Top 10 PCB Board Assembly Factories in the World

Printed circuit board assembly has become a rising trend in PCB manufacturing today. Furthermore, it has become loved by a lot of companies offering electronics manufacturing services due to the flexible connectivity that it creates for interconnecting and connecting integrated circuits, resistors, as well as different electrical components.

Today, many electronics companies will have their needs met much faster after using printed circuit boards. This also means a higher production of circuit boards. Therefore, this caused the proliferation of a good number of PCB assembly companies involved in procuring electronic components and also using it in creating the PCB designs.

What are the Types of Printed Circuit Board Assembly Companies?

For sure, you are searching for a reliable PCB Assembly Company, which will be able to create your PCB designs that will suit your needs.

However, you still don’t need to be hasty about anything. Ideally, there is a need to check some important elements which will help your PCB Assembly Company stand above the rest. Let’s consider the types of PCB Assembly Companies we have out there.

One-Stop PCB Company

This type of company ensures that all the clients PCB needs will be met. There is no need to hire the services of other PCB Assembly Companies to serve your printed circuit board (PCB) designs.

Among those benefits which usually comes with making use of this type of company is there is no need worrying about the slow time that is usually used in PCB design manufacturing. Furthermore, you will have access to more services, like shipping, instant companies, and optimized costs for operation.

Partial PCB Company

So also, there are other PCB Assembly Companies focusing on just one of the aspects of the PCB industry. Therefore, if you are making use of this type of company then you’ll be sure that you have to outsource the projects’ other parts from a different company offering pcb assembly services.

What are the Best Companies Offering PCB Assembly Services in the World?

This is the time to consider the best companies that offer PCB assembly services globally. We came up with this list after analyzing these companies’ operative models. Note that the majority of the reputable circuit board assembly companies in the world are either located in the United States, China, or the United Kingdom.

These companies are arranged in no specific order. Here are the best companies that offer PCB assembly services globally right now.

Advanced Circuits

Regarding PCB designs, this company comes to one’s mind readily. This company has reached a height that it is now known as the third largest manufacturer of printed circuit boards in the US. This means that it has now done justice to the necessary skills required for many PCB projects.

Furthermore, with the aim of making sure that all their customers are pleased, this company reinvents its models continuously. In addition, it offers lots of PCB-related services that are designed or created to make sure that the printed circuit board designs that you have imagined are realized.

The abilities of this company are now extended to producing other manufacturing concepts like cavity boards as well as via-in-pad. Also, it offers RF and Microwave boards

The company’s PCB prowess has since been extended to the production of additional manufacturing concepts, such as cavity boards and via-in-pad. It also offers laser-drilled microvias, microwave and RF boards, as well as heavy copper that can reach 20 oz.

In addition, Advanced Circuits designs as well as manufactures PCBs (printed circuit boards) to be used in some other industries. Also, it helps in manufacturing the RF and Microwave Antennas that are useful for the communications, defense, aerospace, and medical sectors.

RayMing PCB & Assembly

RayMing PCB & Assembly is a reliable company that has continued to make great contributions to the general success of the printed circuit board (PCB) industry.

This company is located in China, and you can refer to it as the multilayer PCB Company. Furthermore, this company offering PCB assemblies can meet virtually all your printed circuit board designing needs. Also, it offers extra PCB services, like rigid PCB, rigid flex PCB, cable assemblies, functional test, and fabrication.

With more than fifteen years of valuable experience into the PCB industry, Rayming PCB & Assembly is the most appropriate destination whenever there is a PCB design that you have to make.

Furthermore, for surface mount technology assembly (SMT assembly), mixed assembly, box build assembly, automated optical inspection, rapid prototyping, X ray inspection, and original component sourcing, Rayming PCB has about 11 years professional experience.

In addition, this company has expanded PCB capabilities and reliable customer support, which makes sure that your complaints and enquiries are completed and handled well. To get high-quality PCB design, great customer experience, and real-time delivery, make sure that RayMing PCB & Assembly is your top choice for PCB Assemblies Companies.

RedBoard Circuits

This company is based in the United States; however it has links with Taiwan and China. Its headquarters is in the Arizona area of the U.S, the RedBoard Circuits produces its PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) in Taiwan and China.

Offering to be the specialists of PCBs, this company has now grown to become a very large supplier and manufacturer of printed circuit boards in North America. Also, it has the ability to provide full service and one stop PCB requests in some scenarios.

In addition, other areas where the RedBoard Circuits are concentrated include:

  • Metal and Aluminum Core
  • Radio and Microwave Frequency
  • Double Sided PCBs
  • Mixed Assembly
  • Rigid flex pcb
  • Single Sided PCBs
  • Countersink and Castellated Holes
  • Epoxy Plugging

Generally, RedBoard Circuits deals with manufacturing and offering of extensive PCBs to serve different industries.


