Best Circuit Board Assembly Manufacturers You Should Consider for Your PCB Project

A functioning PCB is crucial for use in the electronics industry. The objective of these manufacturers is to develop electronic devices with great functionality and high capacity. From PCB design to PCB testing, all the processes should be carefully carried out.

Although you can carry out this process yourself, particularly if you have a large-scale manufacturing facility around you. However, there are many reasons you should leave your PCB project in the care of a professional PCB assembly company. If you are in need of a professional PCB assembly company, this article will enlighten you.

10 Best PCB Assembly Companies


This American based PCB assembly company has more than 40 years of experience in fabricating and assembling quality printed circuit boards of different types. Technotronix keeps delivering sophisticated PCB manufacturing services with the help of the state-of-the-art PCB machinery and technology. Also, this leading PCB manufacturer adheres strictly to standards in the industry. It is RoHS compliant and has ISO 13485:2016 and ISO9001:2015 certifications.

Technotronix adopts the best inspection and testing method to ensure effective quality control. This PCB assembly company can offer unmatched PCB manufacturing service. Also, this manufacturer works with a team of professionals who focus on providing top-notch PCB manufacturing services. Technotronix offers different ranges of board thickness.

 Technotronix’s PCB products are widely used across various industries such as telecommunication, defense, and medical among others. At Technotronix, the objective is competency. Therefore, this PCB manufacturer ensures it shapes its process to provide solutions to potential problems. Also, this PCB company integrates surface mount and through hole technologies. Therefore, this makes it a good option for electronics manufacturers.


When it comes to delivering the advanced PCB solutions, RayMing is your best choice. With RayMing as your PCB manufacturer, you have got it right. Also, RayMing integrates the most recent technologies in its PCB manufacturing. This PCB assembly company has got you covered regardless of what services you need. Whether it is mass production of high performance boards or prototype boards, RayMing is ready to offer its help.

Furthermore, this PCB manufacturer delivers quick turn services for PCB layout, PCB prototype, PCB assembly, and more. This PCB company has earned the trust of its customers due to its expertise in PCB manufacturing. RayMing offers excellent PCB manufacturing services. Furthermore, it details every aspect of PCB production and keeps its customers up to date.

Fast turnaround time is one of the benefits you will enjoy as a customer. Speed is crucial in PCB production. Therefore, RayMing is a trusted manufacturer that can deliver high-quality PCBs on time. Get in touch with this PCB company to make more inquiry about their PCB assembly services. This PCB ensures all of its products undergo thorough inspection before final production.

Sierra Assembly Technology

At Sierra Assembly Technology, meeting the demands of its customers is the major priority. When you leave your PCB project in the hands of this PCB manufacturing company, you are in safe hands.  Also, this PCB company offers services like PCB assembly, box build assembly, testing and inspection, and PCB prototyping among others.

Sierra Assembly Technology offers printed circuit board assembly services such as designing, prototyping, and supply chain management. Other services offered by this PCB company include in-circuit testing, BGA reworking, cable and wire harness assembly, and IC programming. Also, the PCB assemblies of this company adhere to all the necessary standards in the industry. Sierra is an expert in the craft of fabricating and assembling PCBs.

The potting services and conformal coating services offered here are in compliance with the IPC standards. You can get a clear view of the final assembly with the help of the prototype assemblies. The turnaround time for a quickturn PCB in Sierra Assembly is within 1 to 5 days. For standard printed circuit board, customers can get their delivery in 10 days.

RedBoard Circuits

RedBoard Circuits is one of the few leading PCB assembly manufacturers that can design and fabricate PCBs that meet the demands of its customers. This U.S based PCB manufacturing company that fabricates lead-free and RoHS compliant PCBs. Also, Redboard Circuits offers fats turnaround times. Its well-equipped facility comprises sophisticated and advanced machinery that makes it possible to deliver quality.

Furthermore, this company offers custom PCB manufacturing services. RedBoard specializes in various commercial and industrial PCB assembly services. There are a lot of benefits you will get to enjoy when you work with this PCB company. One of such benefits is its extensive range of PCB assembly services which include POP packages, mixed assembly, surface mount, and THT among others.

Also, RedBoard Circuits so much believes in providing customer-centric services. Therefore, it employs professionals who are dedicated to providing quality. Also, this PCB assembly company sources out all parts used in PCB production from reliable suppliers. In addition, all its PCB products undergo stringent inspection and testing to ensure good quality control. Also, RedBoard Circuits offers PCBs in a wide range of board thickness.

