How To Choose the Best Aluminum PCB Supplier

Printed circuit boards are the main power provider to serve different electronics. There are different PCBs out there that are material-based and Aluminum PCBs are included among them.

There are several ways in which the aluminum printed circuit boards can be called. These include aluminum core PCBs, aluminum clad PCBs, and different other terms. However, there are a whole lot of questions regarding the aluminum core PCB. These also include the best aluminum PCB suppliers. Please read on as we take you through everything you should know concerning the topic.

What is an Aluminum PCB?

Simply, you can describe an Aluminum core PCB as a PCB that is backed with an aluminum base material. You can also refer to the Aluminum PCB as aluminum backed PCBs, aluminum core PCBs, aluminum substrate PCBs, and more.

Furthermore, there is also a conductive and thin dielectric layer in the aluminum-clad core printed circuit boards. The metal core PCBs or PCB layers are just like the traditional printed circuit boards. Also, it holds a similar silkscreen, solder mask, copper layer, etc.

Only the metal or aluminum is used for the PCB’s base material rather than fiberglass or plastic substrate. At times, aluminum mixes with fiberglass or it is used alone. In it, you can find the double-sided layer, single-sided layer, 2 layer aluminum PCBs, and more.

In addition, the LED industry usually makes use of aluminum PCBs. This is because it has a special feature – thermal mitigating. We know that LEDs release extensive heat that must be mitigated in very efficient ways. Also, aluminum provides a very long lifespan for the printed circuit boards. Asides aluminum, the metal substrate layer can be made up of some other materials like silicon steel plates, stainless steel plates, and more.

Types of Aluminum PCB

Aluminum PCBs can be seen in different types. This has to do with the state and layers.

Single sided aluminum PCB

The single sided aluminum PCBs come with just one conductive layer of copper above its material substrate. At the other end or side, the components are all placed and then soldered onto one of the sides.

Double sided aluminum PCB

Double sided oriented circuit boards have two thin conductive layers of copper on the two sides of the circuit board. To connect the sides together, electrical holes are usually used.

High Frequency PCBs

This passes high frequency in different applications. You can use these printed circuit boards in very extensive applications.

Different Layers of the Aluminum PCB

 Aluminum Base Layer

The Aluminum base layer is composed of an aluminum alloy substrate. Using aluminum makes this core PCB type a great choice for the through-hole technology.

Thermal Insulation Layer

The thermal insulation layer is known as a very important component of the printed circuit board. It features ceramic polymers, which have great viscoelastic properties, excellent thermal resistance. It also helps to defend the printed circuit board against thermal and mechanical stresses.

Copper Foil Layer

This circuit layer is made of copper foil. In general, the PCB manufacturers make use of a specific copper foil layer that ranges from one to about 10 ounces. This copper foil layer is very important.

Dielectric Layer

Dielectric layer helps in absorbing heat as the current flows into the circuits. Now this is transferred onto the aluminum layer. Here, the dispersion of the heat takes place. Getting the best light output leads to increased heat. Furthermore, the printed circuit boards with a better thermal resistance helps in extending the lifespan of the finished product.

The reliable aluminum pcb supplier and manufacturer will do well to provide superior protection, part reliability, and heat tolerance. We at Rayming PCB & Assembly, we do our very best to set very high quality and standards that your projects will need.

What are the Benefits of Using the Aluminum PCB?

Here are some of the benefits of making use of the Aluminum PCBs

It is less expensive

With respect to the different climates, Aluminum works with different climates, therefore you can easily refine and mine it, in contrast to other metals. With respect to extension, the costs of manufacturing linked with the products making use of aluminum PCBs are less expensive as well. Also, rather than choose heat sinks, the Aluminum PCBs are less expensive

Environmentally friendly

Aluminum is known as a recyclable and a non-toxic metal. Tracing it from use by the manufacturer and then down to the consumer, making use of aluminum in PCBs helps in contributing to a very healthy planet.

Heat Transfer is Better

High temperatures cause heavy damages to different electronics. With Aluminum, you can be sure of the conduction and transfer of heat from the critical parts. This helps in reducing damage that will have come to the Aluminum PCB.

Very Durable

Compared to other base materials such as fiberglass and ceramic, aluminum is much stronger. Aluminum is extremely sturdy and helps in reducing the accidental breakages, which could happen all through the process of PCB manufacturing, as well as during everyday use and handling


With respect to its durability, the aluminum PCBs are extremely lightweight. This helps in adding resilience and strength onto the circuit board without having to add additional weight. Also, we love our clients and customers to be well informed regarding the different products that we offer and provide at Rayming PCB & Assembly. Although the lighting projects and power converter are known as the greatest users of the metal based PCBs, they are useful in many different ways.

LED printed circuit boards help in making up most metal based printed circuit boards. They could gain from the benefits of the aluminum core printed circuit board material. All aluminum core PCB suppliers can help the customer to have access to the needs of the thermal insulation and control. Also, you can use the Aluminum core PCBs with the black or white solder masks.


What are the Applications of the Aluminum PCB?

The Aluminum backed printed circuit boards are great for situations where the thermal dissipation and thermal heat tolerance are extremely high. The PCBs also clad more effectively with aluminum at directing the thermal energy from the components of the printed circuit board. Therefore, they offer a more effective temperature management for the PCB designs.

The Aluminum backed PCBs could be much more efficient (about 10 times) compared to the fiberglass backed designs with respect to getting rid of thermal energy away from the components of the circuit board. When the rate of thermal dissipation (heat dissipation) is higher, it permits the implementation of a higher density and higher power designs.

