Best PCB Manufacturer for Hobbyist

Finding a PCB manufacturer that provides low volume prototypes and quantities at affordable and reasonable prices is usually a difficult task for hobbyists, DIY enthusiast, as well as college students

There are PCB manufacturers that understand this issue and these requirements for hobbyists. This is why they provide PCB fabrication and PCB assembly services. Furthermore, they offer this at the lowest costs possible. In addition, these PCB manufacturers focus on the assembly and prototype PCB fabrication service. This is one good reason why they are suitable PCB manufacturers not just for different corporations, but for DIY enthusiasts and hobbyists.

For those that want us at Hillman Curtis to make some smaller orders for them, we also deliver bare PCB fabrication, as well as full and partial turnkey PCB manufacturing services.  In addition, at Hillman Curtis, we ensure quick turnaround and high standard PCBs (printed circuit boards). We make sure that all our circuit boards undergo electrical testing to make sure there are no opens or shorts. In addition, we comprehend that the PCB (printed circuit board) forms the heart of all electronic devices to ensure it functions effectively.

Majority of DIY enthusiasts and hobbyists create their circuit boards from the comfort of their homes. This is okay for simple circuits. However, when dealing with more complicated circuits, they search for tools that are more sophisticated. On the web, there are some free applications present for layout drawing and schematic design. Moreover, when dealing with PCB fabrication, for prototypes and low volumes, you have to seek a professional service and at a reasonable price.

Why Choose us as Your PCB Manufacturer for Hobbyists?

 At Hillman Curtis, we provide customers with some professional services to meet all job types. These include manufacturing prototype boards. In addition, we provide quick turnaround time, one on one customer services, and high quality materials. Furthermore, our manufacturing processes are simple and we provide professional-grade fabrication. Therefore, hobbyists will get the same service as the professional businesses, but at prices suitable for them.

Furthermore, at Hillman Curtis, we offer our services to the hardware community. As far as we are concerned, it doesn’t matter if our customers just want to learn or are planning something huge. The services we render to hobbyists will cover all their important needs.

Below are some of the reasons why you should choose Hillman Curtis as your PCB manufacturer for hobbyists.

Quality of the Materials

Typically, hobbyists want minimum quantities or prototypes. However, for us at Hillman Curtis, this doesn’t mean they deserve low-quality materials for their jobs. Furthermore, we make sure that all the customers get the same top-quality materials regardless of whether they are enterprises or hobbyists.

Furthermore, we offer circuit board materials that suit all industries. Also, our PCBs (printed circuit boards) cover different industries including aerospace and medical industries. We also deal with high-grade materials in every aspect.

Quick Prototyping

Hobbyists usually want to work with PCB manufacturers that offer a quick turnaround time. This is because they are too eager to test their project. When a PCB manufacturer takes so much time to deliver the boards, these hobbyists will not have enough time for their board testing. This is why we at Hillman Curtis offers fast turnaround times for our prototyping.

For simple circuit boards, we have the ability to manufacture the prototype PCBs within a day. However, for prototype boards that are more complex, we will require a few more days.

Great customer service

As far as Hillman Curtis is concerned, one important function is customer service. This holds no matter who we serve, a professional or a hobbyist. Our company’s one on one customer service oversees some functions like manufacturing, prototype fabrication, and PCB design for customers.

Regardless of the quantity, all our customers will get their products according to schedule. We maintain our rate of delivery by more than 99%. Also, we don’t care if it is a small or large project, our goal is on-time shipping for all orders.

Simple Process of Manufacturing

Hobbyists prefer that their Printed circuit board designs are kept simple. Even for complex designs, they still prefer a PCB manufacturing process that is not complicated and simple. This is why our manufacturing processes are environmentally friendly and simple, which offers a seamless transition from the raw materials and then to the completed product. In addition, our processes make use of lower amounts of water, and we have a great work philosophy as well.

What are the Applications for Hobbyist PCBs?

The PCBs we offer are useful in different hobbyist applications. These include the following.

  • Custom robotics
  • Smart meters
  • Temperature sensors
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Power supply units
  • Radio controlled airplanes and cars
  • Smart lighting systems
  • Radio communication systems
  • Water sensors
  • Electronic switch gears

Who are the Best PCB Manufacturers for Hobbyists?

Rush PCB

Rush PCB is one of the top printed circuit board manufacturers providing customers with some professional services. In addition, we provide quick turnaround time, one on one customer services, and high quality materials. Furthermore, their manufacturing processes are simple and they also provide professional-grade fabrication.

In addition, Rush PCB makes sure that all the customers get the same top-quality materials regardless of whether they are enterprises or hobbyists. Furthermore, Rush PCB offers circuit board materials that suit all industries and their PCBs (printed circuit boards) cover different industries including aerospace and medical industries.

Another reason why hobbyists will work with a PCB manufacturer like Rush PCB is their fast turnaround times. Also, they have a great customer service and they oversee some functions like manufacturing, prototype fabrication, and PCB design for customers. Also, the manufacturing processes used at Rush PCB are environmentally friendly and simple.

Sierra Circuits

With an attractive solder mask, trace width, and a great silk screening, their rapid prototyping is one of the best in the PCB industry. Also, with their quick turnaround time, this company has a great reputation as one of the best and reliable PCB manufacturers for hobbyists.

