What is the Current State of PCB Manufacturing in Europe?

Electronics are usually made available in different sizes and forms to help in meeting different customer’s needs. Similar elements, semiconductors, and PCB elements are frequently used for important components. Furthermore, only the PCB makers will be able to develop, create, as well as produce the electronic devices.

Europe’s PCB manufacturers have a huge customer base. There is a constant rise in PCB demand. The customers residing in Europe are completely complimentary of their products. We are writing this blog to update on European operations. Soon you’ll learn so much if you are new to this.

How is the PCB Industry in Europe?

The market of European PCB is an enormous one. In 2019, the entire market generated revenues of about USD 1913 million. It is expected to increase in 2025 to about USD 2020 million. This means that between 2020 and 2025, it will grow at 1.53%.

Wearable gadgets such as smartwatches that have flexible pcb sensors and embedded CPUs in them can now happen, which is possible by Internet of Things. Throughout the past decade, the internet-connected systems of the region have grown.

By 2020, there will be a connection of about 6 billion internet of things devices in Europe. This composes about 40% of the whole IoT market. According to predictions, Europe has a hand in more than 33% of the industrial expenditures of IoT globally.

Some pcb industry leaders are creating some strategic partnerships to include the UWB technology. This helps to boost PCB demand. In 2019, Volkswagen entered a partnership to develop UWB (Ultra-Wideband) technology.

How to Choose the Best PCB Manufacturers in Europe

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It is very important to work with a high-quality and the best PCB manufacturing company. This is necessary if you want the best expertise for the electronics systems and components. The pricing, power, quality, as well as other important qualities of the device is all necessary. This is determined by whichever brand you decide to work with.

If you don’t choose the right PCB manufacturers that meet your requirements and needs, you will have to handle the results, either good or bad. So, how should you do this? The first step is to choose the right PCB manufacturer. However, there are other characteristics you must first examine.

A New Website

You must understand that electronic pcb manufacturing companies must have an official website, which outlines their services, capabilities, and history. With this webpage, you will be able to access the company’s technology, skills, and technical ability, to see if it suits the electronic device.

Furthermore, the design of this website will reveal much about that company before you even have any dealings with them. Apart from this, you can ask them questions and approach them at any time.


The best and ideal electrical pcb manufacturer for you has to possess the necessary certifications that suit your device. It always works when you check or search their official website. This helps you to determine the ability of the company in generating better electrical goods. You’ll have to look elsewhere if you discover that the business possesses the necessary certificates, but doesn’t have the required manufacturing skills.

Technology and Equipment

A successful manufacturing process for electrical devices needs access to important equipment and technologies, as well as the technical know-how. Therefore, before you choose a PCB manufacturer for the manufacturing requirements of that electrical device, make sure you access their ability and capability to achieve it.

Majority of the best electronic companies usually have access to different device production technology, equipment, and knowledge. It is now easier to rate PCB manufacturers with the digital and internet gadgets.

Design Ability

The best electrical and printed circuit board manufacturer has to possess the necessary resources for the design. At times, there is an important review of your required specs, which is necessary for you to acquire the educated suggestion and objective before production.


Reviews is an important market driver for the manufacturers. It is also an important indicator of the capacity of their gadgets to build. Negative and positive reviews help in providing valuable and useful information regarding the PCB maker. However, it is very important that you work with only accurate evaluation from real and actual customers.


Only consult trusted family and friends to help you assess the accurateness and appropriateness of different PCB firms and companies for your equipment or electrical device requirements. Your friends will always give reviews that are unbiased regarding pcb manufacturer that relates to prior or current interactions.

What are the PCB Assembly Services in Europe?

The PCB manufacturers usually integrate the recent and latest technology so as to achieve the best manufacturing output and delivery in Europe. However, do you have an idea how these companies usually optimize their PCB assembly?

Note that European PCB manufacturers back conformal and potting coating. Also, they make sure there is high-quality advanced equipment and testing facilities. However, what assembly process does Europe use? Most times, European PCB manufacturers work with two major assembly processes.

LMHV Assembly

This assembly is also called Low Mix High Volume and it supports printed circuit board productions for a maximum of tens of thousands of printed circuit boards. What this means is that, you should use this assembly if you are considering PCB productions of large scale in Europe.

HMLV Assembly

This assembly is also called High Mix Low Volume. This deals with just a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 100’s of printed circuit boards. This is great for low-budget companies.

 Now, what ways are the PCB components usually mounted successfully during the PCB assembly in Europe? A PCB manufacturer in Europe usually integrates both the Through-hole technology (THT) and Surface Mount Technology (SMT) while providing assembly services.

Surface Mount Technology (SMT)

This is the most used technology when mounting PCB components. The technology provides many benefits to Europe’s PCB assembly and electronic manufacturing service. These include:

  • Cost-effective
  • Great solderability
  • Easy to rework or repair
  • Tolerant to electrical and mechanical forces
  • High-temperature resistance
  • Compatible with high-density pcb manufacturing
  • Moisture contamination is low. This is why the printed circuit board is durable
  • Supports high-volume multilayer pcb manufacturing or manufacturing of multilayer printed circuit boards
  • Compatible with pin-in-paste, POP, BGA systems

Through Hole Technology (THT)

This is less used in Europe’s PCB manufacturing industry and electronics industry. This technology is best for the robust circuit boards. The main features of this technology are:

  • Medium-standard solderability
  • Tolerates mechanical stresses
  • Compatible with automated and manual assembly
  • Supports the through hole reflow soldering

As a result of the high expense of the through-hole technology, it isn’t practical.

