Why Do You Need A PCB Manufacturing Quote For Projects?

Once a PCB schematic has been created. It must be sent to a producer to get transformed into a functioning prototype. Before you can move further with PCB assembly, you’ll require a quote. PCB assembling quotes from contract manufacturers is crucial. This is due to the fact that a quote contains important information about the budget and timeline for the project.

Only with complete specifications can a PCB maker make a reliable board. Furthermore, PCB price quotes outline the features and specifications you can anticipate in the final product. The CM will function as described in the quotation. First, let’s clarify what a printed circuit board fabrication quote actually is.

What is a PCB Manufacturing Quote?

Quotes for PCBs provide an idea of how much it will cost, how long it will take, and whether or not the manufacturer can do the job. A quote is also useful outside of the construction phase. The costs of making PCBs or having them made can be estimated. This report gives a rough idea of the PCB maker’s ability to make the board from the design.

Getting a price for PCBs not only lets you know how much money you’ll have to spend. But also how long it will take to have them fabricated. When the quotations are precise, it simplifies the production process. Any important details should get included in the PCB quotation. In addition, if the manufacturing firm notices any details are missing. They will get in touch with the designer.

Furthermore, a quote’s contents are crucial to a board meeting’s success. If the manufacturer has all the information they need, they will be able to create a functional PCBA. Also, it’s crucial that this data is correct.

In order to acquire a quote for PCBs, you can visit a company’s website.

The quote for the assembly of PCBs will include important information such as:

  • Variable Count of Holes
  • Classification of the Substance
  • Layer count of a board
  • Classification of Boards
  • Requirements for an Annular Ring
  • The scale of the board is a Minimal width of a trace
  • Copper plating on the outside
  • The smallest possible trace interval

Documents Required for PCB Manufacturing Quote

To provide an accurate price for a PCBA, you will require four primary papers. The documents’ contents are dependent on the company’s technological infrastructure.

· Bare board print

If you want to quote a PCBA, you’ll need this. Fabrication drawings are another name for a blank board print. It provides the basic information necessary to create a functional circuit board. Information such as hole count, the thickness of the board, overall measurements, and more will get provided. In addition, it provides further specifics on what should get included in the bare-board printing.

In addition, a bare-board printing must feature the element and revision number. Additionally, a file type called a Gerber file will need to get designed. Your Gerber file and the required information will need to get uploaded. However, you must provide the formatted design files. Such as the ODB++ data transfer format.

· Bill of material

For an accurate price quote on PCB assembly, a bill of materials is a must. Additionally, the components get governed by the bill of materials (BOM). There must be a summary, internal component number, and reference designator for each and every part of the budget on this documentation. The list of approved suppliers will also get included in the BOM. The most widely used file type for this document is Excel.

· Assembly print

The manufacturer has released this as their blueprint. Find out where things need to get assembled by looking at the print. In addition, it reveals PCB-specific marks. The component item and revision number should get included on the printout. It is also usually downloadable as a PDF file.

· Approved list

The company’s part number that corresponds to the internal product code is provided in this document. Several companies may produce a given IPN, depending on the market.

Missing Data when Asking for a PCB Manufacturing Quote

When submitting a request for PCB pricing. It is crucial to provide as much specific information as possible. Not all designers are so cautious when it comes to giving away the basics. This is because paying attention to these particulars will help your circuit board construction go smoothly. However, some people might not get the full picture. The time and money estimate, for example, relies heavily on supplementary details. This is why they should get included in the developer’s quote request.

· Stack-up details

The layers number, total thickness, and individual layer thicknesses are all components of this information. As a result, you can’t make a PCB pile without any of them. In addition, PCBA failure can occur if this information lacks an exact price.

· Solder mask details

Communicating solder mask information to a major supplier is essential. These specifications also include the type of soldering mask, completion, color, and aspect ratio.

· Impedance details

Parameter selection for PCB impedance control gets driven by design needs. As a result, failing to supply this data may cause the quote to get delayed.

