The only List you need to find the best PC Board Company in the Market today

Printed Circuit Board Production, from the prototyping phase to the assembly and large-scale manufacturing phase, is without a doubt a complex task. Due to its complexity, not all manufacturers can execute this feat without messing it up. Therefore, this makes finding a reliable PCB manufacturer pretty challenging for most people.

Without sufficient guidance, most people surf the internet for hours trying to find the best PCB manufacturer to handle their orders. However, at the end of the day, this is still a gamble as sometimes you might still select an unreliable manufacturer.

However, choosing the right one becomes pretty easy when you have a list at your disposal that contains the best PCB companies in the market today.

The best PCB Companies and PCB manufacturers in the Market

Rush Printed Circuit Boards

Rush PCB is a Printed Circuit Board manufacturing company headquartered in California, USA. Over time, the company has grown to become pretty popular due to its “all PCB types” manufacturing capability. That means that this company can handle the production of all types of Printed Circuit Boards, ranging from single-sided PCBs to multilayer and flex PCBs.

Rush PCB complies with the ISO 13485:2016, ISO 9001:2015, IPC-A-610E, and J-STD-001 standards. That means that all the PCBs that this organization produces are always top-tier.

The services that Rush PCB Offers

Rush PCB provides the following services:

Moreover, Rush also specializes in the production of high-layer count Printed Circuit Boards and engineering prototypes. Therefore, if you are looking to utilize a multilayer PCB for your project, then Rush PCB might help you.

Advanced Circuits

Advanced Circuit is a PCB manufacturing organization that complies with MIL-PRF-31032, ISO 9001:2008, AS9100C, and MIL-PRF-55110G standards. Moreover, the company is IPC 3A, 2, and 3 qualified and ITAR Registered. By complying with all these standards, Advanced Circuits can produce high-quality PCBs every time.

Operation Areas

Advanced Circuits operates divisions in Maple Grove, AZ, Temple, CO, Aurora, and MN. Moreover, the company also provides PCB production in two varying options:

  • Standard
  • Custom

Choosing between the two choices depends on the PCB design you will present. If the design requires a lot of customization, then the second option will favor you. However, if the design is simple, you can opt to move on with the standard option.

Electronics manufacturing services that Advanced Circuits Offers

Advanced Circuit Provides the following services at affordable prices:

–          Blind and Buried Vias PCB production

–          Cavity Boards production

–          Laser-drilling microvias

–          Stacked Microvias Production

–          Laser Direct imaging

–          Via in pad

–          Multilayer PCB Production (layers range between 0-40)

–          Production of PCBs with a copper weight that goes up to 20 oz

–          Production of PCBs with Trace spaces that hit as low as 0.0025

Moreover, Advanced Circuits has an impressive lead time of one day to four weeks.

Advanced Circuit Manufacturing Capabilities

Route Tolerance

Advanced Circuits provides the following route tolerance:

  • For the standard package, you get a route tolerance of +/- .010 inches
  • For the custom package, you get a route tolerance of +/- .003 inches. However, for this package, you have to make the request yourself.

Board Thickness

Advanced Circuits Provides the following PCB thickness options:

  • For the standard package, you get the following thickness range: .125 inches, .093 inches, .062 inches, and .031 inches
  • However, if you go with the custom package, you can select any width that falls inside the PCB width production range. Hence you can go as low or as high as you wish.


As per the materials that Advanced Circuits offers, you get the following packages:

  • If you go with the standard package, this manufacturer will automatically utilize FR4 to build your PCB.
  • However, if you go with the custom circuit boards package, you can choose between the following Printed Circuit Board materials:
  • High-temperature FR4,
  • Aluminum clad,
  • Polyimide,
  • Roger,
  • FR-4,
  • And more, depending on the specifications of your design.

Sunstone Circuits

Sunstone Circuits is a PCB fabrication organization that has its headquarters in Mulino, Oregon. The company is ITAR Registered and UL listed, making it an organization you can trust. In a nutshell, Sunstone offers the best PCB fabrication services in the market today. Moreover, the organization has a PCB product return rate of around 0.05%. Therefore, their products are of high quality.

