Best 8 Aluminum PCB Board Manufacturers for LED in China

Aluminum PCB boards are usually made up of a structure having three layers: an insulating layer, a circuit layer and the metal base layer. LED (light-emitting diodes) lighting products usually have Aluminum printed circuit boards. Two sides are usually available. The first side is white in color, which is useful in soldering your LED pins. The other has Aluminum’s natural color.

Due to the countless number of companies in China, it may be difficult for you to gather the necessary information regarding them. This is why we have gone the extra mile to review the best 8 Aluminum PCB board manufacturers for LED in China.

What are the Top 8 Aluminum PCB Board Manufacturers for LED in China?

UCreate Electronic Group

Ucreate Electronic Group was established over 20 years ago, in 2001, and is well-known as a highly experienced and professional PCB Assembly and PCB manufacturer. This company offers one-stop service, which includes designing printed circuit boards, manufacturing, as well as assembling PCBs, housing, and testing.

Furthermore, this company is known to deliver on time, after over 18 years of experience in the EMS market. Also, the company has over 1200 employees, with about 150 of them that are very professional who have at least ten years experience in the PCBA and PCB field. Also, their capacity for PCB production can reach a capability of about 45000 square meters per month, with its capacity for EMS assembling reaching 150,000,000 components every month.

You can apply their products in different fields, which include consumer electronics, digital communications, aerospace, medical, industrial control, automotive, and more. At present, this company has more than 5000 customers globally. Also, the company builds positive, long-term relationship with its customers. This is based on trust, collaboration, and respect.

Also, the company has a mission that with exact delivery, high quality, continuous development, satisfaction of customers, and common innovation, it will develop much better with customer participation.

Why should you choose Ucreate Electronic Group?

All in one: Ucreate Electronic Group offers all-in-one services, which includes manufacturing of aluminum pcb boards for led, components sourcing, pcb fabrication, and pcb assembly.

Quality Control: Also, this company is known to fully comply with quality assurance, 100% testing, and IPC standards.

Professional service: Ucreate also offers professional services. These include its over 100 professional engineers that help in ensuring top production of printed circuit boards. Also, it has a great customer service that operates 24/7.

Specialists in PCB Assembly: Ucreate are also specialists in the assembly of PCBs. This includes the full production and prototypes.

Delivery guarantee: You can be sure to get your deliveries on-time 99% of the time. This company works with Fedex, USP, and DHL to achieve this.

Safety of your information: Ucreate is ready to sign an NDA to ensure that no one has access to your data.

RayMing PCB and Assembly

rayming box building assembly

RayMing PCB and Assembly is one of the top manufacturers of Printed circuit boards. They also deal in PCB assembly, offering multilayer and double-sided circuit boards.

This company was founded back in 2005, and specializes in offering companies high-quality PCB Assembly, PCB Fabrication, as well as components sourcing, with more than ten years experience in the industry of electronics manufacturing. Also, RayMing is an expert aluminum PCB board manufacturer for led.

The company offers high-end boards, which include Teflon PCB, Rogers PCB. HDI boards, flexible-rigid boards, Cheap Aluminum boards, and circuit boards of high frequency. Furthermore RayMing produces complex double-sided and multi-layer board and mount designs respectively, with the goal to offer products of high quality, which meets the requirements of the customer in a very cost-effective way.

Furthermore, the experience of RayMing PCB in strict cleanliness requirements, IPC standards (C;ass III), production tolerances, and a heavy copper, allows the company to offer exactly what they desire for the end product.

Also, their full commitment to great customer service, coupled with the great expertise of its team, RayMing technology has become one of the very best today.

Furthermore, RayMing offers different LED PCB products. These include aluminum PCB board manufacturers for LED, ceramic base PCB, high-temperature PCB, copper base PCB. RayMing uses Aluminum Base printed circuit boards because they offer great thermal performance.

Why Choose RayMing PCB & Assembly?

Below are some of the reasons why you should choose RayMing PCB for your aluminum pcb board manufacturers for LED.

