Pentagram ’06

Directed, Shot & Edited by Hillman Curtis. Produced by Jane Rosch/Pentagram

This was shot at an annual Pentagram partner’s meeting in a white walled villa in southern Italy. These guys work hard but they know how to live. The place was amazing and the food, served on the premises three meals a day, amazing. There was of course a pool as well as an outside cafe/bar where one could lounge after a mid-afternoon nap with a bowl of olives or nuts and a glass of Italian white wine. I enjoyed the villa and very much enjoyed the process of filming the partners. The resulting film is all about equality. If you notice the beginning portrait section you’ll see that each partner is allotted exactly the same amount of screen time as is their work. Might have been obsessive on my part but it helped me make sense of all of the footage I had and make a solid short film out of it.