Moreover, Sunstone guarantees that, if you provide them with the right specs, you can expect 0 defects in the products they are going to produce.

The organization has optimal engineering reviews that help them analyze all the designs they receive. Through this analysis, Sunstone can filter out the designs that work and those that do not. In doing so, they reduce the chances of producing defects and help you fix your PCB design before you attain any losses in production.

Services that you will find in Sunstone

Instead of offering the typical services that you will find in most PCB manufacturing companies, Sunstone has taken things a bit further. They have done so by bringing in top-notch software products that help them serve you diligently. Through these software products and other equipment, Sunstone can provide the following services:

  • Electrical Flying-Probe tests involve comparing Printed Circuit Boards electrically with the Gerber files they receive.
  • DFM checking – Sunstone offers a self-service design-for-manufacturing Design-For-Manufacturing (DFM) feature through their online platform known as DFMPlus service. Here you can review your PCB design before moving on to the next production phase.

Bonus Services

Sunstone also specializes in producing your prototype PCB plus one-off and short-run assemblies. Moreover, Sunstone has rapid turn times, which makes its service ratings skyrocket. Plus, they also offer instant online ordering and quoting. Therefore, you can make your order in the comfort of your home.

Sunstone Production Capabilities

The Sunstone Drill Capabilities

Sunstone has the following drill capabilities:

  • Smallest drill size – 0.005 inches
  • Largest drill size – 0.250 inches

However, you should note that holes less than 0.250 inches ultimately fall under the cutouts category.

Route Capabilities

Sunstone also has the following route capabilities:

  • Board size tolerance or rout – +/- .0003 inches
  • Board size (laser) – +/- .001 inches
  • V-score web width and thickness – Both are +/-.002 inches


To provide quality PCBs for their clients, Sunstone PCBs utilize the following materials:

  • FR-4 150  Tg (which are RoHS compliant)
  • Taconic
  • Polyflonic
  • Arlon
  • Rogers RT
  • Rogers Ro
  • FR-4 170 Tg (Which is also RoHS compliant)

Bay Area Circuits

Bay Areas has been around for more than forty years. Over these years, this organization has grown tremendously, becoming pretty popular in the PCB manufacturing industry. The organization primarily deals with PCB fabrication and production. Moreover, in their 30,000 sq ft fabrication facility in Silicon Valley, Bay Area Circuits is able to produce top quality Printed Circuit boards with pinpoint precision.

Technical Services that Bay Area Circuits Offers

Since Bay Area Circuits has been in the PCB industry for years, they have been able to perfect the following technical services:

  • Impedance modeling
  • IPC NET List Verification
  • Best-Fit Manufacturing
  • Design Rule Verification
  • PCB layout
  • Design for manufacturability

Bay Area Circuits Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Capabilities

Bay area Circuits offers the following PCB manufacturing capabilities:

Surface Finishes

To help boost the durability of its products, Bay Area utilizes the following surface finishes:


Bay Area Circuits utilizes the following materials to manufacture Printed Circuit Boards for their customers:

  • FR-4
  • High Temp FR-4
  • Isola Rogers

Minimum and maximum PCB Layer Count

If you decide to work with Bay Area, then you should expect the following PCB layer count range:

  • A minimum PCB layer count of 1
  • And a maximum layer count of 16

Solder and Silkscreen Color Variations

Bay Area offers the following Color variations for both Solder and Silkscreen: Clear, white, red, blue, black, green, and custom.

Moreover, the organization also offers IPC class 2 and Netlist compare and Netlist Generation inspection and testing. Doing so ensures that you only get high-quality PCBs back after submitting your Gerber files.


ALLPCB Printed Circuit Board manufacturing company is a PCB fabrication company based in China. The company became operational in 2015 and has been on the map to date.