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PCB May is one of the leading PCB manufacturers in China. This PCB assembly company has over 12 years of experience in PCB production. PCBMay exports its products to over 60 countries and is widely used in several applications. This Chinese based PCB assembly company works with an experienced team of professionals. In addition, PCBMay offers great PCB assembly capabilities that guarantee security to any PCB project.

Quality and customer satisfaction are the watchwords of this company. Also, PCBMay offers quick turn service for small batches of PCB and prototypes. The main manufacturing services of this company include PCB assemblies, box build assemblies, in-circuit testing, surface mount, and THT. Other services rendered by this company include PCB design, hardware design engineering, and PCB layout.

Also, PCBMay ensures it evaluates and inspects the materials used in the fabrication of its PCBs. This PCB assembly company offers the fastest turnaround times in the PCB industry. As an experienced PCB assembly provider, PCBMay can work on all types of PCB projects. Also, this company has ISO certification. It has ISO quality system certifications and environmental system certification. Furthermore, it is RoHS compliant and as such, fabricates lead free PCBs.

Hitech Circuits

Hitech Circuits is based in Shenzhen. It is one of the highly ranked PCB assembly companies that offers both surface mount technology and through hole. Also, Hitech Circuits provides partial turn-key and full turn-key PCB assembly services. Furthermore, this company procures electronic components, monitors, and tracks PCB assemblies.

Also, Hitech Circuits provides high density interconnection (HDI) boards, high frequency printed circuit board materials, flexible, and rigid boards. Hitech Circuits is a one-stop solution for all your PCB assemblies. It provides services from prototyping to manufacturing of PCBs. With its vast experience in PCB fabrication, this company has been able to earn the trust of its customers.

In addition, Hitech Circuits offers the best quality PCBs by ensuring all its PCB products undergo strict inspection and testing methods. This company adopts printed circuit board inspection methods like AOI, In-circuit testing, and more. Furthermore, Hitech Circuits offers a wide variety of PCBs such as aluminum PCB, flex-rigid PCB, heavy copper PCB, and more.

Moko Technology

Moko Technology has more than 12 years experience in fabricating printed circuit boards. This company has great skills and knowledge in PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly, PCB design, and embedded engineering. Also, this leading PCB manufacturing company offers full turnkey PCB assembly service. This company is ISO9001 and ISO1004 certified. Also, it is UL listed and RoHS compliant.

Moko Technology offers a one-stop solution for PCB fabrication and assembly. This PCB manufacturer is the best choice for your PCB project. Also, there are over 70 professional engineers and about 400 employees in Moko Technology. Furthermore, this leading PCB manufacturer integrates state-of-the-art equipment. In addition, this company provides the best electronic manufacturing products and services.

Moko Technology prioritizes its customers’ interests ensuring they get the best-quality products. Customers choose Moko Technology because of its first class service and products. As a leading PCB manufacturer in China, this PCB company takes up challenging projects which helps its workers to improve their skills and capabilities.


If you are looking for a PCB assembly company that offers 24 hours quick turn PCB prototype service, PCBGoGo is the right option. Since 2015, this PCB assembly company has been offering the best quality PCB fabrication and assembly services. Furthermore, PCBGoGo is specifically committed to offering unparalleled service to its customers.

Furthermore, PCBGoGo offers 99% on-time shipping and 24 hours online customer service. Here, the PCB factory complies with IATF 16949 quality system and ISO 9001:2015. The lead time provided by this manufacturer is as fast as 4 days. Also, PCBGoGo combines the most recent technology with sophisticated engineering to offer unmatched PCB assembly service. It integrates both surface mount technology and through hole technology.  Also, PCBGoGo offers custom PCB manufacturing service to its customers.

As an experienced and reliable PCB manufacturer, PCBGoGo developed a reliable process to meet the demand of PCB layouts and fabrication. Also, this PCB assembly company manufactures printed circuit boards within a short time and at affordable prices. PCBGoGo works with a team of professionals who have the required expertise in delivering quality PCB products and services.

PCBA Manufacturers

Venture Electronic Technology Ltd

Venture Electronics is a renowned PCB assembly company in China. This company specializes in the production of a wide variety of printed circuit boards. There are several benefits you will get to enjoy when you choose Venture Electronics to handle your PCB manufacturing. Also, this PCB assembly service company guarantees you the fastest turnaround times.

Furthermore, Venture won’t compromise the quality of your PCB. This company prioritizes quality. All PCB assemblies manufactured in this company must undergo rigorous inspection and testing like functional testing, AOI, and more. It is one of the PCB manufacturers that offer a one-stop solution for your PCB manufacturing needs.