This is a company you can refer to as the complete company that will meet all PCB needs. This pcb board assembly factory is highly interested in many aspects of PCBs and PCB assemblies. For instance, this company offers PCB Assembly services, Custom PCB Manufacturing and PCB Design, as well as PCB Prototyping. Also, this company offers extra services like box build assembly, Advanced PCB Manufacturing, rigid flex PCB, and SM-Stencil.

If you will be searching for a full service and one-stop PCB needs, like last minute shipping and PCB fabrication, then be rest assured that the company will handle it perfectly

Asides from this, their services are usually very fast compared to others in the printed circuit board industry. This is all possible due to their Pick and Place Machines, which will be able to perfectly and accurately process about 28,000 components every hour.


This name is already pointing to what you should expect when you work with PCBGoGo as your plug for PCB Assembly. PCBGoGo has really improved in its services and has started offering lots of PCB services. This is why the company qualifies as a full service company offering PCB Assemblies.

Furthermore, the company has a decade of experience in the PCB market of China. As at this time, PCBGoGo offers many PCB services like: PCB Assembly, mass fabrication, and custom prototype

Also, this company is interested in the manufacturing process of printed circuit boards to serve some industries. These industries include education, automotive, military, industrial, aerospace, commercial, and medical.

JY Circuit

This is a US based company involved in PCB Assembly Services. JY Circuit also offers better PCB assembly services; this is one reason why they have been having lots of PCB buyers and customers.

This company is ranked among the printed circuit companies producing PCBs for lots of electronics companies based in the US. They also offer lots of other services.

In the PCB manufacturing and designing services, it offers back board, single sided pcb board, buildup board, heavy copper board, double board, as well as rigid flexible boards.

Shenzhen Mincom Technic

Shenzhen Mincom Technic is another top Company offering PCB Assembly that can handle the needs of PCB buyers all over the world. This company also has its headquarters in China and provides extensive PCB products and services both abroad and to the market of China

Furthermore, with its staff members of more than 500, as well as their professional expertise in PCB assembly, this company has all it takes to meet the needs of all its customers. It renders lots of services including SMT assembly, PCB assembly, as well as PCB Manufacturing.

Also, this company has what it takes to break into other markets aside from that of China. Presently, it has the ability to offer lots of PCB services to lots of electronics companies situated in North America, Southeast Asia, Europe, Australia, and Russia.


ChinaPCBOne is another Company offering PCB Assembly with a great reputation that can’t be ignored. Situated in China, the company provides full-service PCB assembly services. What this means is that you will not need to give out or outsource your PCB manufacturing and designs to other different PCB companies to take care of.

Below are some things, which make this company stand out in contrast to other companies offering PCB Assembly services.

  • Turnkey PCB Assembly
  • PCB design
  • Multilayer PCB Manufacturing
  • Procuring different components and parts required for producing PCBs
  • PCB production in mid-volumes
  • Intake of and the manufacturing and designing of PCB orders of low volumes. With this feature, PCB buyers that have few orders to make will enjoy this benefit.
  • PCB Prototyping

EPEC Engineered Technologies

EPEC Engineered Technologies is located in Massachusetts, United States, and offers lots of PCB services, which you cannot ignore. Also, the company has a large customer base (which is drawn from Asia, North America, and Western Europe), this company needs to satisfy lots of clients.

This Company offering PCB Assembly is mainly focused on PCB design and manufacturing. Its main use cases can be seen in the Automotive, Medical, and Aerospace industries. To help in bolstering its PCB assembly services, this company also provides customized PCB solutions to the OEMs.

A-Tech Circuits

This company might not be your usual full service company offering full service PCB Assembly. However, there are some great services it offers, which impresses PCB buyers.

Majorly focused on turning around PCB prototypes very quickly, this company makes sure that your PCB design prototyping are finished very quickly. This will allow you to have in-depth insights in the errors, which has to be fixed first even before the PCBs are manufactured.

Furthermore, this company is involved in offering other great services. Some of them include:

  • Intake as well as processing of the small and medium volumes of PCB
  • PCB Assembly
  • Manufacturing PCBs

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Company offering PCB Assembly

It may not be easy to choose a Company offering PCB Assembly. This is true most especially when considering that so many companies offer PCB Assembly. However, there are some points you need to take a look at before you choose a company offering PCB Assembly services.


You may be working on a specific budget, the more reason you have to be sure that this company offering PCB Assembly has competitive pricing for its customers.

Also, take note that the total cost has a direct relationship with the quality that you will get. This is why you must not focus on getting lower costs alone and then sacrifice the quality.

Customer Service

For cases of complaints and distress, make sure that there is reliable customer support that can attend to you. Make sure that you check this out before you work with a Company offering PCB Assembly.

Partial or Full-Service Turn-key Services

Lastly, make sure you check if this Company offering PCB Assembly is offering extra PCB services. Also, if you want everything done at once, think of working with a company offering full service pcb assembly. Other than this, you should work with a partial turn-key Company. This will allow you to easily share your projects among different PCB manufacturers.


There are lots of PCB Assembly Companies available today. What you need is figuring out the needs of your PCB and then choosing that particular Company offering PCB Assembly which will be able to meet your final assembly needs satisfactorily.

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