Choosing the Best European PCB Manufacturers

Electronics usually come in different sizes and forms in order to meet the customer’s needs. Semiconductors, PCB, and other similar elements are used regularly for very important pcb components. Furthermore, only the PCB makers will be able to develop, create, as well as manufacture these electrical devices.

The customer base of the European PCB manufacturers is large. One reason for this is that the customers love and appreciate these products. This is why the need for printed circuit boards (PCBs) keeps rising.

The main purpose of this article is to help you gain knowledge about European operations and top European PCB companies. Get ready because we can’t wait to let you know.

European PCB Manufacturers

Who are the Best 10 European PCB Manufacturers?

PCB producers have really flooded the European market. Therefore, it is a very tough job when you decide to choose among them. We have listed the top 10 manufacturers of printed circuit boards in Europe. With the help of this list, you will be able to choose a top PCB manufacturer.

Ruwel Group

Ruwel Group was founded in 1945 and has been delivering its high-quality products and services for the European market. Later on, Taiwan’s Unimicron Group acquired the company, and soon it started reporting annual gains of more than $2 billion.

The main reason for this great success has to do with their ability to deliver top quality services for the technology focused European customers. This company aims at working with high-tech small volume products to serve different customers that belong to some industries such as automobile and renewable energy.

However, the company has even surpassed this level now. They now have the ability to manufacture the high-end PCB prototype for Asia and Europe. Furthermore, one great feature that ensures this PCB manufacturer stands out from the rest is the post-sale services that they offer. Here, they can solve these issues by taking the items to China, since their devices are usually manufactured from there.

Ruwel Group offers the following services:

AT & S

This company is well-known among the top Europe PCB manufacturers. From the design of high-end prototypes to the introduction of new technologies, this company has made a great difference in so many areas, most especially healthcare, medicine, and aviation. Furthermore, with its services and products gaining international recognition, this company is focused on the provision of IC substrates to serve mobile phones, computers, cameras, and portable music players.

Furthermore, this company also owns a large workforce of about 9500 employees coupled with production units in Europe and Asia. Each of these units works on some specific categories and technology.

The Austrian unit focuses its work on the European market. It strives hard to maintain and keep great relationships with its customers. This includes the quick and timely production of orders and specialized PCB applications.

In addition, the Indian and Korean units manufacture medial and small batches of the PCB prototypes in Europe to serve the automobile industry. This European PCB manufacturer has these products under its name:

Wurth Electronic

The Europe PCB manufacturers know fully well that PCBs serve more than the component holders. Because they play a huge role in different electronic designs, this company is focused in assisting different customers with great solutions taking the form of cheap PCB prototypes.

Currently, this manufacturer delivers 3 variants of printed circuit boards (PCBs). This comes in different dimensions, including bendable, flexible, and flex-rigid PCB board.

Wurth is a great choice due to the ability of their products to enter smaller casings whereby not all other PCB assemblies does easily. Asides from this, the customers, most especially those from automotive, aerospace, and medicine industries will get high-quality signal, weight reduction, and manufacturing of cheap PCB.

Wurth Electronics I well-known for their great services in the areas below


Eurocircuits is known as one of the trusted top European PCB manufacturers yet delivers the cheapest products and services. This Company deals in the manufacturing of prototypes for German and Hungarian PCB factories.

Furthermore, their factory in India can manufacture medium volume items. The European factory on the other hand meets most demands that come in globally. Every year, this manufacturer deals with over a million orders with about 11,000 active customers, whereby some are regular or repetitive clients.

Eurocircuits is focused on producing and delivering the PCB prototypes in line with the unique specifications of the customer. This includes small batches of the sample to assure their customers regarding the satisfaction and quality received.

For Eurocircuits to take their services to a whole new level, they offer free online tools or resources in checking the DFM. Also, their support team is functional 24/7 to offer assistance to clients all the time. With respect to the main products, they deal specially in:


It’s about a decade since Multek started serving the European market in delivering multiplayer PCB assemblies. This manufacturer boasts introducing prototypes even before the launching of new products during mass production. Multek is among the PCB manufacturers that manufacture multiplayer circuit boards, double-side, rigid-flex, as well as single circuit boards in order to meet the expectations of the customers.

What makes Multek stand out from other PCB manufacturer is their evaluation process of 17 steps. This ensures that all the products meet the electrical and thermal requirements with respect to the IPC specifications

However, Multek usually treats all the products with so much attention and care. They usually begin by the analysis of all the aspects. This holds especially for the field application engineering whereby they are useful for specification reviews in listing down the technical details, as well as explaining everything necessary to the workforce in relation to delegated jobs.