Ethics: You can trust RayMing. They never compromise on fairness, honesty, and integrity.

People: the company inspires themselves with significant work, challenging development, and full of purpose.

Health and Safety: RayMing ensures that the company is completely safe from harm. This is one huge key to success and this also helps in the creation of a healthy environment.

Quality: Furthermore, RayMing takes excellence seriously and they ensure that work is done the right way for the first time. Furthermore, the company’s reputation depends on the value that has been delivered before the community and customers.

Relationships: RayMing builds a long-term and positive relationship with its customers. When delivering aluminum PCB board manufacturing, joint-venture subcontractors, colleagues, and suppliers, which are built on collaboration, respect, and trust.

Innovation: At RayMing, they apply and develop top-class technology. The company learns, listens, and searches for the best possible ideas. They get rid of complacency to ensure they improve continually.

Venture Electronics

Venture has been active in different LED-lighting projects. This they achieve by delivering LED printed circuit boards making use of not only Aluminum, but copper Alloy, FR4, CEM3, as the base material for the LED PCB.

For sure, in contrast to the FR4 and CEM3 material, for heat transfer, copper and aluminum alloy performs better. However, since the price of Aluminum alloy is more than that of copper, the most common and economic option that Venture uses considering cost, rigidness, and thermal conductivity is Aluminum.

Furthermore, so many electronic engineers back this company for projects related to LED lighting. These include PCB designs for medical LED light, LED PCB for commercial flood, military LED PCB, automotive LED PCB and more. Venture assists its customers from the start of the design.

Venture is a great place for your aluminum pcb board manufacturing that are applicable in automobile or vehicle lights, street lights, medical lights, spot lights, cabinet lights, ground lights, wall lights, desk lights, display lights, down lights, pendant lights, and commercial lighting.

Why you should choose Venture Electronics

Below are some reasons why you should choose Venture electronics for your aluminum PCB board manufacturing.

Swift response: You can always expect Venture to attend to your enquiries swiftly. This is usually within two hours.

24/7 Tech Support and Live Sales: Venture’s engineers and sales work in three different shifts. This is to deliver the 24/7 support to customers residing in different time zones.

Vast experience: Venture has been in the business of aluminum PCB board manufacturing for over ten years. These include working on different projects locally and internationally.

Flexible Payment: Also, Venture does well by offering its customers flexible payments. This includes assisting your business and prepayment.

Competitive Pricing: Venture does all the manufacturing in house. They don’t outsource their work; this is to ensure that customers receive very competitive prices.

Venture Electronics

aluminIum pcb

ABIS Circuits

This aluminum PCB board manufacturer for led was founded in 2006, and situated in Shenzhen. Furthermore, the company is proud to have about 1100 workers. Also, they have two workshops with a space of around 50000 square meters.

The products from ABIS circuits are usually useful in telecommunication, industrial Control, medical, automotive products, security, consumer, and others.

The company’s advanced equipment, perfect management, as well as their expert staff plays a very significant role in fighting to win extra market shares along with some other competitors. Furthermore, they always strive to achieve customer satisfaction. They also offer support to these customers when they need it.

Presently, the company has passed UL, ISO14001, ISO9001, etc. Furthermore, with the company’s staff working hard constantly, as well as the continuous support from all customers all over the globe, ABIS  circuits can offer buried and blind board, 20 layers pcb, High TG, Rogers of high-precision, flexible and Aluminum-base boards to customer having high-quality level and fast turns.

Furthermore, the services and products the company delivers are one-stop service, components sourcing, housing, burn-in, pcb soldering, PCB assembly, and more. Also, they have great market achievements, which include its use of its products in different industries. Furthermore, they have their customers distributed across 30 countries.

In addition, they have over 15 years experience, and the exportation of their products are usually to USA and Europe.

Why Choose ABIS Circuits?

Good quality: All customers want to work with an aluminum PCB board manufacturer for led that delivers high-quality products. This is what ABIS circuits ensure, and this is why they keep having new customers.