Furthermore, the aluminum backed PCBs are much more useful now than ever for high thermal and high power heat dissipation materials. Though they were initially designed to serve high power supply applications, the aluminum printed circuit boards are well-known in different LED applications; which includes general lighting, automotive lighting, and traffic lights.

Using aluminum designs permits a higher LED density in PCB designs. It also allows mounted LEDs to function at much higher currents when staying in specific temperature tolerances.

Key Points to Consider Before You Choose Your Aluminum PCB Manufacturer

In order to get the most effective and qualitative Aluminum PCB, there is a need to choose a very skilled and experienced aluminum PCB manufacturer. In order to get the very best, there is a need to check for these facts.

  • IPC Certification
  • Extensive machines and tools for the manufacturing of aluminum base printed circuit boards
  • Very skilled
  • Long time experience in the industry
  • Professional and highly-skilled staff
  • Advanced infrastructure for the manufacturing plant

What is the Performance and Properties of the Aluminum PCB

Thermal Dissipation

Well known PCB substrate, like CEM3 and FR4, are usually conduct thermal energy poorly in contrast to the aluminum substrate. If the electronic components heat can’t be distributed quickly, it leads to failure of the electrical components. However with an aluminum substrate, you will easily find answers to the thermal dissipation (heat dissipation) issue.

Thermal Expansion

Generally, aluminum substrate printed circuit board has the ability to solve thermal dissipation issues effectively. This helps in improving the reliability and durability of the entire machine, as well as the electronic components. Particularly, the aluminum substrate has the ability to solve the issue regarding surface mount technology (SMT) thermal contraction and expansion issues.

Dimensional Stability

The aluminum substrate PCB apparently has a higher stability in contrast to the PCB’s insulating material. Also, when you heat it from 30 degrees centigrade to 140 to 150 degrees centigrade, the usual dimensional change of the aluminum substrate will only be between 2.5 and 3.0%.

Thermal conductivity

Aluminum PCBs are thermally conductive (great thermal conductivity). The thermal conductivity of aluminum PCB has to do with the rate of contraction or expansion of the aluminum PCB with an increase in temperature. In other words, thermal conductivity of the Aluminum PCB is the ability of this Aluminum PCB to transfer or conduct heat. The aluminum PCBs feature a thermal conductivity of about 1 W/mK to about 9 W/mK. Also, the Aluminum PCB has the ability to withstand temperatures of about 400 degrees centigrade.

Other Performance

Asides thermal conductivity, heat dissipation, and other properties, the Aluminum substrate PCB includes a shielding effect. Also, the aluminum substrate aids in improving the physical properties and heat resistance, as well as reduce the production labor and costs.

Who are the Best Aluminum PCB Suppliers?

Ucreate Electronic Group

This company was founded more than two decades ago and is well-known as a professional and highly experienced Aluminum PCB supplier. They offer one stop service that includes the design, manufacturing, and assembling of PCBs, testing, and housing.

Their products are very applicable in different fields. These include aerospace, digital communications, industrial control, medical, automotive, etc.

RayMing PCB & Assembly

RayMing PCB & Assembly is one of the best aluminum PCB manufacturers and suppliers. Also, they are involved in PCB assembly and offering of the double-sided and multilayer circuit boards.

Furthermore, the company provides other countries with top-quality PCB Assembly, components sourcing, and PCB fabrication. They also have more than a decade of experience in the electronic manufacturing industry.

Venture Electronics

This company is very active when it comes to different projects relating to LED lighting. They make this happen by making use of LEDs using not just Aluminum, but other types of metal substrate like copper foil, CEM3, FR4, copper alloy, as the LED PCB’s base material.

Venture is a reliable place for the manufacturing of aluminum PCB which is seen in vehicle or automobile lights, spot lights, medical lights, wall lights, down lights and more.

ABIS Circuits

This is another aluminum PCB manufacturer established back in 2006. Their products are very useful in medical, industrial control, telecommunication, automotive products, consumer, security, and more.

The services rendered by ABIS Circuits are one-stop services , housing, components sourcing, PCB assembly, PCB soldering, etc. You can trust ABIS Circuits to deliver high-quality aluminum PCB.

Advanced Circuitry International

This top aluminum PCB manufacturing company was founded back in 1992 and is involved in manufacturing RF/microwave, antenna, rigid, Hi-reliability PCBs.

Also, their printed circuit boards are useful in medical devices, aerospace, defense, or the telecommunication industry. Asides from its updated technologies and equipment, as well as facilities that offer high-quality services and products, it has highly trained and skilled personnel. You can trust them to deliver high-quality aluminum PCBs.

ACT International

This Florida based company is another top-quality company involved in the manufacturing of the Aluminum PCB. ACT International is an ISO-certified Aluminum PCB manufacturer that also deals with the manufacturing as well as supplying of high-quality PCBs.

You can trust their services because hardly will anything go wrong while working with them.

Imagineering, Inc

Many companies located in the United States take Imagineering, Inc as their preferred destination for PCB manufacturing especially Aluminum PCB. Founded in 1986, the company also specializes in the fabrication, as well as assembly of different PCBs. These include production-grade PCBs and prototypes.

Asides from their great services, this company has highly-trained experts, very effective and unique tolerance guidelines, and small components. This is to ensure quality and modern PCB that suits your needs.


We hope you now understand what Aluminum PCB is all about. You also know about some of the top companies involved in this. Make sure you consider the necessary factors above before choosing an Aluminum circuit board manufacturer.

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