The Best Circuit Board Assembly Suppliers in the Market

Printed Circuit Board Assembly, from the prototyping phase all the way to large-scale PCB production, isn’t easy. The process requires great experts with immense knowledge and experience to execute flawlessly. Moreover, the entire process requires great precision to achieve zero defect PCBs. Therefore, you should not trust all PCB assembly providers you find out there to deliver quality PCBs.

Most contract manufacturers and even OEMs can’t afford to make any errors when manufacturing PCBs for clients. That is because if they make any errors, that might damage the company’s reputation, leading to it losing a lot of money.

But with so many PCB assembly companies out there, how do you get to choose the right one? It all narrows down to statistics and years of experience because numbers do not lie.

 List of the best PCB Companies to help you find your ideal PCB Assembly Manufacturer

Most of the best PCB assembly companies try to fix a gap in the PCB assembly service. Therefore, arranging them from best to average does no justice to the companies. However, we shall look at the companies that offer:

–          The best complex designs

–          The best lead time

–          Those that are cost-effective

–          And those companies that generally provide impeccable PCB manufacturing

Rush PCB

Rush Printed Circuit Board Assembly Corporation, located in the United States of America, specializes in the production of PCBs. The corporation deals with medium and small production runs and does not have a minimum order limit. Therefore, you can order Circuit boards to meet your project’s needs without worrying about the cost of large-scale production. What’s more, the corporation also has impeccable lead times.

Area of Application

Rush PCB offers its services in the following fields:

–          Automotive

–          Aerospace

–          Military

–          Industrial

–          Medical

–          Communication

–          And other industries that demand the type of services that Rush PCB offers

Area of Excellence

Rush PCB has excellent expertise and experience in all three types of PCB assembly:

–          SMT

–          PTH

–          A combination of both PTH and SMT

If you choose to work with Rush Printed Circuit Board INC, you will advance from a mere concept to full-scale production in a matter of hours.

Titan Circuits

Titans Circuits PCB Assembly Corporation is ISO AS9100d and 9001:2015 certified, which means they are pretty good at what they do. The corporation deals with low-medium volume and quick-turn prototype PCB assembly services. Hence, if you want to make your small-scale project a success, this is the corporation to try out.

Journey Circuits Incorporation

Journey Circuits Incorporation is a PCB assembly organization located in the United States of America. The organization is pretty popular in the states due to its excellent manufacturing services.

Areas of excellence

Journey Circuits Incorporation mainly deals with services and products that include:

–          PCB assembly

–          PCB manufacturing

–          Stencils

Through many years of experience, this organization can provide economical, reliable, and high-quality Circuit boards without breaking a sweat. What’s more, this organization also bring in the concept of variety by offering assembly service of varying PCB types, which include:

–          Display Boards

–          Rigid-flex Circuit boards

–          Promo

–          LED Circuit Boards

–          Flex Circuit Boards

–          Multilayer PCBs

Application Areas

Journey circuit incorporation provides its services to the following industries:

–          Instrumental Industries

–          Power sector

–          Automotive industry

–          Computer industry

–          Aerospace

–          Medical Equipment

–          Communication

Therefore, if you are in the following field and are looking for a PCB assembly manufacturer to work with, then Journey Circuit PCB might help you.


Technotronic is a PCB Assembly organization in the United States of America that majors in the assembly of Circuit Boards. However, unlike other PCB corporations, Technotronix adds a twist to its services to stand out and cover the remaining parts that PCB manufacturers leave out. They do so by providing the best Custom Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Services you will find in the market today.

Areas of Excellence

TechnoTronix excellence in providing the following service:

–          PCB Fabrication services

–          PCB assembly services

Areas of Application

TechnoTronix world-class PCBA and Printed circuit boards are heavily utilized in multiple industries that include:

–          Medical industry

–          Mobile Phone Telecommunication Technology

–          Defense Industry

–          Aerospace Industry

What’s more, their Circuit Boards help Scientists and technicians develop solar and renewable energy and Rigid-Flex Circuit Boards. Therefore, their Circuit Boards are pretty popular today, and clients trust their services, instant quote and otherwise.

Advanced Circuitry International

Advanced Circuitry International (ACI) is a world-class PCB manufacturing and supplying organization.

Areas of Excellence

The organization mostly majors in:

–          RF Circuit Boards

–          Microwave Circuit Boards

–          Antenna Circuit Boards

ACI has multiple manufacturing facilities in:

–          Georgia (in the United States of America)

–          Atlanta (in the United States of America)

–          Curitiba (in Brazil)

–          Gandhinagar (in India)

Advanced Circuitry International is USA’s leading organization when it comes to PCB and PCBA service.