This PCB manufacturer offers its PCB manufacturing in their Silicon Valley facilities. They have a new facility with a size of 70,000 sq ft and they make use of the best technology available for PCB manufacturing.  This is one of the PCB manufacturers that offer BOM check, two to eight layer boards, Assembly on the two sides, DFA & DFM checks by the experienced engineers, white legend solder mask and green solder mask, FR4 material with 0.062” thickness and more.

Furthermore, Sierra Circuits are among the great PCB manufacturers that offer very fast prototyping. With their Silicon Valley facility, hobbyists will be able to get their manufactured PCBs within 24 hours. With the PCB cost considered, this company will create your PCB prototype within three days. Also, for designs that are more complex, it could take about ten days.

Rayming PCB & Assembly

Rayming PCB & Assembly is a PCB assembly manufacturer based in China offering PCB manufacturing for hobbyists. Furthermore, this company can offer partial turn-key and turn-key assembly services for use in different industrial applications. They also offer PCB fabrication.

Rayming also offers quick prototyping and fast turnaround time because they know that hobbyists want their orders delivered faster. They handle the whole process including printed circuit board manufacturing, procuring of the components, PCBA testing, as well as checking the PCB quality. They also offer advanced circuits, small boards, and different PCB size for hobbyists.

There are so many reasons why Rayming is one of the best pcb manufacturers for hobbyists. They have the best quick delivery and fast response service. In addition, they have a large and effective support team. Also, with the large number of clients they have worked with in the past, you can trust them to deliver high quality PCB manufacturing and assembly services.

Bittele Electronics

It is usually difficult for many hobbyists to find PCB manufacturers that offer low order quantities, as well as low cost prototype alternatives. Bittele Electronics has a good understanding of these needs and is providing high quality PCB Assembly and PCB Fabrication at the lowest cost possible. One reason why this company is a great match for Corporations and Hobbyists is their focus on both PCB assembly and fabrication.

Bittele Electronics has also made their full turnkey and bare PCB services available to those clients that wish to place a small order. The minimum order you can place for their bare PCBs is one piece. However, the company advises a minimum order of 3 pieces, to help customers test these boards against one another. For full turnkey PCBs, the minimum order is 5 pieces.

Another great feature of this PCB manufacturer is that all their PCB are high-standard ones. Furthermore, the company ensures a complete electrical testing on their circuit boards. This is to ensure that all their boards don’t have any opens or shorts. They are included among PCB manufacturers that offer quick shipping and DFM checking.

Candor Circuit Boards

Candor Circuit Boards is one of the PCB manufacturers that offer cost effective printed circuit boards for hobbyists. This company manufactures high quality PCB materials and with a quick turnaround time.

Furthermore, adding this to their one on one customer service, professional fabrication, and simple manufacturing processes, you will get everything that a business should get. However, this comes at a pricing meant for the hobbyists.

This company ensures that no matter what the project is all about, even if it is just for hobby, you’ll get that same quality other businesses will experience. Furthermore, using high quality solder mask, their circuit board materials work fine for all industries. These include aerospace, medical, industrial, etc.

In addition, Candor Circuit Boards also offers very fast prototyping. Even if this project is just a hobby, you’ll still want it completed very quickly. This is why this company is ready to deliver within 24 hours. However, creating the prototype of complex designs could take about three days, while production can take ten days.

Other great features of this company include their one on one customer service, simple manufacturing process, and professional grade fabrication.


In the past decade, PCBCart has been able to grow dramatically. In 2005, this company started with some group of clients which has now transformed into a complete PCB manufacturing business respected as one of the top PCB manufacturers in China. This company also features clients worldwide.

Furthermore, their services extend to hobbyists that want to have their PCBs very quickly and at a low cost. This is one of the reasons why this company keeps upgrading their full-feature PCB services with better techniques, more training, and better equipment, so as to offer the best quality, and full feature PCB assembly and manufacturing for different clients.

In addition, PCBCart is focused at getting the highest quality standards and this is well known to its global clients. Their products are useful in industries like education, telecommunications, medical, aerospace, and military, to mention a few.

Lastly, this company keeps expanding and challenging themselves to ensure that they can make your PCB projects very successful, especially for hobbyists.

Absolute Electronics Services

The PCB facilities of the Absolute Electronics Services is what you need, if you are seeking professional services at hobbyist’s pricing. In addition, this company has the ability to generate products of high quality and within a short period of time.

Combining these qualities with their great customer support, straightforward methods of production, and high quality production, you’ll get exactly what other companies get and at hobbyist pricing.

Also, their facilities serve the electronics industry of the public. However, if this is your first time starting out, or you just want to experiment, or do something more significant, then this company’s hobbyist offerings have the ability to meet all your needs.

In summary, when working with Absolute Electronics Services, you’ll get high quality material, very fast prototyping, great customer service, simplified manufacturing, and professional fabrication.


Not all manufacturers have the ability to offer PCB manufacturing to Hobbyists. This is because this set of people usually work with fast turnaround times and less pricing, compared to Companies. Asides the companies we have reviewed above, there are others. However, before you decide to choose any, make sure they offer high quality material, very fast prototyping, great customer service, simplified manufacturing, and professional fabrication.

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