well as other PCB designs. It has a vast industry experience of more than 15 years.

Furthermore, the company combines Internet of Vehicles, Internet of Things, 5G, and AI technology in offering different customized solutions.

In addition, you will enjoy the simplification of the fabrication of the flex printed circuit boards or their manufacturing processes into the important aspects. The initial step has to do with the design before you go further into research. Next, the flex pcbs or other PCB types are manufactured. Once done, it is delivered to you for use.

This company has placed a premium on the efficiency and innovation of different PCBs. Also, the company helps in the manufacturing and supplying of many PCB products. The company also offers PCB manufacturing services to suit diverse applications.

Furthermore, the company makes use of an advanced technology in thinning, manufacturing, and automating the fabrication of different PCB products for different applications. In addition, the company has different sites for its manufacturing and works with modern equipment, latest technology, and an expert staff.

Lastly, the company has many quality certifications. This ensures the quality of their processes and products. These include the flexible PCB.


The flexible PCB or flex PCB is very important. This is why it is important that you work with a professional flex PCB manufacturer. We have reviewed some of the best manufacturers of flex pcbs. You can choose from them or work with our guidelines to make a choice.

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