Areas of Application

Advanced Circuitry International provides reliable Microwave/RF antennas and Printed Circuit Boards for the following industries:

–          The defense Sector

–          The Telecommunication Industry

–          The Medical Sector

ACI mainly focuses on Rapid prototyping, multilayer Circuit boards, large formats, antennas, Microwave/RF, and Printed Circuit Board Assembly services.

Optima Technology Associates Incorporation

Optima Tech Incorporation is a PCB assembly organization that has multiple PCB assembly facilities in:

–          New Delhi (in India)

–          Lewisberry (in the United States of America)

The organization offers a one stop PCB manufacturing and Assembly solution to clients from all over the world. And with impeccable expertise who handles PCB assembly easily, you can be sure that your PCB will be in good hands.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Optima deals with the following:

–          OEM manufacturing

–          Testing

–          Special Processes

–          Cable Assemblies

–          Integration

–          Box Build

–          SMT

–          Through-hole

What’s more, Optima Tech can comfortably cater to small, medium, and high-volume PCB assembly. Therefore, with this organization, production can go as far as your imagination.

RedBoard Circuits LLC

Seaboard Circuits, a PCB assembly organization that has its headquarters in Arizona, is the organization to visit if you like your PCB lead-free. That is because this organization strictly follows the lead-free hal cert and RoHS compliance protocol. Hence they ensure that you receive environmentally friendly Circuit boards every single time. Moreover, this organization carries out PCB manufacturing in China and Taiwan to boost the availability of raw materials. Therefore, they can produce cost-friendly Circuit boards to cater to your needs.

Moreover, this organization is one of the most popular PCB assembly companies in North America, hence you can trust their services.

RedBoard Circuits primarily major in the following PCB manufacturing Practices

To ensure that it offers you the best services, Redboard tries to focus most of its resources to cater to the following PCB types:

–          Flex Circuit boards

–          Rigid-Flex Circuit boards

–          Multi-layer PCB (layers range between 3 and 36 layers)

–          Double-sided Circuit boards

–          Single sided Circuit boards

Therefore, if you want to utilize any of the following Circuit boards in your project, then RedBoard might back you.


NexLogic is a PCB assembly services organization in California (USA).

Manufacturing capabilities

The organization specializes in affordable PCB:

  • Fabrication
  • Designing
  • Assembly
  • Testing

PCB Assembly Services that NexLogic Excels in

NexLogic provides a one stop solution for Printed Circuit Board Assembly to many industries, which include:

–          Oceanographic

–          Commercial

–          Telecom

–          Semiconductor companies

–          Military/defense

–          Medical

A.C.T Int, PCB Assembly Services

A.C.T is an excellent PCB assembly services organization located in Florida in the United States. The organization assembles varying types of Circuit boards at affordable prices. Their services and products include:

–          The production of RoHS-compliant Circuit boards

–          Manufacturing metal core, Flex, Rigid, and Rigid-Flex Circuit boards

–          Manufacturing Single-sided Printed Circuit Boards through 22 layers

OnBoard Circuits

On Board, Circuits is an impressive PCB manufacturing organization in Arizona, USA. The PCB Assembly organization majors in PCB Assembly and Manufacturing Services.

Application Areas

On board Circuit’s reliable and high-quality PCB have a lot of uses in the following industries:

–          Education Sector – In universities, to be specific, where students have to carry out research projects

–          Aerospace Industry

–          Home Appliance

–          Military Industry

AXIOM Manufacturing Corporation

Axiom Manufacturing is an impressive corporation that majors in the assembly and production of Circuit boards. The organization provides many services and products that technicians utilize heavily in the electronics sector. Some of the services that they offer in this organization include:

–          Turnkey PCB assembly services

–          Repair and Rework

–          Production and Prototyping

–          LGA, uBGA, BGA

–          THT (Through Hole) PCB Assembly services

PGF Tech group, Incorporation

PGF Tech Group Is an ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 certified organization that majors in the assembly and manufacturing of Circuit boards. The organization has its headquarters in Rochester Hills, MI.

PGH tech group primarily handles the following types of assemblies:

–          Surface Mount

–          Thru hole

–          Flex

–          Rigid-flex

–          Surface mount

Moreover, the organization handles low and high volume production. Therefore, you can order as many Circuit boards as you desire.

Application Areas

PGH tech group offers its services primarily to the following industries:

–          Transportation

–          Automotive

–          Military

–          Medical devices

–          Material Handling

–          Grinding technology

–          Firefighting equipment

–          Construction

–          Computer

–          Agriculture

–          Aerospace

–          And other different industries that require the services that this organization offers.

Moreover, this organization offers on time delivery through their advanced supply chain management and a twelve months product warranty. Therefore you can do business with them without much worry about durability even after final assembly.

RBB Systems

RBB systems is a PCB assembly services organization that handles custom PCB manufacturing. Therefore, if you are looking for an organization to tailor your board according to your specific PCB requirements, then this is the company to visit.