· Cut-out

The term “cutout” is used to describe any opening in a PCB that was not drilled by hand. A quote also requires information about the cutout’s dimensions and location.

· Silkscreen

A PCB quotation might not include the cost of the silkscreen if you aren’t paying close enough attention. Placement preferences for silkscreening are being asked for. The silkscreen color is also important information to have.

· Surface finish

It is important to consider the surface finish alternatives when designing a PCB, as they will affect its performance. Gold plating by immersion in electroless nickel and solder leveling with hot air are two popular surface finishes. That’s why it’s crucial that you specify the surface finish you’ll be employing.

What is the PCB Manufacturing Quote Assembly Process?

The term “PCB assembly” refers to the procedure by which electronic parts are attached to PCBs. It’s also distinct from making circuit boards. The next step is to bring in the remaining parts and mount them on the PCB.

Moreover, the circuit board fabrication process employs a number of different technologies. THT and SMT are two examples of such techniques. The placement of other parts on a board is mechanized by SMT. The placing of THT parts requires just the use of one’s bare hands during construction.

A PCB gets assembled in stages. Placing solder paste is the initial step. Soldering paste is also used in the SMT technique. For THT, this is unnecessary. In addition, the subsequent stage is component placement. The THT assembling method involves the manual placement of parts by a manufacturer employing tweezers.

Component placement in the SMT method is automated by robots. Also, this assembly procedure involves reflow soldering. The circuit board and its parts are put through an oven during the reflow soldering process. In addition, the solder can be heated in this oven. Therefore, make sure the links are solid.

When using THT, however, reflow soldering is unnecessary. A wave or manual soldering is required for THT. The soldering procedure is followed by an inspection. Additional PCB components and areas need to be inspected by the manufacturer. The X-ray test is a reliable method for inspecting your circuit board.

Factors that Affect PCB Manufacturing Quote

The total amount spent on PCB assembly depends on a number of variables. PCB assembly prices can vary depending on a number of factors, including the type of process used and the cost of the materials. The prices that PCB assembly services charge also vary.

· Type of mounting technology

The price of your PCB fabrication will depend on the type of assembly procedure you choose. Assembling circuit boards typically involves the use of SMT. It’s important to note that THT is still in use nowadays. Components with through-holes are necessary. When compared to traditional methods, SMT greatly shortens the time required to assemble a PCB. They use a machine that automatically mounts SMD components and parts.

· Lead time

PCB assembly prices vary based on the lead time. You should expect to pay more if you need your assignment finished quickly. The price of PCB assembly increases when the lead time is shortened.

· Shipping costs

PCB assembly prices include shipping costs. It’s important to compare shipping costs before hiring a PCB assembly provider. When ordering a large quantity of PCBs, you will also be responsible for the delivery costs.

· Number of layers

The assembly price will change depending on how many levels there are. For example, the price of manufacturing a multilayered PCB is more than that of a single board Qty. Adding more layers to a PCB also drives up its production cost. This is due to the fact that the lamination process necessitates additional manufacturing steps. Assembling a single PCB doesn’t take a lot of time or money.

· Surface finish

The final price of your PCB assembly project can vary depending on the surface treatment you select. The price may vary depending on the type of surface finish you choose. It’s also recommended that you go with an immersion gold finish. As an added bonus, immersion gold has a greater purity and a longer lifespan.

The price of PCB assembly gets affected by a number of variables. These include hole size, PCB size, PCB thickness, aspect ratio, and impedance control.


Obtaining an accurate PCB fabrication quote is critical for producing a functional PCB. PCB fabrication gets aided by the data provided in a quote for PCBs. Several businesses in the PCB assembly industry provide no-cost price estimates on their websites. In any case, be sure to pick a trustworthy PCB fabrication service.

RayMing provides a combination of customer-supplied parts. We also provide our clients with an online PCB fabrication quote service. Our printed circuit boards are Ul marked and have other approvals.

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