Top 8 Best Small PCB Manufacturers for You

One of the most popular exports from China is printed circuit boards. The best 8 Chinese PCB suppliers are highlighted in this article. Regarding the manufacture of PCBs for electrical devices, you have a variety of possibilities. The key to getting a decent design for your electrical device, though, is to have a solid PCB. These China PCB producers unquestionably provide quality that will make the electronic devices stand out.


Since its establishment in 2006, JLCPCB has dominated China’s PCB manufacturing market. Based on ongoing innovation and development driven by consumer requirements, it has been expanding quickly. This Chinese PCB company’s ability to produce extremely dependable and affordable PCBs quickly is its strongest asset. They provide quick PCB prototype and SMT manufacturing services, so you may build electrical hardware products or order PCB online from China. These range from cutting-edge automated production and online ordering systems to quick delivery.

Even though JLCPCB seems to be a reputable PCB manufacturer in China, it might not be the ideal option for complex projects. This is due to customer complaints that occasionally, a few of its product batches are flawed and also that an over-hole happens every time an electrical component is being soldered.


A skilled PCB assembly company in China is UETPCB. You may even claim that UETPCB is indeed the top Shenzhen, China PCB assembly company. They can address any issue you may have in the PCB business because they have more than 15 years of professional experience in PCB assembly and manufacturing sectors. UETPCB accepts custom orders thanks to their in-house PCB assembly facility, D&R base.

It is hardly hyperbole to state that UETPCB is really a leader in the consumer electronics manufacturing sector. Their supply chain includes PCB manufacturing, components sourcing, and PCB assembly programs.

You may get cutting-edge one-stop PCBA options from UETPCB at affordable pricing, together with unmatched technical competence.

3. PCBCart

PCBCart is a reputable supplier of SMT Printed circuit Board assembly.

Well over 10,000 businesses in more than 80 nations have ordered PCBs from this Shenzhen assembly factory of PCB. For through-hole techniques and SMT PCBs, the business provides trusted fabrication and assembly services of PCBs. They may supply boards in as short as a couple of days based on the client’s accelerated service schedule.

It has a cost-effective, flexible PCB layout and an expert SMD assembly process.


ALLPCB was founded in 2015 and based in Hangzhou with the goal of creating an extremely advanced collaborative manufacturing system which is known as ECMS. SMT, PCB, and components are all a part of the operations of this Chinese PCB manufacturer.

Building the world’s top electronic production process has been a priority for ALLPCB. In order to provide clients with the best customization and integration options, ALLPCB includes them in the PCB design process from the very beginning. To provide you with the greatest speed to market and a competitive edge, they continuously cut production costs and lead times. But, as several customers have noted, ALLPCB appears to have hidden costs, like paying for “plated half holes.” Thus, make sure to inquire about the price before placing your purchase.

5. Hitech Circuits Co., Ltd

Shenzhen’s Bao’an District is home to Hitech Circuits. Three of the branch factories owned by this Chinese PCB producer are focused on producing high-density boards, PCBs with several layers, and PCBs made with unique materials.

Moreover, Hitech Circuits provides PCB assembly facilities using surface mount and through-hole technologies. The business provides both full as well as partial turnkey PCB assembly and production services.

For partly turnkey PCB projects, the customer may supply the PCB and specific components, whereas Hitech Circuits takes care of the rest.


In China, PCBWIN is a reputable provider of high-quality Printed Circuit Boards and assembly facilities with a focus on PCB manufacturing. Its products are mainly employed in the fields of defense, aerospace, IT, medical, and industrial automation. They guarantee to produce PCBs and offer assembly services under the strictest quality control guidelines.

In order to guarantee consistent product quality, PCBWIN has created a thorough quality monitoring and prevention mechanism and is also certified by UL, CQC, ISO9001, and ISO14001.