The engineers at Venture understand that requirements and specifications for PCB assembly vary across different applications. For instance, the printed circuit boards used in the medical industry differ from the ones used in the military industry. Therefore, Venture Electronic ensures it fabricates printed circuit boards that meet the specifications and requirements of clients. Also, Venture offers customer-centric PCB assembly services.

India Circuit

India Circuit offers PCB assembly services. It is one of the best PCB companies in India. Also, the Indian-based PCB manufacturer has its products available to over 4000 distributors across the world. The company delivers printed circuit boards at competitive prices while maintaining quality. With its factory at Gandhinagar, Gujarat, this company delivers a wide variety of PCB design.

Being a quality-driven PCB assembly company, India Circuit is majorly focused on providing a wide range of quality PCB products. This company offers prompt delivery and adopts a customer centric approach. Furthermore, it adheres to PCB standards in the industry. It adheres to international standards in every phase of the PCB production process. It fabricates different types of PCBs such as metal core PCB, heavy copper PCBs, multilayer PCBs, and more.

With more than 15 years experience in PCB fabrication, India Circuit keeps prioritizing the interest of its customers. Therefore, it has become a go-to-solution for PCB users. Furthermore, India Circuits employs state-of-the-art technology and a team of experts in its production.

Why you Should Choose the Best PCB Assembly Manufacturers

Choosing a professional PCB assembly manufacturer will relieve you of some stress. Also, it will help you to save time and cost. If there are no errors in your PCB assembly, you won’t have to spend more. Here, we will highlight more benefits you will enjoy when you choose the best PCB assembly services.

Minimized manufacturing costs

You will incur some costs if you decide to assemble the circuit boards yourself. PCB manufacturing and assembly is a process that needs great expertise. Errors and defects are some of the factors that contribute to more manufacturing costs. However, professional PCB assembly services offer high-quality circuit boards that are free of any defects.

Various types of PCB products

PCB manufacturers produce several types of PCBs. These manufacturers can provide a wide variety of printed circuit boards ranging from metal core PCB, HDI PCB, rigid-flex PCB, and more. Furthermore, these circuit board manufacturers allow you to customize your PCB according to your specifications. Also, these manufacturers over different ranges of board thickness.

Eliminate design flaws

PCB assembly companies hire professional design engineers to carry out printed circuit board designs. Also, these engineers integrate the best software to create and test the circuit board schematics. Therefore, this helps to reduce or eliminate any defects in printed circuit boards. Also, it is crucial to eliminate any defect at the initial phase of PCB manufacturing.

Quality PCBs

`One thing that distinguishes professional PCB assembly companies from others is quality. These companies offer quality PCB assembly services and qualities. Also, these companies integrate the best quality materials and advanced assembly tools for PCB manufacturing and assembly.

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How to Choose the Best PCB Assembly Services

There are various factors that determine the competence of a PCB assembly company. It can be difficult to choose the best circuit board assembler for your project since there are several assemblers to choose from. However, some factors can help you figure out those that offer best-quality products and services. These factors include:


This is an important consideration when choosing a professional PCB assembly company. Ensure you choose a company with exceptional skills and knowledge in PCB assembly. The fact is that companies who have a long standing experience in PCB production are more likely to offer high quality products. These manufacturers have built a great reputation over the years.


The best printed circuit board assembly companies integrate sophisticated and advanced technology in PCB manufacturing. Also, these companies have the expertise required for manufacturing quality circuit board. In addition, they integrate reliable testing and inspection methods. All PCBs undergo stringent testing before final production. Also, choose a PCB assembler that has the right PCB certifications.

This helps to assure you that your manufacturer adheres to the standards in the PCB industry. Also, it indicates your manufacturer’s competency.

Turnaround time

PCB assemblers that can meet their customer’s deadlines are reliable. One of the troubles customers go through is how PCB assembly companies can meet up with their deadlines. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a company that is reliable when it comes to delivering products at the right time. Choose a company that offers fast turnaround time.

Customer support

Choose a PCB assembly company that offers great customer services. Some PCB assemblers offer pieces of advice and after sales service to their customers. Also, the best circuit board assemblers prioritize the interest of their customers.


Printed circuit board assembly is a process that should be carefully handled by experts. There are several PCB assembly companies. However, it can be difficult to choose those who offer exceptional PCB assembly services. Also, we all know the importance of choosing the best PCB assembly services.  In this article, we compiled a list of some of the best PCB assembly companies in the world.

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