10 Best Rigid Flex Board Suppliers to Choose for your Project

With the advancement in technology, more electronic devices are integrating rigid flex printed circuit boards. These boards offer a lot of benefits as they combine the strength of flex circuits and hardboards. Also, rigid flex boards are ideal for use in several applications. However, the fabrication process is a complex yet straightforward one. Therefore, it is important to count on a professional rigid flex PCB supplier for rigid flex project.

Best Rigid Flex PCB Manufacturers


PCBMay is an industry leading manufacturer in China. You can get exceptional rigid flex circuits from this supplier according to your Gerber file. With more than 12 years experience in rigid flex fabrication, PCBMay has been able to gather advanced skills and knowledge. Yow will enjoy a lot of benefits when you work with PCBMay for your rigid flex circuit project.

Why choose

Fast delivery time

At PCBMay, the team of engineers can fabricate prototype boards in a day after verifying some engineering questions. Also, this rigid flex assembler believes that speed is necessary in production.

Best quality control

This reputable rigid flex PCB supplier adheres to standards like IPC class 2 or Class 3 to assure quality. Quality assurance is one of the goals of this supplier. Therefore, this supplier performs a lot of tests like function test, E-test, and laboratory tests.

Great customer service

PCBMay believes that responsiveness and availability is important when dealing with their customers. Therefore, this rigid flex PCB supplier has a team that offers support to customers. Also, it has a 24/7 communication service with no language barrier.

American Standard Circuits (ASC)

American Standard Circuits specializes in the fabrication of rigid flex PCBs. Also, ASC provides a wide range of rigid flex PCBs such as single sided, double sided , and multilayer boards. As a leading rigid flex supplier, this company has unmatched capabilities.  You can count on this manufacturer for high performance rigid flex PCBs.  As a professional in rigid flex PCB manufacturing, ASC can supply fast quick turn PCB prototypes.

Why Choose

Great expertise

This manufacturer has extensive experience in fabricating rigid flex PCBs. Having gathered enough skills and knowledge, this manufacturer has been able to fabricate best quality PCBs.

Advanced technologies and processes

ASC integrates state-of-the-art technologies and processes. Their advanced facility features pieces of sophisticated equipment and machinery.

Laboratory test

ASC ensures all their products undergo stringent tests at every stage of PCB fabrication. Some of these tests include E-test, laboratory test, and functional test.


For good quality control, ASC has passed various certifications in the PCB industry. This rigid flex PCB manufacturer adheres to ISO, UL, and RoHS.


RayMing is a leading rigid flex circuit board manufacturer with advanced capabilities to fabricate top quality rigid flex boards. Also, this manufacturer offers a huge variety of rigid flex PCBs ranging from medium batch, prototype, and large scale production. As a reliable rigid flex PCB manufacturer, RayMing integrates high-tech machines like LDI exposure machines and laser drilling machines. Also, this supplier offers a one-stop solution for all your rigid flex board needs.

Why choose

Fast turnaround time

RayMing offers fast turnaround time. You can get your boards within a short time. Also, this PCB manufacturer is able to offer fast turnaround time since it works with a team of professional engineers.

Sophisticated technologies

RayMing’s state-of-the-art facility is well-equipped with sophisticated machines from home and abroad. These machines include laser cutting machines, laser direct image machines, and more.

Quality assurance

To ensure quality assurance, RayMing adopts strict testing and inspection protocols. All rigid flex PCBs pass through thorough tests at every phase of production.

Great reputation

RayMing is an experienced rigid flex PCB manufacturer that has built a long-standing reputation in the industry. Therefore, this PCB company doesn’t produce low-quality rigid flex boards. All the materials used in rigid flex PCB production are of good quality.

Cirexx International

Cirexx international offers professional rigid flex PCB capabilities. This manufacturer has over three decades experience in fabricating rigid flex PCBs for various applications. Also, the team of skilled engineers at Cirexx focus on meeting the demands of customers. Regardless of the type of rigid flex board you need, this PCB manufacturer has the capabilities and expertise to meet your needs.

Why choose

One-stop solution services

Cirexx International offers one-stop solution services for rigid flex PCB fabrication. This means that this PCB company will handle all stages of the rigid flex PCB production. Also, Cirexx offers value-added services for rigid flex board layout, manufacturing, and assembly.