7. Quick-PCBA:

Quick-PCBA is indeed an EMS firm with its main office in Shenzhen, China, that specializes in PCB fabrication and customized PCB assembly. This Shenzhen Printed Circuit Board assembly facility offers value-added services, including PCB layout and electrical component procurement, among others. Its ISO9001-certified Shenzhen PCB assembly plant has certificates for UL, REACH, RoHS, and ISO14001. To ensure the highest possible level of quality, this Chinese PCB manufacturer thoroughly tests each board electrically.

8. PCBWay

A reputable Chinese PCB producer is PCBWay. It provides customized PCB manufacturing and design, PCB prototyping, and PCB assembly activities. The business also offers other services, including sophisticated PCB manufacture and SMD-Stencil production.

Also, the mounter’s speed is unrivaled in the PCB industry, handling 28,000 SMD electrical components every hour with accuracy and perfection.

Nonetheless, some clients feel that “PCBWay’s service quality is decreasing” at the moment. This is due to short-circuiting on some boards.

How To Choose The Best PCB Manufacturer?

Reading our top advice suggestions will help you choose the best PCB manufacturer, as there are many to choose from.

· PCB Quality

A crucial consideration in choosing the best PCB manufacturer is quality. The term “quality” is ambiguous, undefined, and perhaps even a bit abstract. It can refer to a wide range of things.

Yet, the PCB quality basically denotes that the PCB board arrives as required and according to the drawing without any defects.

PCB quality may refer to several distinct things, including a Board of the appropriate size, with all holes precisely placed, Minimal board warping, passes bare board inspection, and several other problems.

When the major orders have really been accomplished, the quality shouldn’t deteriorate and should remain high. Making sure that the chosen vendor is of high caliber is essential since errors might jeopardize the whole PCB assembly and equipment manufacturer’s company. It would be able to inquire about the continuous quality of other, non-competing businesses that might utilize them.

· Ability To Meet Requirements

The first thing to check is if the PCB producer can adhere to the necessary requirements. Basically, they need to be able to accept the documents in the formats that they will be given and produce a panel that meets the necessary specifications, such as the required amount of layers, sort of PCB material, tolerances, and special requests.

To guarantee their ability to satisfy them all, it is essential to go through a thorough checklist.Request PCB Manufacturing & Assembly Quote Now

· PCB Manufacturer Cost

Cist is a crucial consideration. Making a product effective requires cutting costs, but caution must be used to avoid cutting expenses too much.

Although finding the best deal is always important, it has been stated that the ecstasy of a bargain is forgotten before the pain of subpar quality is fully endured.

To get the lowest possible price for these essential goods, cost and quality must be balanced.

· Timescales

The time required to produce a PCB might not always be a big deal. Yet, the majority of PCB assembly firms want boards by specific dates. When choosing a PCB supplier, it is important to make sure that these dates can be reached.

While being able to depend on such PCB suppliers or manufacturers to stick to deadlines is helpful, having the capacity to provide boards quickly is also helpful. This is often conducted at a premium price, and if the turnaround isn’t sufficient, it could result in more mistakes.

· Materials Sourcing

The location of the materials’ sourcing will be a crucial consideration for many businesses wanting to choose the best PCB manufacturing.

Some inexpensive producers could try to get materials wherever they are most affordable, which could lead to inconsistent boards with varied functionality from one shipment to another.

Mercury, Lead, cadmium, and some additional fire retardants are among the hazardous materials whose use is prohibited in the production of electronics. Thus, it is likely essential for the board to establish laws governing their usage.

Ensure the PCB supplier can provide a PCB that complies with the necessary requirements and has UL approved:

  • RoHS: The quantity of dangerous compounds that are permitted in electronics made across the world is governed by this rule, which has been in place for a long time.
  • REACH: This European initiative provides information on the chemicals that are utilized in the production of electronics and assesses their effect on both the environment and people.
  • Conflict Materials: Any business operating in or providing the US may find this specific rule to be extremely important. In particular, when the ore is imported from conflict areas like the Eastern Congo, this legislation aims to increase transparency within the production process of raw materials. 

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