24 hours customer service: You can always reach out to this company to place your orders at any tiem, and they will respond to you.

On-time delivery: This is one area customers usually focus on. No one wants a delay in the delivery time of their products. This is what ABIS circuits make sure of. They deliver on time and according to your requirements.

IBE Electronics

IBE Electronics is one of the best aluminum PCB board manufacturers for led in china. This is for good reason. The company has been involved in contract manufacturing for almost 20 years. Aside from aluminum PCB manufacturing, this company also offers PCB fabrication, PCB and SMT Assembly, Box Build, Components Sourcing, Turnkey Solution, Prototyping, and Electronic Design.

Also, the company keeps investing in brand new and unique technologies, thereby offering a full manufacturing solution just to meet the needs of customers, as well as ensure a more economical process. Furthermore, the majority of their products are taken to the markets of Digital Earphone Medical facility, smart metering, home appliance, and more.

IBE electronics has a vision, which is to be committed to rely heavily on ODM service providers for medium or small-sized clients. Furthermore, their mission is to strive hard for a quick development of medium and small sized technology and science enterprises.

Why you should choose IBE Electronics

Below are some reasons why you should choose IBE electronics for your aluminum pcb board manufacturing.

Great customer service: IBE Electronics focuses on serving its customers. They have on-site support for customers available 24/7.

Competitive Pricing: the company offers competitive pricing in contrast to many others in the industry.

Quick turn: Also, they have the ability to offer quick turn according to what you specify. This helps you to meet the design verification or testing requirements.

High-quality: The Company is sure of their products 100%, and are ready to stand by it.

Advanced facility: Also, there are four automatics production lines of high precision that can meet the product requirements of customers.

Diverse capabilities: Regardless of what you need, mass production or prototype, IBE Electronics is there to satisfy you.


This is a well-known aluminum pcb board manufacturer for led that also specializes in the production and selling of PCBA and PCB. The company has two factories for PCB, two trade companies, and one factory for surface mount technology (SMT).

Furthermore, ZAPON was established back in 2007, and it has more than 100 top apparatus that will aid in manufacturing, designing, as well as detecting PCB. Also, they have six surface mount technology assembly lines coupled with different detection apparatus like FCT and ICT.

In addition, all these top equipment, as well as 720 employees, which includes some technical and engineering personnel has transformed Zapon into one of the best aluminum PCB board manufacturers in China.

The products from Zapon include various PCBs, which are mostly multi- or double-layer PCBs like Aluminum base PCB, multi-layer boards, double-sided pcb, Teflon board, and copper base pcb.

Furthermore, the company offers services that involve printing processes like HASL, Gold-plate, Anti-oxidation and Immersion Gold Organic Film. Also, if customers desire, they can assist in the mounting and packing of the products, as well as manufacture the Terminal PCBA or customized PCB.

Also, since the establishment of Zapon, the company has been able to maintain a very good reputation among its customers globally. They export their products to Southeast Asia (including Japan and South Korea), America and Europe. Furthermore, you can install products into communication devices, electronic computers, instruments, automotive supplies, aerospace equipment, and home applications.

Why Choose Zapon Group?

Below are some of the reasons why you should choose Zapon Group

Honor: This Company has been honored for three years straight by the Ouhai District Government as “Star Enterprise.” Also, it has been honored so many times, which shows how great their services are.

High-quality: Also, Zapon Group is sure of their products 100%, and are ready to stand by it.

Advanced facility: Also, there are five automatics production factories of high precision that can meet the product requirements of customers.

Exceeding Electronics Group Limited

Exceeding Electronics Group Limited is another top company that specializes in the production of PCBs of small and medium batch and for multi-variety purposes at a fast delivery rate. The sales of 70% of its products are mainly to the United States and Europe, while the remaining 30% are to China and other parts of Asia.

The products of these companies are useful in high-technological fields like telecommunication equipment, computers, industrial controls, medical equipment, aerospace, military industry, automotive and instrumentation industry.

