Top 10 Electronic Board Assembly Companies in China

The production of PCBs from the initial prototyping phase to the final fault-free product is difficult. It is difficult to assess the reliability of a good PCB designer. There are a number of quality PCB production organizations in China. And it is a challenging task to select the appropriate one.

China is one of the leading countries in the world when it comes to the manufacturing of good quality PCBs. It is estimated that the Chinese PCB manufacturing market will earn around 19.6 billion dollars by 2027, along with a 5.7 percent CAGR. The main reason for this anticipation is the continuous advancement in technology with time. China has excellent PCB manufacturing technologies. 

They can produce several different types of PCBs ranging from simple ones to the most complex designs. The majority of organizations in the world prefer to make contracts with Chinese PCB manufacturers. But the problem arises in the selection of the most reliable PCB maker. Because the increased number of PCB suppliers also reduces productivity. 

This article will solve your problem and highlights the top ten PCB manufacturers in China. Besides this, it also highlights the common traits that a good PCB supplier must possess.

Features of Printed Circuit Board Assembly Companies

1.     Effective Communication

Good communication acts as a lock opener for new organizational commitments and contracts. For effective communication, it is preferable to contact the PCB producer who speaks the same language as you. It makes sure that you can explain everything to them easily and thus can expect a good quality job. Besides this, good internal communication helps in speeding up the task and getting the desired results.

2.     Quality Assurance

Reliability plays a vital role irrespective of the domain you are working in. Reliable PCB producers do not make any compromise over providing good quality services. The PCBs throughout their manufacturing phase, pass through rigorous QC procedures.

It ensures that the developed products comply with the industrial requirements and also different standards like ROHS, IPC, UL, and ISO. In addition to providing quality products, a warranty of around 2 to 3 years along with the repairing services is provided.

3.     Experienced and Professional

When you work with a professionally printed circuit board maker, you should not worry about your PCB’s development. A good PCB manufacturer has a team of highly qualified engineers. They make sure that the product under development fulfills the customer’s needs and also provide suitable solutions.

The technical and production experience of the engineers helps them to evaluate the product during each phase of manufacturing. They also understand the possible problems that the customers may face in the future. And provide their solutions well in advance with the product development.

4.     Complete Supplier Network

With the sufficient experience gained by the PCB manufacturers in the past years. They have developed an extensive supply chain strategy. They have contacts with raw material providers who also have good qualifications.

As a result, they make sure to produce excellent quality products. Good PCB manufacturing firms provide their customers with the best they can deliver. Also, they have several different channels to get raw materials and components of superior quality at affordable prices.

Types of PCB Assembly process

·       Automated PCBA

Many organizations deliver their services in electronic fabrication work. PCBA is one example. In this technique, an expensive system uses automatic machinery to perform the operations. The machinery may include robots that perform the operation of picking and placing the components. Besides this, the soldering machines can also help in increasing the efficiency of the procedure. The fabrication of PCB with the use of automated technology helps in saving effort and time. It is especially useful in the case of bulk PCB manufacturing. The following factors may be the reason for the increased cost:

  • Reflow soldering procedure
  • Solder paste printing
  • Soldering flux cleaning
  • Quality Control inspections
  • Labor charges
  • Solder joints
  • Manual soldering method
  • Making of a solder stencil
  • Surface Mount Components machine programming for place and pick.

These are some of the factors that increase the price of this automated system. But it is preferable to use this technology if there is a need for bulk PCB fabrication. The procedure is also very speedy. The price of automated surface mount technology parts fabrication is directly linked with the BOM lines. The type and size of the electronic parts are other factors that contribute to the increased price. For instance, QFN and BGA will result in increasing PCB fabrication costs. 0201 capacitors and resistor packaging also increase fabrication costs.

The double-sided PCBs have an even higher cost than the single-sided ones because the elements are placed on both sides.