Exceptional Expertise

Cirexx has exceptional expertise in rigid flex PCB designs. Also, to boost their rigid flex PCB capabilities, this PCB company invest in the most recent technology and state-of-the-art equipment.

Unparalleled customer service

Furthermore, Cirexx offers unparalleled customer service. It offers support to its customers in terms of giving out advice, after sales service, and more. Also, this PCB manufacturer has a team that is responsive and always available to address customers’ problems.


Cirexx has passed several certifications in ISO, UL, RoHS, and more. As a reputable company with vast experience in rigid flex PCB production, it adheres to quality standards in the PCB industry.


Technotronix is a great choice for your rigid flex projects. Also, this PCB company specializes in the production of high quality rigid flex boards. With over 40 years of experience in rigid flex PCB fabrication and assembly.

Why choose

State-of-the-art technologies

Technotronix integrates state-of-the-art technologies and processes in its PCB fabrication.  Therefore, it can cater for all your rigid flex PCB needs. In addition, this PCB company works with a team of qualified engineers who integrate the best practices in industry.


Furthermore, this rigid flex PCB supplier has ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 13485:2016 certifications. This company also adheres to other PCB standards like UL and RoHS.

Quick turnaround time

Technotronix understands the dynamics of the PCB industry, therefore, it offers quick turnaround time which is a competitive advantage. Also, this company ensures it meets timelines provided by customers.

Wide range of rigid flex PCBs

One other advantage of this PCB company is the provision of wide range of rigid flex PCB products and services. Technotronix offers services from prototypes to large scale production. Also, their rigid flex PCBs are available in different types such as single sided, double sided, and multilayer boards.


Venture is an industry leader in rigid flex PCB production. This rigid flex PCB expert has more skills and knowledge in the fabrication of rigid flex PCB.  Also, this PCB company has the required equipment and processes needed to assure quality. It isn’t only the prototype-to- large production capacity that makes this PCB manufacturer different; its engineering procurement and quality assurance are competitive advantages.

Why choose


Venture fabricates a wide range of rigid flex PCBs for different applications. These PCB products are widely used across industries like telecommunication, medical, and more. Also, it fabricates single, double, multilayer, and HDI rigid flex PCB.

Quality control

The team of qualified engineers at Venture ensures all its rigid flex PCBs undergo strict testing and inspection. Some of the tests and inspection methods include AOI, functional test, in-circuit test, and more.

24/7 technical support and live sales

Venture is always available to get orders from customers. This rigid flex PCB supplier offers a 24/7 live sales and technical support. Also, this company prioritizes customer satisfaction and as such, offers after sale service to customers.

No minimum order requirement

At Venture, there are no minimum order requirements. Customers can order rigid flex circuit prototyping starting from 1 piece.


PCBCart is a renowned industry leading rigid flex PCB company. Also, this company has been fabricating rigid flex circuit boards for several years now. It offers a wide range of rigid flex PCBs. As a reliable rigid flex PCB supplier, PCBCart delivers PCB products to meet your custom needs. Also, it offers a full-feature rigid flex PCB services. This manufacturer has got you covered.

Why Choose

Great expertise

PCBCart has advanced expertise in the production of rigid flex boards. Also, this manufacturer employs advanced technologies in its fabrication process.


PCBCart is a certified PCB company that adheres to some PCB standards during PCB fabrication. Also, this rigid flex PCB company is ISO, RoHS, IPC, and UL compliant. All of its rigid flex circuit boards are fabricated according to these standards.

Special offers

This is one of the competitive advantages of this manufacturer. Also, PCBCart provides discount for the first order offer. As a token of its appreciation, this rigid flex PCB manufacturer offers its PCB products and services at affordable prices.

Great customer service

PCBCart offers good customer service. Satisfying its customers is one of the major goals. Also, this PCB company offers advice to customers.

Sierra Circuits

This industry leading rigid flex PCB manufacturer has all the capabilities required to offer top quality boards.  Also, the American based rigid flex PCB supplier has vast experience and expertise in rigid flex PCB production. The engineers at Sierra Circuits have innovative ideas in fabricating functional PCBs. Irrespective of the type of rigid flex boards you need, you can always count on Sierra Circuits.