Since the establishment of the company, back in 2001, it has been using the most advanced testing equipment, production equipment and technology. After spending almost two decades in development, the company has now become a first-class manufacturer of multi-layer circuit boards.

Furthermore, this aluminum pcb board manufacturer also has advanced manufacturing and professional designs, with the introduction of high-end equipment for automation like VCP line, vacuum etching line, LDI machine, Hitachi drilling machine, etc. Also, the company is striving hard to improve the production capacity and the technical level of the company.

Furthermore, the company specializes in the manufacturing of printed circuit boards having about 2 to 30 layers. This includes the ability of producing HDI, high-density PCB, and PCB having blind and buried via, high-frequency mixed pressure and materials as well as other capabilities.

The company incorporates a standard system for management, and it works with different system certifications. Also, the company is very attentive to any environmental protection. During the beginning stage of its establishment, the company invested in establishing a system for environmental treatment for waste water and waste gas. Also, it also built a green factory.

Why Choose Exceeding Electronics?

The main characteristics of Exceeding Electronics are good price, quick delivery and excellent quality. Furthermore, the company adheres to the main principle of the market.

Also, the company has a quick response for orders. Furthermore, they quickly identify orders that are urgent. Also, they place them in areas that are specialized. Exceeding Electronics is capable and confident of offering customers with quick services and satisfactory products.

Jiudu Technology

Jiudu Technology is known as an Aluminum PCB board manufacturer for LED in China, which has been involved in designing and manufacturing of printed circuit boards for over ten years. Their secret to growth and immense success has to do with their huge commitment to the customers and employees.

Also, this company has been able to assemble an expert technical team, which helps in handling all requirements for PCB designs, as well as create prototypes within a very short time to meet the needs of customers.

The PCB products that this company manufactures are useful in electrical systems, IoT, systems for industrial control, computer systems, as well as other industries. Currently, Jiudu Technology’s products are useful for multinational companies like ASUS, Lenovo, Xiaomi, and Yadi. Their customers are majorly in China, other parts of Asia, the UK, Europe, Middle East, and India.

The company is also very eager to continue developing, most especially in the foreign market. Also, the company offers sensor supply, like those in balance cars, tricycles, and electric vehicles. This is why they have huge results in so many fields like development of IoT products, tricycle and electric vehicle fields.

Furthermore, a significant aspect of this company’s mission is ensuring they meet customers’ needs right from the start and to the end. The needs and satisfaction of customers means a lot to them. Most of their customers are Chinese, but they now manufacture PCB-related products for other countries.

Why Choose Jiudu Technology

They value their customers and they only create top-notch pcbs. Having been in the business for over ten years, they have the necessary experience to meet the needs of customers. You will also get your orders very quickly as the company ensures quick shipping of orders.

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best 8 Aluminum PCB Board Manufacturers for LED in China

Below are some factors you need to consider before making your decision regarding the best Aluminum PCB board manufacturer for LED for you.

Quality Control: Also, choose a company that fully complies with quality assurance, 100% testing, and IPC standards.

Safe information: It is advisable to choose a manufacturer that is ready to sign an NDA to ensure that no one has access to your data.

Ethics: You should be able to trust the company before working with them. Ethical companies will never compromise on fairness, honesty, and integrity.

Relationships: The Company should be able to build long-term and positive relationship with its customers.

Swift response: Also, go for a manufacturer that will attend to your enquiries swiftly. This is usually within two hours.

24/7 Tech Support and Live Sales: Work with a manufacturer that delivers 24/7 support to customers residing in different time zones.

Vast experience: The aluminum PCB board manufacturer for led must have been in the business for long. These include working on different projects locally and internationally.

Competitive Pricing: Work with companies that do all their manufacturing in house. This is to ensure that customers receive very competitive prices.


By now, you have an idea of companies to work with when searching for the best aluminum PCB board manufacturers for LED in China. These companies offer top-notch services. Take time to research about each of these companies to know which is best fit for you.

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