The skills of Multek are proven in the areas below


Eashub PCB & Assembly is included among the Shenzhen PCB manufacturers. Furthermore, it is a unique and special spot in the market of Europe via their full and in-house services. In addition, from the manufacturing of the prototypes to the performance of full PCB assembly, Eashub has their hands in all the steps. Better still, thee makers have the ability to customize their products, with respect to the instructions.

Also, Eashub can handle the whole design process of the circuit board all through the whole turnkey manufacturing. Here, the manufacturer has the ability to:

  • Get all the components necessary for production
  • Design as well as manufacture pcb prototypes
  • Manufacturing and examining the multilayer printed circuit boards for performance
  • They monitor quality all through to the final assembly

Eashub PCB can work in the domains below.

Shennan Circuits

In order to set trends with the help of their work throughout Europe, this company has been evolving continually and also introducing reliable and effective designing capabilities which no other company has ever thought of.

Since the establishment of Shennan Circuits, the company has been able to expand all through themselves all over the world. With this expansion, they have locations in North America subsidiaries, China, as well as the Research and Development Unit in Europe.

In a bid to be a top-class service provider of PCB solutions and PCB technology, this manufacturer has gotten many approaches, which has ensured their success. Some of these areas include:

  • Forming the three in one method of printed circuit board design. These include substrate packaging, PCB designing, and PCB assembly
  • Establishing the value chain of the complete circuit board for PCB manufacturing, electronic assembly, scheme design, micro-assembly, as well as circuit board testing.

Zhen Ding Tech

Due to the serious work that this company has made the people of Europe to believe the possible change of the future if enough materials are made available to help in designing the appropriate PCBs

They played a huge role in revolutionizing the PCB manufacturing industry of telecommunication. Furthermore, they could achieve this through the combination of Artificial Intelligence, 5G technology, Internet of Vehicles, and Internet of Things.

In addition, they broke the complicated manufacturing procedure of the circuit board in small and simple steps. It also ensured that all individuals learn the production process. Their well-known products include the following.

  • Rigid printed circuit boards
  • IC board carrier
  • Soft and hard board
  • HDI or High-density interconnect board
  • Film memory chip
  • Modular products

Cire Group

Cire Group is doing all it can to bring better technology and new vibes to assist electronic devices to really live up to the expectations of customers. Their inclusion in this list show how incredible their services and products have been. They don’t just make these custom products; however, their adhering to UL, ISO, and ESA standards promises customer satisfaction at all costs.

In addition, the research efforts of their space have assisted them in getting EN9100 and ESA certification for research in civil and military. Also, they have modern facilities that focus on high technological circuit boards. This has made the following available.

Tripod Technology

This company boasts of introducing top quality procedures, which produces high quality printed circuit boards into Europe. Asides from the good deeds that Tripod Technology does in the entire market, the PCB manufacturer strives all the time to make new moves to help in maintaining their business model.

In addition, their strategies for environmental protection are included among the main elements backing their success that ensures that there is no compromise in the surroundings. Also, their research and Development goes further in bringing their PCB manufacturing to a whole different level.

What are the Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best European PCB Companies?

It is very important that you choose a top PCB manufacturing company if you desire great manufacturing expertise. Let’s consider those factors you need to consider before choosing one.


A top electrical manufacturer should have the necessary certifications that will suit your design. You can do a quick search on their website. This will determine the ability of the Company to help in getting better electrical goods.

Fresh Website

Normally, electronic manufacturing companies ought to have some official websites which outline their services, capabilities, and even their history. Furthermore, the webpage will assist you in assessing the skills, technical ability, as well as technology to suit your electronic devices.

Technology and Equipment

A successful manufacturing process for an electrical device needs access to important equipment and technologies, as well as technical know-how. All you need to do is search for the operating and production capabilities of the company. A great ranking in important categories may indicate the eligibility of the PCB Company.


Reviews are a very important market driver that serves manufacturers. It is also a very important indicator of the capacity of the gadget to build. Negative and positive reviews cou;ld always give you useful information regarding the PCB maker. Moreover, this is critical to look into accurate evaluations from real or actual customers.


Reach out to trusted family and friends to give their assessment of different PCB firms to serve the requirements of your equipment or electrical device. Your friends and close relations will definitely give you their honest and unbiased reviews about different manufacturers with respect to prior or current interactions.


Now, we have given you the top European PCB manufacturers coupled with their product details and businesses. It is now time for you to go through your requirements and then work with any PCB manufacturer that can work with them best.

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