However, RBB primarily handles the following services when working on PCB assemblies:

–          Wire wrapping

–          Wave solder

–          Selective solder mask application to cover bare copper

–          Point-to-point wiring

–          Hand insertion

–          Automated assembly

–          Via in pad

Application Areas

RBB systems offer Printed Circuit Board assembly services to the following industries:

–          Heavy equipment

–          Power generation

–          Automotive

–          Aerospace

–          OEM

Mathis Electronics

Mathis is a famous company that offers PCB assembly and manufacturing services to most technicians in the electronics industry. However, the company primarily handles multilayer Printed Circuit Boards and double-sided Circuit boards. As per the services that they offer, Mathis provides thru hole technology, testing and x-ray inspection, and surface mount services at affordable prices.

Moreover, Mathis ensures that all their Circuit boards are RoHS compliant to reduce pollution.

NAS Electronics

NAS electronics is a PCB Production company with its headquarters in Las Vegas. The company primarily focuses on assembling custom and standard SMT (surface mount technology) Circuit Boards. Moreover, to add to their PCB durability and quality, this company utilizes aluminum, polyimide, and glass components to manufacture their PCBs.

NAS electronics PCBs are suitable for public safety and controls application.

Application Areas of NAS Printed Circuit Boards

NAS PCBs have a lot of applications in the following industries:

–          Medical

–          Gaming

–          Electronics industry

–          Communication

–          Automotive

–          Aerospace

Hughes Electronics production, corporation

Hughes Electronics is a Printed Circuit Board manufacturing and production company that is based in Livonia, MI. The company primarily deals with Through Hole assemblies and surface mount devices. Moreover, the company also deals with producing metal core, flexible and rigid printed Circuit Boards.

Application Areas

Hughes Electronics offers its services to the following industries:

–          Alternative energy industries

–          LED industries

–          Commercial industries

–          Medical industries

–          Automotive Industries

Moreover, the company meets ESD/ANSI S20.20-2014 highest quality standards and is IPC A-60 and rohs compliant. Therefore, even the most complex designs always turn out to be exceptional.

RPC Electronics incorporation

RPC electronics is a Turnkey PCB assembly service company with its headquarters in Chagrin Falls, OH. The company meets ISO 9002 and IPC 610 standards, and it offers the following expanded PCB capabilities during production:

–          Surface mount PCB Production

–          Through Hole manufacturing

Moreover, this company handles small to large volume production runs to meet the needs of multiple clients. The company also utilizes auto-insertion equipment to help increase its precision during assembly to ensure that they produce exceptional quality PCBs.

Moreover, the company also offers Printed Circuit Board conformal coating and Functional testing to ensure your PCB is functioning correctly.

Vexos Corporation PCB Manufacturers

Vexos Corporation offers PCB assembly services to clients from all over the world. The company provides the following services to various industries:

–          Surface mount manufacturing

–          Thru-hole manufacturing

–          Mixed harness and cable

–          Bondable and copper

–          Electromechanical services

–          Multilayer Printed Circuit Board PCB services

–          Flexible PCB services

–          Rigid circuits

–          Ceramics

–          Thermal clad assembly

Moreover, the company also offers bonus services, including refurbishment, repair, conformal coating, thermal test screening, functional testing, flying probe, and in-circuit.

Vexos Corporation PCBs finished board thickness ranges between 0.010 and 0.275 inches, making them pretty efficient.

Moreover, PCBs from this company tend to come bearing selective hard gold, gold finger, lead-free, immersion silver and tin, and other PCB finishes. These finishes boost the durability of Vexos PCBs and make them more efficient when it comes to generating advanced circuits.

Vexos Corporation offers medium to low-volume production runs. The company is FDA-approved, plus it provides kanban delivery.

America Production, INC

America Production is a Custom contract Production organization that focuses primarily on Printed Circuit Boards. The company offers high to low-production runs at affordable prices. The company also provides mixed hybrid, Through Hole, and surface mount PCB manufacturing options.

The company’s capabilities include the following:

  • Functional testing
  • Ray Inspection
  • Encapsulation
  • Solder mask installation
  • Device programming
  • Certain components insertion (specific to electronics)

Application Areas

America Products Incorporation PCBs are pretty suitable for automation, aerospace, defense, power management, robotics, communication, medical and military industries.

Therefore, if you major in any of these industries, you should try out America product services.


There are so many PCB assembly services suppliers in the market today and finding the right one can be undoubtedly tiresome. However, with the proper guidance, you can pinpoint the suppliers that meet your PCB assembly needs. What’s more, you can gauge their efficiency, location, and the service that they offer even before you reach out. Therefore, we hope this article will help you find the right PCB assembly supplier that will help you bring your concept to real life.

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