How to Select the Best Turnkey PCB Assembly Manufacturers

PCB fabrication and assembly is a process that should be carefully handled by professionals. Some customers prefer a PCB assembly company to handle all aspects of PCB production. Therefore, these customers turn to turnkey PCB assemblers for help. Turnkey circuit board assemblers offer one-stop solution for all aspects of PCB manufacturing and assembly.

What is Turnkey PCB Assembly Service?

Turnkey PCB assembly service offers end-to-end solutions. This type of PCB assembly service performs all aspects of PCB fabrication and assembling. Generally, the word “turnkey” simply refers to a service or product that is ready for immediate use. Therefore, in the PCB world, a turnkey circuit board service means that the supplier takes care of all aspects of PCB production. This will include the procurement of components, PCB design, and PCB assembly.

Also, turnkey PCB services are suitable for most OEMs since they don’t want to source out various functions to several vendors. There are two types of turnkey PCB assembly services. These include full turnkey PCB assembly and partial turnkey PCB assembly.

What is full turnkey PCB assembly?

A full turnkey assembly means that the all aspects of PCB production are completely handled by the supplier. Also, this type of turnkey assembly requires more lead times than a partial turnkey circuit board. In this type of PCB assembly, customers will have to send their design files while the PCB manufacturer takes care of everything from there.

What is partial PCB assembly?

A partial turnkey PCB assembly allows a customer to source out some parts and components while the manufacturer sources out the rest. In this type of turnkey PCB assembly, the PCB manufacturer will need to seek the approval on the quality, prices, and availability of materials from the customer. In some cases, the customer will provide expensive parts like ICs, connectors, and more. Furthermore, assembly process is much faster in this type of PCB assembly.

Top 5 Turnkey PCB Assembly Services

Mer-Mar Electronics

Mer-Mar Electronics offers the best turnkey circuit board services. This company doesn’t just offer off-the-shelf solutions, but will meet all your turnkey circuit board demands. Regardless of the type of turnkey PCB assemblies you need, Mer-Mar Electronics has got you covered. Also, these PCB assembly service offers small volume PCB prototypes and large volume manufacturing runs.

Mer-Mar Electronics ensures it handles components sourcing, materials handling, ISO-certified, and materials handling. Also, Mer-Mar gives you a good guarantee about the quality of your PCBs. This turnkey PCB assembly company offers both partial turnkey PCB assembly and full turnkey PCB assembly.

Furthermore, this PCB company has exceptional technical expertise required to handle all types of turnkey assembly. At Mer-Mar Electronics, customers have the opportunities to combine multiple small orders in one large order. Furthermore, one of the major objectives of this PCB company is to ensure stringent quality at every stage of PCB production.


RayMing is well-known for offering one of the best turnkey PCB assembly services. These services include PCB layout, component assembly, partial turnkey PCB assembly, and full turnkey PCB assembly. The combination of its sophisticated technologies and professional engineers, RayMing has been able to offer nothing, but exceptional quality turnkey PCBs.

It offers turnkey PCB assemblies at competitive pricing. Furthermore, this PCB company maintains a good relationship with its customers by ensuring their demands are well met. Over the years, RayMing has been able to gain more expertise in PCB production and assembly.

In this company, quality is paramount at every phase of PCB production. Therefore, it adopts PCB testing and inspection methods like X-ray inspection, AOI testing, and more.  Also, RayMing offers shorter lead time. It understands the importance of speed in PCB production. However, it doesn’t compromise quality for speed.  Also, the team her can take care of even the smallest details to provide high-quality PCB.


As a leading turnkey PCB assembly manufacturer in China, MADPCB has got great expertise in parts sourcing, PCB fabrication, and PCB assembly. Also, this PCB company offers various turnkey PCB assembly capabilities ranging from prototype PCB assembly to large volume production on basis of partial turnkey PCB assembly and full turnkey PCB assembly.

MADPCB can handle a wide variety of circuit board assembly such as rigid board, metal core PCB, single and double-sided PCB assembly, and RoHS PCB assembly among others. Also, this PCB company carries out stringent testing and inspection to detect errors during the early stage of production. Therefore, this PCB assembly company has been able to maintain superior and consistent quality over time.

