What Do You Need To Know About Quick Turn Rigid-Flex PCB Production?

Saving time in business and all other crucial aspects of life is more important than ever in this advanced world. Even PCB fabrication is now in the fast lane, so you need a PCB that is quick turn to meet tight deadlines and time constraints.

A PCB known as a quick-turn PCB is designed, manufactured, and assembled in the quickest time while retaining the product’s high quality. When it comes to meeting tight deadlines and producing high-quality PCB products timely, quick-turn PCB is the perfect fit for that time. The purpose of this article is to elaborate on the concept of quick-turn PCBs and how they are beneficial for companies in achieving business goals. You will learn why it provides fast turnaround times and outstanding product quality.

Quick Turn Rigid-Flex PCB Production Services

With quick-turn PCB fabrication, circuit board manufacturers complete the job orders or projects faster without compromising on quality by implementing the PCB manufacturing process. As a result, customers and users can easily find time and devote energy to other important projects.  

As time is of the essence, the whole quick-turn PCB manufacturing process is usually completed within 24 to 48 hours, depending upon the complexity of the projects. Many factors determine the level of complexity, including mounting techniques, surface finish, design specifications, etc.

Clients who have important projects with short leads time must seek out a reliable PCB-producing company that has the latest technology, accurate mechanisms, and state-of-the-art equipment. Depending upon the size and shape of your board, the circuitry arrangement, and the completion time, PCB fabrication companies will offer you several packages.

Quick Turn Rigid-Flex PCB Manufacturing Process

If you want to manufacture a PCB, the process is quite simple; the designer must prepare the design and send the design to the manufacturer in the format of a Gerber file. Gerber files provide an easy and secure method of communicating all PCB data. PCB data is sent by the designer to the producer in Gerber file format, a current quality format.

The consumer usually sends the Gerber files to the company through email. Most users prefer to submit an online PCB order form by attaching the Gerber files to the company’s email. Client inquiries are answered within 24 hours by quick-turn PCB manufacturers.

Consequently, the PCB fabrication company receives the design and reviews it through a Design for Manufacturability analysis. The purpose of this review is to ensure that the technical and material specifications meet both the design requirements and IPC (Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging Circuits) standards.

After approving the Gerber files and PCB orders, the company sends out an instant quote. Later on, the quick-turn circuit boards are created and assembled.

Stages of Production of Quick Turn Rigid-Flex PCB

To make the final quick-turn PCB, the three different stages involved are given below:

· Prototype Stage

As part of the creation and assembly of PCB products, a prototype PCB is made. By prototyping these printed boards, we can minimize costs and time. These circuit boards are fabricated by integrating all preliminary details and prerequisites on the board. 

As part of the early stages of production, PCB prototype boards authorize the users to examine the functioning of the final products. Clients use them for inspection and make changes to them according to their requirements. Quick-turn PCB prototypes, in comparison, help manufacturers to determine the original circuit boards if they have faults, so they can enhance performance and efficiency.

The PCB prototyping stage, on the other hand, detects all errors, modifications, removals, additions, and rectifications of components. And make sure the finalized product has any technical or mechanical shortfall. To ensure efficiency and streamline production, enough time is invested in prototype testing.

In order to provide consumers with a detailed idea of the final product’s functionality, quick-turn PCB manufacturers use different printed circuit boards such as visual models, proof-of-concept prototypes, and working prototypes. In this way, manufacturers eliminate guesswork and save time on explanations, revamps, and redesigns.  

· Re-Production or Beta Run Stage

The production of quick-turn board batches covers this stage, which varies from hundreds to several thousand. In most cases, it is the most important phase because PCB templates often correspond to the final product. Therefore, all errors or mistakes are corrected in this stage.

All the issues that will arise in the final fabrication stage usually emerge in the pre-production stage. During the beta run stage, the board layout is optimized, an electrical test is run to avoid pitfalls, and all tooling arrangements are checked, allowing additional accuracy checks.

From PCB prototyping to the pre-production stage, a customer will experience positive changes in quality as a result of the variables that emerge from manufacturing.  

· Full Production Stage

The final PCB fabrication for market applications takes place during the full or standard manufacturing stage. As soon as all errors or manufacturing issues have been resolved, the full production process begins.

Orders can be significantly larger or higher during this assembly phase than during the other phases of production. However, the execution of such orders may take longer. During this stage, customers typically place emergency orders for greater quantities of quick-turn PCBs.

Customers can expect to place extremely large orders of PCBs at the quickest possible pace as soon as the PCB manufacturing companies have completed all aspects of the design and data. The final product can be delivered to the right customer in the shortest amount of time, typically within 24 hours, regardless of the level of complexity involved in the production process.

There is the confirmation of efficient production and the production of high-quality PCBs for quick delivery if the design and engineering team has completed all previous stages of PCB production.

Benefits of Quick Turn Rigid-Flex PCB

The client will receive their printed circuit board on time than usual due to the quick-turn process. In today’s world of ever-evolving electronic technology, quick-turn circuit boards are a superior choice for a number of good reasons in addition to this usefulness. The three main advantages are:

  • A time-saving benefit: Customers take advantage of the short turnaround times provided by PCB manufacturing to gain a competitive advantage in the market. It speeds up sales and profits as a result of innovation and quick implementation of new ideas.
  • Cost-saving benefit: Because assembly requires a limited amount of time and a minimum trace time, choosing quick-turn PCBs has the additional advantage of significantly lowering production costs. Additionally, when cost-effective materials or components are used in production, the fabrication process reduces costs, lowering the overall price.
  • Circuit board variety benefit: The PCB manufacturers strive to meet all customer’s PCB requirements because they are aware that each customer has distinct requirements. Consequently, they provide a wide range of PCBs to meet their needs.

Final Thoughts

In recent years, there has been an increased demand for PCBs with quick turns. Quick-turn PCB fabrication is becoming increasingly popular among original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and electronic device manufacturers. The most recent development that is altering the electrical and electronic landscape for both manufacturers and customers is a quick-turn rigid flex board. It has numerous benefits that far outweigh its faults.

PCB prototypes can help eliminate costly mistakes by detecting errors that may occur after final production, which can save money and time during manufacturing. The best way to guarantee a high-quality PCB delivered in a short amount of time is to collaborate with a seasoned manufacturer of quick-turn PCBs who has demonstrated consistency in PCB assembly services and the capacity to deliver.

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