Why Choose

Advanced manufacturing equipment

Sierra Circuit’s 70,000 square feet state-of-the-art facility features some of the most sophisticated equipment for rigid flex PCB manufacturing and assembly.

Quick turnaround time

You can get your rigid-flex printed circuit boards in 24 hours. Also, Sierra Circuits employs engineers who can work overnight to get your product delivered to you within a short time.

Quality control

The PCB engineers at Sierra Circuits fabricate boards that meet the requirements and demands of some PCB standards. Also, this PCB company carry out several tests and inspections before commencing with the final production of the boards.

Epec Engineered Technologies

Epec Engineered Technologies offer a wide range of rigid flex PCB services ranging from prototype to large production runs. This American based PCB company has 70 years of experience in PCB production. Also, this rigid flex PCB manufacturer has the expertise required to move at a faster pace in terms of innovation. Epec prioritizes customer and ensures every circuit board is fabricated with quality in mind.

Why choose

Cost effective rigid flex PCBs

Epec offers a wide range of cost effective capabilities and solutions. These include double or single sided circuitry to multilayer designs. Also, Epec fabricates rigid flex boards to meet the specifications of several applications.

Customer support

Epec Engineered Technologies has an engineering team that assists customers from the design stages up to the end product production.  Also, this team offers advice and tips to achieve a successful PCB design.

Advanced technologies

The engineers at Epec integrate advanced technologies in the fabrication of rigid flex printed circuit boards. For instance, this rigid flex circuit manufacturer has a facility equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment.


Epec offers quality rigid flex PCBs. These boards are usually fabricated from high quality materials. Also, this company fabricates HDI rigid flex PCB.

Flex PCB

Flex PCB specializes in the production of rigid flex circuit boards. This rigid flex PCB Company offers the best solutions and capabilities as regards rigid flex circuit design and production. Also, this USA PCB supplier offers a one-stop solution for all your rigid-flex printed circuit board needs. As a leading rigid flex PCB manufacturer, we offer unparalleled services.

Why choose

Varieties of options

Flex PCB offers a wide variety of rigid flex circuit boards which include high density interconnect (HDI) rigid flex PCB and standard rigid-flex circuit board.  

Multiple layers

The number of layers is an important  consideration when selecting a rigid flex PCB manufacturer. Also, Flex PCB fabricates rigid flex circuits with many layers. Customers can get more than 18-layer HDI rigid flex PCB.

Fast turnaround time

Flex PCB doesn’t only fabricate the best rigid flex printed circuit boards, but also delivers its products within a very short time. Some manufacturers deliver low-quality rigid flex PCBs because they work under pressure. However, this does not hold for the Flex PCB. The company delivers high-quality printed circuit boards within the shortest time possible.


Flex PCB fabricates high quality rigid flex circuit boards. Also, this company adheres to IPC and ISO standards. Furthermore, it integrates some inspection and testing protocols at every phase of rigid flex PCB production.

What is a Rigid Flex PCB?

A rigid flex printed circuit board integrates both flexible circuits and hardboards. Also, this PCB has the benefits of both rigid PCb and flexible circuits. Most of these boards comprise several layers of flex circuits attached to hardboards. Also, rigid flex printed circuit boards are suitable for use in different applications like aerospace and military.

Furthermore, rigid flex PCBs are usually fabricated with a wide array of several materials to meet performance requirements. Some of the materials used in the fabrication of these boards include prepreg core, cover layers, and copper foil.

The substrate material of a rigid flex circuit determines their performance. Also, the substrate material comprises of adhesive and flexible dielectric films. The flexible dielectric film usually consists of polyester, PTFE, and polyimide.

Furthermore, rigid flex circuits don’t remain in a fragile state. They rather remain in a state of a curve. Also, rigid flex printed circuit boards have a shape similar to that of a spring. These boards go back to their original state when compressed or stretched. The combination of flexible PCB and rigid PCB in rigid-flex boards gives it more advantages over flexible circuits and rigid circuits.

Types of Rigid Flex PCB

Single sided

A single sided rigid flex PCB features one conductive layer on which components are carefully placed. Also, this board is applicable in low component density applications.