·       Manual PCBA

Desoldering and hand soldering process are the steps you use during manual PCB fabrication. This method is suitable when the order is not in bulk and you only need a few prototyping circuits. Since you place electronic parts by hand, there is no need for the CAD file. The CAD file is only needed when there is an automatic placing of the electronic parts. You can use a hot air gun and a soldering sucker to remove the solder and move the components out of the PCB. The desoldering is an additional benefit in the manual fabrication process. In addition to this, it is also advantageous in the repairing services. The QFN and BGA parts soldering is also possible by manually way. It ensures good quality work. 

Best Electronic Board Assembly Companies in China

1.     Rayming

Founded in 2005, RayMing Technology is a famous PCB organization in China. It provides companies all over the world with excellent quality PCB manufacturing services. In addition to just manufacturing PCBs, they also provide their customers with a components procurement facility. They have an experience of more than ten years in the PCB industry. They also serve some excellent boards like Teflon and Rogers PCB. They are one of the leading organizations in the field of electronic circuits and engineering. The experts in Rayming organization also offer double-sided HF boards, Rigid-flexible PCBs, aluminum boards, and HDI boards.

Not only do they specialize in fabricating simple PCBs. But they also deal with multi-layered PCB assembly services. 

The goal of the firm is to facilitate the customers in every department. RayMing technology has vast experience in maintaining IPC Class 3 standards. It allows the organization to follow strict cleanliness needs. Besides this, the use of design tolerances and heavy copper helps them in satisfying their clients. The firm also provides high-quality customer service to clients. In addition to this, the technical team also assists the customers in case any problem occurs.

2.     All PCB

ALLPCB was headquartered in the city of China, Hangzhou, in the year 2015. Some of the important services that ALLPCB provides are SMD stencil, Aluminum PCBs, flex-rigid PCBs, and flexible PCBs. Besides this, they also offer the procurement of the components. 

The organization has also developed online methods by which clients from all over the world can benefit from their services. Some of the domains that get covered by the ALLPCB are Industry 4.0, IoT applications, smart hardware, ISC, and communication systems.

3.     PCBWay 

PCBWay is another renowned PCB manufacturing organization. It has experience of more than ten years in the field of PCBs. It offers excellent quality services to its clients belonging to different businesses. The primary focus of the organization is to make prototype circuits. 

Besides this, they also have expertise in mixed assembly, THT, and surface mount technology SMT assembly. The organization fulfills customer demands by providing cost-effective and excellent-quality products. These characteristics of the organization make them an ideal choice for clients in China.

4.     HiTech Circuits

HiTech circuits, as the name suggests, has headquarters in Hitech. The firm started its services in 1997. The important services offered by the firm are quality monitor, tracking orders, PCB assembly, and fabrication. HiTech Circuits has a QC department that ensures the smooth manufacturing of PCBs. 

The organization also has a team of highly skilled engineers that monitor the production process. The organization has three units. All have expertise in the rapid production of PCBs, either in small or medium amounts. Clients feel comfortable dealing with HiTech circuits due to the fast turnaround and less expensive services.

5.     JLC PCB assembly

JLC PCB was formed in 2006. Since then, they have continuously improved and have been providing top-notch services. They are one of the leading manufacturers of PCB. The organization makes investments in superior base materials. 

Also, they prefer to invest in automated manufacturing lines. This ensures that their clients receive less expensive PCBs that are also reliable. The PCBs manufactured by the organization has a wide variety of applications in different industries. Some of the famous industries that employ JLC PCBs are medical, aerospace, and military.

6.     PCBCart

The primary focus of the PCBCart is to provide clients with excellent PCB services. The services include procurement, PCB fabrication, and assembly. The objective of the firm is not only to produce PCB prototypes. They also have expertise in developing full circuitry. They save the client’s time by making faster purchases. 

Thus, it helps the customers by improving ROI. To fulfilling customer demands, PCBCart also prepares different types of products. These include rigid-flex PCBs, aluminum PCBs, HF PCBs, PCBAs, and LED boards. Currently, the organization has served more than ten thousand clients all over the world.