However, unlike most PCB companies, AllPCB only serves enterprises that deal with the following:

  • Communication equipment
  • Industrial control
  • Consumer electronics
  • Electronic apparatus and equipment
  • Intelligent hardware
  • Internet of things

Moreover, through their high-accuracy processing equipment, AllPCB guarantees that all the PCBs they produce are top-tier. Furthermore, they also carry out 100% AOI testing and 100% FQA/FQC testing to ensure that they deliver top-notch PCBs to their clients.

Advantages of Scale

ALLPCB has the following advantages of scale:

  • They have centralized services
  • Centralized purchasing
  • And Centralized Paneling

Therefore, they can bring in all their resources to help clients who need assistance.

ALLPCB PCB Production Capabilities


AllPCB utilizes a variety of materials to produce their PCBs. Here are some of those materials:

  • FR4 – For Normal Tg, AllPCB utilizes Shengyi S1141 and Huanzhen. However, for Middle Tg, technicians in this organization use SY S1000H, ITEQIT158, and HuazhengH150, TU-662. On the other hand, for high Tg, this organization utilizes SY S1000-2 and ITEQITI180A for thick CU.
  • High Frequency – AllPCB utilizes Rogers, Taconic, and Arlon for high-frequency PCBs.
  • High CTI – for high CTI production, this organization utilizes H1600A and Huanzheng H1600HF.

Delivery Size

As per product delivery, if you work with AllPCB, you will get to enjoy the following delivery sizes:

Maximum Size

For mass batches, you will enjoy a maximum delivery size of 460*560 millimeters. For small batch delivery, the measurement equals those of the mass batch package. However, for the sample package, the maximum delivery size that you can get is 550*900 millimeters.

Minimum Size

For mass batch packages, AllPCB provides a minimum delivery size of 20*20 millimeters. However, for the small batches package, you only enjoy a minimum delivery size of 10*10 millimeters. And lastly for the sample batch, the minimum size falls to 5*10 millimeters.

Copper Thickness

ALLPCB provides the following copper thickness:

Inner Layer

When it comes to the inner layer, the organization offers three thickness options:

  • For the mass batch, clients get 4 oz inner layer copper thickness
  • For the small patch package clients, they get 6 oz inner layer copper thickness
  • However, if you go with the sample package, then you will enjoy 12 oz inner layer copper thickness
Outer Layer

When it comes to the outer layer, AllPCB provides the following copper thickness:

  • For the mass batch package, clients get an outer layer copper thickness of 4 oz
  • For the small batch package, on the other hand, clients get an outer layer copper thickness of 6 oz
  • However, clients who go with the sample package get an outer layer thickness of 15 oz.


JLCPCB Printed Circuit Board fabricators is an organization that has its headquarters in china. The organization primarily deals with the fabrication and production of PCBs. Through its fully automatic production lines, this company is able to produce PCBs with pinpoint precision. Moreover, the company complies with the ISO 14001:2015, ISO 9001:2015, and IPC-6012E standards.

The company carries out production 24/7, ensuring you get your PCB within the shortest time possible. Moreover, the organization also offers impeccably fast turnarounds and low-cost, high-quality services to clients worldwide.

JLCPCB Manufacturing Capabilities

Through years of experience and growth, JLCPCB has the following manufacturing capabilities:

Layer Count

JLCPCB provides a layer count that ranges between 1 to 6 layers. Therefore, this company is perfect for clients looking to utilize low-layer count PCBs.


JLCPCB utilizes FR-4 to carry out PCB production.

 Finished Board Thickness

JLCPCB bears the following board thickness options:

  • 2.0 mm
  • 1.6 mm
  • 1.2mm
  • 1.0 mm
  • 0.8 mm
  • 0.6mm
  • 0.4mm

Moreover, their thickness tolerance is 0.1mm.


Finding leading pcb manufacturers is without a doubt a great hassle for many people. However, with the right guidance, you can achieve this feat within a short period. Therefore we hope that after going through this list, you have found a PCB manufacturer that can help you bring your circuit design to life.

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