The Best 7 PCB Manufacturers in Europe

There are lots of PCB manufacturers in the European market. Therefore, making your choice may be a tough one. Therefore, we have listed the best printed circuit board manufacturers in Europe. Make use of this list to help you find the best PCB manufacturer.

Elvia PCB

This European PCB manufacturer began its journey back in 2005, and since then has become one of the major suppliers of production services and electronic device design. It has its headquarters in France. To ensure they meet the customer demands for electronic manufacturing, the company has 450 skilled employees.

Their main products include printed circuit board assembly, post-sale support, services for different electronic devices and components, electronics and pcb manufacturing, which includes the production of prototype, post-sale support, and more.

You can visit their website here:


This is one of the most important and best European PCB manufacturers. Asides from its measurement, aviation, and medical technology, this PCB board manufacturer designs and manufactures printed circuit boards (PCBs) of high end in Europe.

In the whole of Europe as well as Asia, this PCB board maker employs about 9500 people. These workers operate in the manufacturing facilities that are specialized in different technologies. With emphasis on European markets, the Austrian firms usually emphasize on quick production, customer connection, as well as PCB applications.

Their main products include mass production, pcb board assembly, PCB printing, pcb board repair service, cheap pcb manufacturing, and more.

You can visit their website here:

NCAB Group

EMS Company in Singapore

This is a global and leading European pcb manufacturer and supplier, established since 1993. Presently, this PCB manufacturer is present in 16 countries in the European, North American, and Asian continent. This European PCB manufacturer also has customers in about 45 countries globally. In 2021, the revenue the company generated was about USD$375 million.

The main products that the NCAB group offers include HDI PCB, PCB manufacturing, European PCB manufacturer, fabrication of printed circuit boards (PCBs), high-frequency printed circuit boards or PCB board, prototype printed circuit boards, and more.

You can visit their website here:


Multek is well-known as an European pcb manufacturer. They focus on multilayer pcbs and are situated in Europe. This PCB manufacturer has been there for over a decade. They make use of early prototypes to bring to the market their innovative items.

They are one of the largest PCB makers in Europe and they use materials, which has successfully passed a very rigorous examination process. The main products of Multek include PCB printing, PCB assembly, prototype PCB board, French PCB electronics and manufacturing, flexible pcb and more.

You can visit their website here:

Wurth Electronik

This European PCB manufacturer is much more important than holders of components to PCB manufacturing. This PCB manufacturer offers three types of PCB board. These include flex-rigid, stretchable, and flexible pcb.

The main products of this PCB manufacturer include PCB manufacturing in Germany, pcb manufacturer of cheap PCB, pcb assembly and fabrication services, switching PCB power supply, electronic pcb board soldering.

You can visit their website here:


This is one of France’s largest PCB manufacturers. This group has about 540 employers and all over Europe, Cire has at least eight factories. As one of the top PCB manufacturers in Europe, they adhere to ESA, UL, and ISO requirements.

A European PCB manufacturer is usually given the EN9100 and ESA certifications to help in the recognition of their civic and military research, which is conducted throughout space.

The main products of the Cire Group include an empty breadboard, PCB having two sides, Prototype PCBs, PCB board producers, Producing cheap PCB in India, and more.


This is one of the best manufacturers of PCB boards involved in both small scale and large scale pcb boards. KSG operates their manufacturing facilities in about three different countries.

This company offers cutting-edge pcb technology for different industries, which includes automotive, electronic manufacturing services, mass production, medical, electronics, as well as cheap pcb prototypes.

Their main products include cheap PCB, PCB printing, PCB assembly services, PCB design online, and soldering of pcb boards.

You can visit their website here:

What are the PCB Test Facilities Present in Europe?

PCB testing is a very important step. Top PCB manufacturing companies ensure that the PCBs are well tested before it gets out of their facility. They achieve this by making use of some testing procedures.

Automated Optical Inspection

The visual inspection of PCBs is possible with the use of AOI. Here at least one camera or video is used in examining the board. The board’s image is created through the capturing of photos from different angles and then combining them.

X-ray Inspection

This system may help in detecting those faults present in the solder joints of a components which couldn’t be seen with AOI. Materials absorb X-rays using their atomic weight. The lighter elements can transmit X-rays much better than the heavy ones.

In-circuit testing

The testing of each component is possible using in-circuit testing equipment. This helps in ensuring its proper functioning and makes sure that it is in the right location.

Material Sourcing In Europe

In order to achieve quick turnaround production, manufacturers of PCB in Europe source all the parts during the PCB fabrication in their plant, therefore staying on the top of the entire value chain.

In order to meet the demands of clients, these pcb manufacturers usually source dozens of different components daily.


Our article has explained what Euro PCB is all about. These include the top pcb manufacturers located in Europe. Also, we have discussed the different factors you must check before you work with one.

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