Also, to maintain further quality control, MADPCB integrates high quality materials. There is no room for inferior materials here. This company’s team of well-trained professionals can detect any possible issues in the PCBs before they are finally produced in large volumes. Workers at MADPCB employ different techniques when assembling circuit boards.

Suntronic Electronics

With more than 27 years of experience alongside state-of-the-art factories, Suntronic has been able to provide quality turnkey PCB assembly services to customers across the world. This turnkey PCB assembly manufacturer has facilities in Houston and Dallas. You will enjoy several benefits when you partner with this company.

Suntronic has the required technical expertise and experience to provide both full turnkey PCB assembly and partial turnkey PCB assembly services. In addition, its end-to-end solutions comprise full production PCB assemblies, prototypes, cable and wire harness assembly box, pilot runs, and more. Also, Suntronic offers testing and inspection of the circuit board as well as safe transportation of the PCB assembly. Furthermore, this turnkey circuit board assembly company offers technical assistance to its clients.

Suntronic Electronics focuses more on quality. Therefore, it carries out strict testing and inspection at every phase of PCB manufacturing and assembling. Also, it has incorporated LEAN practices for process control, design, testing, and supplier evaluation.


Technotronix is a renowned turnkey PCB manufacturing company that mainly focuses on providing quality PCB products to customers. Also, this company has the right PCB certifications. It has ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, and AS 9100 Rev D certifications.  Technotronix offers low to medium volume turnkey PCB assembly service.

This company allows its clients to combine different small units in one order. Also, it works with a team of professional engineers who have great expertise in turnkey circuit board assembly. Therefore, this company has been able to earn the trust of its customers. Apart from prompt delivery of PCB products, Technotronix provides repair and maintenance services, customer support, and aftersales.

Furthermore, this reliable turnkey PCB manufacturing company offers fast turnaround times while maintaining quality. The team at Technotronix adheres strictly to all the ethics related to PCB manufacturing and assembly. Also, it has been able to meet the requirements of various industries like medical, automotive, and consumer electronics.

Benefits of Turnkey PCB Assembly

Turnkey solutions have made some projects easier. Also, turnkey PCB solutions offer convenience for PCB users. The benefits of turnkey PCB service include:

Good component quality

In Turnkey circuit board assembly, parts and components procurement is always handled by professional assemblers. Their working relationship with suppliers and expertise in PCB manufacturing help them to get best-quality component quality. You may not know how to evaluate the quality of PCB parts and components. Therefore, allowing your assembler to procure components will save you a lot of stress.

Easier prototyping

Turnkey circuit board assemblers carry out prototypes for every stage involved in PCB production. Also, this assembly service helps to reduce the cost of prototyping. The PCB assembler takes care of all aspects of PCB production based on your specifications. Furthermore, you will get better products when you leave everything in your vendor’s care.

Reduced costs

Turnkey assembly solutions help to reduce total production cost. You can eliminate some expenses since the service is always packed-up. One of the aspects where you enjoy cost reduction is in freight costs. You won’t have to spend money on moving the components from different sources to the workshop. Furthermore, it is easier to procure components since turnkey PCB assemblers can secure better deals with component suppliers.

Faster turnaround time

Imagine the time you would spend when you different people handle all stages of your PCB assembly separately. It takes a longer time to produce circuit boards when different companies are involved in their production. However, full turnkey circuit board assembly carries out all the stages of PCB production. Furthermore, this assembly minimizes the number of quotations and communications. In the long run, this minimizes the risk of project distortion.

Criteria for Choosing the Best Turnkey Board Assembly Service

There are several turnkey circuit board assemblers. However, not all of these assemblers deliver quality products and services. Below are some criteria for choosing the best turnkey circuit board assembly company.

Great expertise

Ensure your manufacturer has the skills and knowledge needed for producing turnkey printed circuit boards. Also, this includes the experience of your manufacturer.

Exceptional customer support

Customer support is a criterion to consider. Choose a turnkey circuit board assembler that prioritizes the interest of its customer.

Adherence to PCB standards

Your turnkey circuit board assembler must adhere to certain standards in the PCB industry. Also, ensure your assembler has the right certifications.

Quality control

Good quality control comprises the adoption of effective PCB inspection and testing methods. This helps to evaluate the performance and functionality of turnkey circuit boards.


We have reviewed the best Turnkey circuit board assemblers in this article. Ensure you choose the best assembler for your turnkey circuit board project.

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