Double sided

The double sided rigid flex board has two different layers. These layers can transfer electrical signal and as such, enhance component density.


A multilayer rigid flex circuit features several layers that increase component density and allow ground and power separation. Also, this board helps to reduce electromagnetic interference when used in high frequency applications.

Rigid Flex PCB Manufacturing Process

This manufacturing process involves several steps which include:

Base material preparation

This involves cleaning and preparing the laminate. Cleaning the laminate is crucial since copper foils usually have anti-tarnish features to prevent oxidation.

Circuit pattern generation

This step involves two different techniques which are screen printing and photo imaging. Screen printing is more popular. It generates the deposits directly on the laminate’s surface.

Circuit pattern etching

This involves dipping the laminate in an etch or spraying with an etch solution. Also, you must etch both sides of the laminate to get desired outcome.


Here, drilling tools create precise holes in the board. Also, laser drilling techniques help to drill very small and precise holes.

Through hole plating

This step requires extreme care and precision. Here, the manufacturer deposits copper on the already drilled holes. Also, this helps to create layer to layer electrical interconnection.

Cover lay application

You must protect the bottom and top side of the flexible PCB. Applying a cover lay on the flexible PCB will help to achieve this. Rigid flex PCB manufacturers always integrate a polyimide film and adhesive.  Screen printing helps to imprint cover lay on the surface of the board.

Cutting out the flex

Another important step in rigid flex PCB manufacturing is cutting out the flex board from the panel.

Electrical testing

This is the final step in rigid flex PCB manufacturing. The rigid flex circuits pass through strict electrical testing to ensure circuit performance and quality.

Benefits of Rigid Flex Circuits

Rigid flex circuit boards are widely used across several industries due to the benefits they offer. Asides from connecting other circuits, rigid flex printed circuit boards have a lot of advantages.

Compactness and flexibility

Rigid flex PCB design is very compact and flexible. Therefore, this makes it suitable for developing more portable devices.  Also, its compact and flexible design of this board helps to reduce overall system weight.


Not all PCBs are customizable. It is possible to customize shape and size of rigid flex circuit boards to fit the device. This means that if you are having challenges on making a proper board for a design, you can design a rigid-flex circuit to fit the device. Also, rigid flex printed circuit boards are a popular choice among mobile phone manufacturers due to the flexibility it offers.

Heat absorption capability

Rigid flex printed circuit boards can absorb more heat due to the technology integrated in these circuits. Furthermore, the integration of polyimide in rigid flex PCB fabrication makes it resistant to heat, radiation, and UV rays.

Ease of assembly

Rigid flex circuit boards are very easy to assemble. Also, it is easier to handle these circuits during assembly. In addition, the use of ZIF connectors in the assembly enables modular interfaces to the environment of the system.

Combined technologies

Rigid flex PCB fabrication involves the combination of rigid boards and flex PCB. Therefore, this technology enables this board to feature the best flexible and rigid circuitry. This means a rigid flex PCB can offer the benefits that come with a rigid and flex circuit. Also, a rigid flex board will give manufacturers the strength of these two circuits without having their drawbacks.

Challenges of Rigid Flex PCB Assembly

flex board design

Rigid flex PCB assemblers are likely to experience some challenges when fabricating a rigid flex circuit. Below are some challenges commonly associated with rigid flex PCB assembly.

Conductor stress points

It is difficult to create stress points in rigid flex circuits. This is because trace layouts like acute junctures are incompatible with flex circuit sections.

Stacked traces

Ensure you keep the copper in the neutral axis of your flex circuit. Also, stacked traces can make the external to the bend radius to shatter.

Solder pad spacing

It is crucial to create bigger openings for a soldermask during rigid flex PCB fabrication. Shorts can occur when the assembler routes close conductor traces tightly with solder pad. Therefore, the boundaries of the close traces become exposed.

Solder joints proximity

There is solder joint formation when solder joins to the copper trace. When such a joint is in proximity to a bend, this can make the pad to split.


Rigid flex suppliers specialize in the fabrication of rigid flex boards. The fabrication process of these boards requires precision and carefulness. Therefore, it is important to leave your rigid flex circuit board project in the hands of a professional.

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