7.     China PCB One Circuit boards

The China PCB One started providing its services in 2008. It tends to cover all the important steps involved in PCB manufacturing. Some of the important ones are PCB forward service, component purchasing, and PCB fabrication. Other steps include testing, final shipping, and assembly of the finished product. 

The factory unit is headquartered in Shenzhen, China. The organization fulfills the customer demands efficiently. They have certifications from IATF 16949, ISO9001, and UL. Thus, excellent quality services are guaranteed if you go with China PCB One.

8.     PCBGOGO

The primary focus of PCBGOGO is to provide clients with rapid PCB prototyping. They have been offering their services since the year 2015. They provide clients with top-notch PCBs and excellent PCB assembly. The firm has three factories and does not compromise on its rigorous quality regulations. 

All the manufactured products meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. Also, they have certification from UL. So far, the firm has given more than 50 million dollars worth of electronic parts. Additionally, they have served more than a hundred thousand clients all over the world.

9.     HuanYu Future Technologies

HuanYu Future Technologies started its operation in 1999. It has headquarters in Guangzhou and covers a 30,000 sq m area. It is one of the well-known PCB makers in China. 

Some of the services that they offer are multi-layered PCBs, HDI PCBs, and HF PCBs. Their motive is to serve clients from different industries. Some examples of industries are electronics, aerospace, medical, and automotive. 

10.Agile Circuit

The Agile circuit corporation has specialization in dealing with customized solutions. They provide effective solutions at moderate prices. Initially, they used to serve clients with only one type of PCB service. But, with time, they improved and now offer almost every important PCB service.

These include PCB drilling, components purchasing, and assembly. In addition to this, the firm has more than 930 R&D experts. This provides the firm with strong research ability. More than two hundred and forty patents have been completed so far.

Factors to Consider While Choosing a PCB Manufacturing Company

Quality factor and accountability are important factors to consider for a good PCB manufacturing company. But these are not the only factors. Below are some other important factors that are considered when deciding on the PCB manufacturing service firm:

·       Expertise

Before selecting the PCB production company, it is necessary to know what range of services they offer. For example, to verify whether they can fabricate rigid, flex, or flex-rigid circuits. In some cases, you may need to know if they provide a turnkey feature. Single or multi-layered PCBs can be another question to ask before selecting a firm. In addition to this, you should also make sure that they have sufficient material options for PCB. Just try to learn as much as you can about their clients. The greater the number of clients, the more skillful staff they will have. Also, ensure that they are free to work with the medical, aerospace, or communication industries.

·       2. Service Capabilities

Project management also plays a vital role in the successful operation of organizations. Try to learn the policies related to shipping, warehousing, or inventory management. An organization that serves its clients with a number of services deserves to get most of the good clients. And you will also be able to get a good quality product.

·       3. Quality Control

The in-house layout and fabrication process with adequate quality control is necessary. It provides clients with a surety that their products are in safe hands. The QC also helps in improving the shipping times. Besides this, it also verifies that the firm should make quality tests before packaging. The use of the latest technology and machinery is also important.

·       Layout Review

The review of the layout is another important factor to get considered. It is always a good idea to check the layout design before the manufacturing phase. It helps in avoiding problems in later stages. Also, it becomes a very stressful and costly event to remake the layout. Therefore, you should carefully look for this aspect in an organization. 

·       Flexibility & Responsiveness

To what extent is your selected organization flexible? Are they willing to make quick changes or modifications? These are some of the questions that you should ask the firm before starting a contract with them.

Electronic Assembly Companies Near Me

There are several PCBA and PCB manufacturing firms in China. They manufacture metal sheets, casings, enclosures, and also plastic boxes. The boxes made of acrylic plastic are the most famous. Many workers are experts at producing these boxes at low cost. I prefer to go to the people who have small fabrication setups in their stores. Big organizations do the same work, but they are slightly expensive. Raypcb is one of the most famous electronic PCB fabrication firms in my area.

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